BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 7/11

Wednesday, July 11th

21 Pilots dropped 2 songs early this morning it is called Jumpsuit -  The boat neck dress is the hot thing now, Meghan Markel is bringing them back – Iggy Izalea says she knew Demi relapsed  – Drake beats out the Beatles on the Billboard top 100 – A Buffalo Bills football player LaSean McCoy and his Girlfriend are fighting and she is still at his home, someone broke into the home and beat her up really badly and take her jewelry now authorities are thinking LaSean had her beat up. – Another Football play was trying to take his moms ashes and the TSA opened the urn and spilled them all in his suitcase.       

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on analysts 1059. I think I'm gonna do then I'm gonna get a cherry. Eddie could they don't lid on and then fill it up with the dome and on RG just today at like cup level and then to the don't lend on who don't know you get every stink didn't bite peaking yet yes she did you put the dome ought and you Philip all the way up a hole out the dough yet. And and suck it up the top and then he'd like. And I heard a way to stop the the Braintree is okay. OK so when you start to feel a brain freeze. Is tongue at the refer your mouth and I'll stop it. Jerry and Mike Patton and ended up in stopping it out for a repeat talkback Herbert a problem. Doesn't. Current term and use our current. You know. When you go to 7-Eleven of it have you ever tried this on several other. 7-Eleven B in July 11 get a yeah ever have you ever tried to hit it to get the free slurping. I'm wondering now worse he get just whatever size you want to get to some old sheepskin. Let's go to him if free is me is standing by. A British free is me. Yes so where doesn't work well you go right on in there and you say I would like to have a freeze lurking police. And it's a huge and right line and then you go letting yourself the free solar B I believe it's not the biggest one. It's the the. Twelve ounce on the funny at all. Where little guy as a little guy. And make sent me credit to heat their job today. In this film of that Dantzler B machine golf ball long Vietnam blue and. Did you read cramp follow Rea good I don't know some people that I stopped and the 7-Eleven quite often to be honest and I think it would be sure to work this morning I don't think they're gonna know with several levity to free slower peek into the word got around to Libya. In Bolivia sometimes and. I don't think you think so he had that bad but yeah it's several I could get a free for me that he. Add they have a very special birthday cup it's like dad twelve ounces. And they said no at seven to eleven ounces cooked up giving a little cup little cup the lid looked like Andy up. That's why you wanna several. Wanna hit several cells in Ireland and answer okay I got party there's three on my way home. So. Glad we have daily. Magical. Known and not a so actually the sonic ties dire sonic I feel like that was my fault I think it. Indiana it's started early and it just never left yeah and easy to get it near. Again the tip latest wasn't as powerful as dishonest on the zone and we left here to. I. A couple of things first and everybody's talking about George Clooney in his car accident well. And accident. It was crazy and we put these footage yes you can actually see footage of him flying twenty feet in the air. Our FaceBook page to go there I think we have a little news article about doing the. American actor and director George Clooney was reportedly injured in Italy. These states. Italy's key magazine reported that Clinton was leaving his hotel on the island of threw deep -- scooter when he crashed into a small truck. State news agency of the city was taken to a hospital depleted this torch with a slick contingent on its deep into the at all wrong and truck. Now as a Mercedes it was a Mercedes then tricked there is no it was a it was a Mercedes we saw and his head bashed her in today at a window you know. It's a bet that accident is an. He's lucky that he started really maimed on this thing because heat. He took the hit on it and they're saying sixty miles per hour I note that the pike in front of him the scooter. Bet that misses the Mercedes he zooming yes and yes he he I mean he's like in and out of the picture right. It is if George is doing the same speed which you gotta figure there close. Then I don't know how this guy didn't get hurt more. The mandatory helmet law and come out of no. Eight ice and then he would meet people that decide not to gentleman on. They say the helmet saved his life it can you know all my gosh yeah it. Now you got a concussion from that at least right and he he would think they