BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 7/13

Friday, July 13th

Build a Bear gone bad. - Serena Williams has qualified for Wimbledon just 10 months after giving birth –  Amy Schumer says she is not pregnant – Stormy was released and all charges dropped – John Travolta is in a new movie called Gotti and they are saying it’s not worth the film its printed on, it has been removed from theaters and only made $4 Million dollars -   Bill And Ted’s exhalent adventure part 2 could or could not happen.  -    The Papa slam is when a player hits a grand slam fans get free pizza the NLB now suspends these promotions  - Cart shaming is a real thing.

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Hollywood news and not. Hollywood guy says he's tabloid track. Shaun Ellis 1059. Smith a pumpkin. That you wanted to have his stripper built there. No I I didn't want to have yet yeah I do get at that profession that profession should be treated as it has serious. He got to have doctors and lawyers why you excluding the stripper bear. And and and. A. It's. A. We're surely wanted to bear humane society I. I think. Woody say I think he is is were I. Yeah is Smart and so aids day is for all as I have bad kids are now grown out of the building airplanes we undressed and mayors right. Strip him down would take there shoes lovely take the policeman outfit that's that's. Thank you put baggy is helping India and then we drive around in your Cuban exactly. And then kids can come up and it lag I don't like you is there. Because it's like the pound was like an adoption service. Ricky had to rescue you rescued there rather cube and then you said you have me skate boarder with a skate boarder we have several right. And I have a ES surfer and a policeman who who until little children will come up to the cubed. Although I think announcement to come up to its fingers cars for Bayer news I think that's. Surely can't dance I got to copilot can even now I NN I guess I feel like there's an organization called goodwill. Yemen Italian guys in you can bet they have excellent. Oh my god I'll tell you there's a good will drop off my house yes. Don't know how people feel good about themselves to drop off that crap they drop off I'm I got weird hole. Just you know nothing different it's close to so they dumped it there yes and just like hadn't had curtain rod. Bent X. Look I think it's. Pretty common they use the good will drop ball flies as a junkyard. I think everybody's done it I. There so you always have it your head when you're loading it up what they'll take this out of pure dry rice show you always still only go to drop it off Gerald. I'll tell you what I was judged for add parking in the Cheesecake Factory pick up the place while actually eat inside. But one thing is when I was getting nominations sold to a together and they are broken toys I did not dump them off a tour on the way. Well aren't you special. I know this isn't letting you know who is Lydia Meehan I know I bet you are. I dropped off a lamp not that long ago but it didn't have the shade. Figure they can mix and match Friday and yet and that's OK I keep my days Joker really watch what you can by Shea design is a chord wasn't cut. But the court was a little Sheikh. I could start a fire but they don't get. That's funny bring them up buzzing about my Ramsey and I have to lamps on the entry decent to my house and the dog and shoot both of them all way through. So they don't need the work. They're just like I guess is like where to watch it doesn't work at the new fad thing yeah watches that don't work. I have to let Nancy cantor I think that they look great that's so yeah Anderson didn't back east just kept escorts I did it did yeah yeah I think he did yes kind of marginally Cleveland. When did job and they just sit there and you look at. They're like yeah and I'll get ahead this morning first of all I've amazing time to Build-A-Bear in dat boy it was bad friends. Fat and a Build-A-Bear nightmares when it is a believe we have some audio and a lot of you them. A lot of you let us even shocked at my so my son he has Stanley. Cup half brother. And up I said did you talk to dad guy he's like yeah isn't a bad mood in lake. Well why just to wait in line and Build-A-Bear. Like your dad. The snowboarder who waited it's a lie for bear. They say there's a lot of debts waited in line yesterday. I don't know that man's waiting in line for a day off he must really not his wife Isa cannot keep it must really digger and maybe like the kids a little bit more than you like darts. We all know. Does that then none of that I'll get an idea of the column yeah is that okay. I'll Build-A-Bear frenzy at local malls. A special promotion led to lines so long as you can see. That the stores were forced to turn people away. This one day pay your age event was so popular in the store had to shut it down over safety concern these lines grew so long it descended into chaos and in some places police actually had to be called in for crowd control. Well they're just get a revamp until us next year maybe do pay your mom's age. Yeah. It. If you have high social. Okay that's how you do next year OK and Build-A-Bear you learned you are. Are