cat scanned in and he is bringing us the news. Now he's back. Always try to get it and got your eye and doesn't bad guys drastic cuts are going against grace was I think getting beat goes in the arms of a mall and he's back out again he's the good that he's writing probably. As Jimmy said yeah they had an eleven they give you small cubs that bring in your gigantic cup they don't say a word. I own the rule. Would feel scooter. They don't watch I do know that. So here's the funny thing is that and mice son as unaccompanied minor. It's a 150 dollars for him to fly by himself because he's only twelve. But Phoebe was fifteen and be free human have to pay that charge to people tell me that lie about his age and that they don't check it. A cup back. That works. It. Is how they gonna check it I don't know is it that's what they said they he does have ideas. How to get improved and that's wrong but. That's so I could have avoided under and at the ivy from Telluride where it and had done and that you know on top of the three and about to cost. Did to get to Kim that Clinton at an average to sing about a little secrets of people not. Bringing your own pop you lie about your kids aged. Add weight to his backpack yes we give her. The clip looked up at Oakmont and on top. My statement. Because they didn't get that the dregs yeah I affiliate out there we should come up with Emanuel. Like Mir has yet feel like he responded online yeah. Anyway. Well some basic gat what about when you mentioned yesterday Jamie go to India take out parking spot nobody else to. The I don't have to take my chances on that with. Cheesecake Factory got a part I think there're some is some police out there so it does a Charlie only. Take telling it says Cheesecake Factory ten minute pick up parking. And no tell it than that oh we'll Liu. What do I have to say that I picking up some bread to take them later to say. Lady he inside and they get the cheesecake in. All you get it this week conclude once this but yeah wants. And see what happen it cost fuel fortune horrible it sucks well maybe if you too little illegals. Yeah what part in a legally an IMAP break it a lot we've learned our lessons and. Doesn't have for you I told you trying to pilots rig that release their new song. And that's for it to suit into. Yeah. To. Maybe ahead of the career. Maybe we don't even realize it the jumpsuits are about to be back and poll they think it's yeah. And rob our problem but maybe that's it. When I pilots everything you know goes out assault comes that for those outcomes back. Ron terror around. Earth. I know so they released their new son Thailand posted in their absence. Now. The billboard top 100 songs. The top ten in yesterday's top ten Drake holds seven of the top ten positions. 70% of the chart of the top dead. Is all Drake. No other artist has ever done it yet but I think The Beatles had I think six at one time. In trait beat up you think about that so. You don't people like Elton John and Michael Jackson in my dark whatever just name it looked real didn't have been able to do this nobody but Drake. During. The Canadian and it weird answer it Drake. Eightieth Ariana and yeah and that. Talks not Demi Lovato is a relapse weirdest. I know I had now learned about it as a close friends so heads. Really. One and four hurt to be the one to tell people died and and on and I just was really proud of her that she was on this because it's really hard to be honest with yourself your arms are to be honest in the whole world about. Signed the choose struggle to live very publicly I think that it's very odd ball who was very proud parents and her right at them and put it out. Ali was dumped. Sorry eighty. But I think it's dumb really do. I tell you what when you do know the daily story. Of what she's gone through and how she tried to get sober takes cares and stayed that way for six years and then when you listen to that sober song and its current depressed I'm amber yeah it makes you it makes you kind of Bob. Sad. If it's not even fun to listen to I don't think it's very wrong. I'm just say it's their bond took courage to rise to its own stand reunite. The Quetta looks and there. And Ryan and Andy. Yeah. Many in the this is fun and yeah I'm in mainland and things and around. A hole. Yeah me Celine yeah. We'll be in a few times. And so we'll. And you. Now I can tell. Sit and listen to that they know my iPod yeah that's that that's a pig we have thought hello it's not hidden in the way she handled that. Yeah. Elderly the judge Yahoo! are we who are we need to death that's partly. And now going to be freaking out about this did you see this a woman she blew her nose and she broke her eye socket yeah. Wet in the hailed. Moral of