we can't Monday that you have a great idea and and tags to continue that rise so you got a twelve year old kid mom's 304834. Bucks a guarantee the lines won't be as long we've pleased we've that I did today at dirt and get. Or build their business. Things are signal the mayor got an idea. And yes so I would. To tell you guys this in case you haven't already heard and I'm sure you have that if you go to Build-A-Bear. Bonus club again it to Build-A-Bear. Bonus club give two days to do that and get a fifteen dollar and voucher so. Today is given name and their cat and Paula are right that's three Nat Williams crazy in the Wimbledon. And or is just Wimbledon. It's just Wimbledon that the yes this is the grass courts right just like the Internet if it sure is an Amy Schumer she's denied that she is pregnant. But I blame her for this going viral this is truly her fault. So she is she's launched a clothing line and so she gave a little sneak peek of it and what she did add if she was point Ater stomach. And she basically says Anna I have something could get up and she's playing her stomach would make me think she's going to be pregnant right. She's like no that's not I'm not I'm starting a clothing line my cooking up this these clothes I'm wearing. Oh geez yeah it's her fault she did it on purpose I think she threw him off that went just oh so we talk yeah. We are really suspicious. He and Smart. Could be. When you put your belly and say something to cook it up you gotta figure people are gonna start paying in the pregnancy thing right yes I I think it's calculated as. Like when my son's like mom momma got an arguably the best. They. Like most serious radio or whatever date leaked a new 21 pilots on. Her leg in late get thoroughly and no no leaks in our business it's cold calculating exaggerate. He was so crashed. He goes wait. And pilots their publicity. You can't enter into that has your little off and teach and and there's it suits awareness on the Bashir but to have but there there are also business people and I think it's called the strategy. I mean he's he's like their no leaks in radio yeah. The best that I keep all its just there's no leaking. I have made it lets see here skyscraper and hotel Transylvania and Transylvania three and the open in in now wide release today. Skyscraper at things going to be fantastic they're predicting 33 million I agree with you it's going to be tired the next hour. Let a staph Aureus stormy Daniels. Charges have been dropped the F because she's an out a downer yeah and that's literally the truth heated no rules. I guess it's for regular employees that you can't put your new patrons. Faces in your boobs. Okay and you get to the police station say hate one minute I was in Detroit last night and I could put my boobs and somebody's base exactly what's tour and here in in the just drop the charges. Yeah. Good for her. She's back on stage last. John Travolta sociedad and you guys there's a movie out it's called Gotti the movie and snag EU. Here. They're saying that this movie was not even worth the film that it was put on. Yeah good it was that bad does gaudy move and I kinda wanted to see when I first heard about it I thought Travolta I like his acting. And I thought Jon got. It's awful. This is the lowest grossing movie John Travolta has ever made it and they actually did get out of theaters after only 28 days it's been out there about a month again happen is man has. Four million bucks that's it yes nationwide. This quarter million bucks that's crazy. And I am. By the way that all the rounds and made it a date yet constantly twenty million. Who are missing that their little. They have to pay red you don't need to pay via. Shame I have does that add a player so I don't get involved in that you've seen the Gotti movie until I know it happens. Yeah I have rob yeah they they say it's a really really bad good selves if here were so good to know Anderson it's the same thing always worse. When. And. Had allegedly whereas in tell you when it's the end of a week. I'm excited about this however am sad. Did you ever seemed intent Andrew avenger oh yeah all right parts of I asked John it really is isn't she meant it dared to go to come back. It is. I don't know it's crazy it's been like seven years it gets like I'm told yeah we're doing it. Don't you want to do well of course avenue be fun to play that character we're prepared to work without splintered again. You know it's the movie gods and say it will be. And that would be most sort. Keyed. When it went right in the face with that I hate there's certain movies. Certain movies and bring it back. Look. Aperture. To be excellent. On a different without that was Wayne's world yeah it's has got got up. Let's just excellent. John yet are you on. Did you are it's OK I think I have felt like it happened since six. I don't think he came in that way skate in them. No I don't know what I say he bit that there are movies like this that are currently ability to hit one of but even like dumb and dumber it's a mistake to do mood the sect. You had a lesson you know. Is he you always are stupid no. No no no no. Though is that my seat like Jeff asked imperious and that kind of a movie