the story is don't blow your nose. You know. You can Jordan or are you it. Get tackled a couple times that's a good guys I had forgotten Mike with the hot shot I always hope they hit day. All that's right here on it and keep forgetting Wednesday's. Any way a woman and Greg Brent Sadler knows so large she fractured a bone in her left eye socket and she does vision of boulder eyes two hours later they did say yes I think she started bleeding our eyeballs. Mood. American bloom announced you know I am about these like Stewart think it's kinda rare. I you're always gonna think about an hour to. Probably not you don't I have probably won't I because you know I've not been a bit start to sneeze now said any animal blow up round. Have been the. It. Manson I guess he's in a fight with PM and then is seven fold they are the opening act. I have Deschanel and is to work and during the shock he was singing and they saw I think in an avenged and simple T shirt and Daytona to take it appears to. The error. It's okay. Yeah. This her or. And they like Betty at opening act. So I guess they're on the night. Rome when. And Justin Bieber is getting them mineral Tim like. Justin Timberlake and get him mad crap because he's dead it's common now. Okay. He's a Brett. But I do away England's gaggle non with the Wimbledon and I hear World Cup. And. And and I don't want England to weigh in today but I kinda don't want them to. Seek his so pompous when they win. One and a long time like the ninety they've been waiting for the past few weeks is what I know. They get all crazy and they start jumping on beds at IKEA then he and that says it kind of turns me off. Turns me. But I don't have a lot to pull form with Croatia's I don't. I am getting an eye discipline really a reality contestants Karl what you and I. A line Croatian friend not known Jamie I'm not that I know of and and if I have England against France. I got to pull for England I can't stand the French. Well who will you go I just sobbed board today. Are gonna be shocking news Sierra and I hate to brigadier but I happen as admitted to. That they'd say it's changing their names I hobbled. Really. Nobody thought he changed it I have Jamie I drive by the I up near my house every day to see when they're gonna change at sign. Nobody I bought into it UT I did you mind yeah I'll take and it says I have. Is that winning and they you know yes they did they fake the controversial name change to promote a new burger. They would never turn back on their pain cakes. And they'd say it I. They're calling it down I think the double dipping I think they're trying to get more publicity just by announcing this part due. Because I don't think the burger thing work. Yeah I don't I don't know. Had anyone come up to be of the past couple weeks and since I tell me how delicious that I know burger. Haven't heard of anybody know their friends and I'm at it we're all over Twitter you and I've loved you scene I copy anybody's saying oh my god. They got they told me about the burger because it's delicious not one word now. Wrote that you were anybody even have a line at all in it play I don't know. I didn't pack and I and then finally Korea. This is dean's I don't know why this is is trigger. He has this thing that triggers him and I don't why it triggers Tim at a desk don't trigger we adventure you're known triggerman. American Airlines now is getting minute. Their plastic straws oh my god. This whole plastic pig. In the straws all the straws our problem. It's them bottled water is out there. The airline says that dad. Yeah it's Ron hello. This is crazy. The straw alone will eliminate more than 71000. Pounds of plastic a year. And raise these. What about gallon jugs you put milk he would. Cardboard. Now their jobs their plastic that we tackled. I knew that anything. Destroy us. This total straw thing throughout the country I mean you know using an uncertain Lou legal rulings it's ludicrous. No I didn't take this settle 1000 pounds of plastic by eliminating a tangle strut is really. Yeah it's. All the plastic. And were picking on the straw. Okay look at what you get immediately. I say this OK let me say this today a 7-Eleven that. Which soared in token is trust he had difficult it's going to be okay thank you very much. You're still gonna. Bras they're just gonna be papers for a net today or bamboo movement today 7-Eleven won't do that the I know 7-Eleven they're not gonna get rid of the plastic straw and the Delmas plastic yeah all you can count on orbit with some of the cups to lose Karl plastic. Q are paper but but if you get a large a big gulp soda. Plastic. All plastic. Grumpy Santa at will you know it triggers action he adds I've got to act. And more on Alex I.