or or how to make a Mission Impossible. Those all have sequels the badly as or whatever. But these comedies like this I think they're better off left alone at all. Oh my goodness. To ask our guests say that's gonna bring back to him I think within. These are the puffy shirt. It's zepa. Obesity Kramer. Yeah I would not get there. As you do yeah and and and vote for her vote for well you're thinking of Napoleon Dynamite yeah. Both for Pedro yeah so they should bring now back. So get gap that's a good right obviously he did at both its. And I guess topic Johns is no longer doing the pop a slam oh always had me. Major League Baseball suspended its top Johns promotion yesterday a day after the company's CEO resigned. After using the N word during a conference god because he's a big idiot I. And they used to dad give you discounts when they had a Grand Slam. And bad days ago. Yet I think the fallout from Papa John's gonna get even bigger now it just because this guy just he is pop a shot. It for him to do what he did up the whole company's just you know regular suffer. It's not looking and definitely he's you loving it and the way yell morons visit them. Bill and Ted's third one will be the third went for me that dad. Bright it. Railing it we you know he knew then she had no interest shop in new core union. Man I agree with Vijay. Legal and leave the comedy is a mountain comedies that. Many have been moon do it removed and then when they says no I'm late into the game about. Hershey's store in cart shaming but girl I got today and my mom wears depends. And that is just absolutely mortified when you have to put the cart you put it deep under the rest of the groceries. Yeah but if I see that your best I just go to a different line up. I can't anchor people and the did leave the that I go to that though the lie and oh yeah yeah yeah I just add to. That I don't do a few bad free outing receiving extra. And oh yeah yeah yeah Seattle shame I have class Allen to the not paying it. You wait till the day and let the bed. And spent. Some. Finally Chris Jenner calls cheating on her husband Robert Kardashian when the biggest regrets in her life. She even talking each day I didn't even get that I did and he or she may get statement and a she says it's a sneak peek at interview it was set to air on and now it's gonna air Sunday. This new show it looks pretty cool it's called objective cited. And they go behind the scenes of like doctor still. In its Harvey's. Attorney show. When you have name from 98 months. And she she opened up about how her infidelity to the relationship apart. I'm married Robert when I was twenty years old and I got pregnant on our honeymoon. I had to happy is like he could have ever dreamt about but when you're in something sometimes people think the grass is always greener and that's what I did. And and yet you well that's a man woman thing you know you didn't know. The rumor is she's she was with the OJ. Yeah that was big rumored to them that's the days were talking out this way before Bruce. I'm kind of happy that. Kate and. Changed a woman argue that this Farley so again I'm I'm really happy it's like. Until it. This is something you woke up this morning I'm so so low light well it's like. What will make you happy about things first mother happened to Chris Jenner. And you are not enough to keep the mind girl. And then syndicate for a woman that she just did it a key engine last night as did it right in front of it seems to me that Christian so controlling. That she probably knew that she wanted to be a woman and she gets in it tied it just tire and destroy it in the area and that damn that Bruce when. He was Bruce was like Canada does empire do this am doing it. How loud and clear he did he really. But when he sees new slight tightly being 900 million dollars from you and you know in the bank. Yeah these things get me too little said he's cut off all these relationships with the kids. I know if my kid had 900 million dollars night and talked on Monday. But he had me do we pick all of a sudden it's like Tori Spelling you know when her mom again you know you know mom's a billionaire a year barely scraping bond. He needs to send Kiley an edible arrangement you I got a PC Bernstein is I have feel indicate this is where she's making her money right now. Great play. What she's done a part of any show anymore. Yeah probably speaking. She's probably got you know some money in the bank. But they live a lifestyle that's out of control Iran in control yet yeah I mean they're spinning hundreds of thousand dollars a month. That's I tried to explain does that make does that night. I might. How did these people go bankrupt and again I'll say it. He cut a manager feet which is like 6%. Yet an agency which is like 10% do you level lawyer fee which is like 3% California taxes which is well. Hammer these people yes I know somebody get that contract at like five million dollars a year and again and again. And didn't go Jimi you lived that lifestyle OK now you're you're paying your hair person to come to your house. You don't even go to to a so are they candy you're herald sports you've got shifts senior house. And this stuff runs up thousands of dollars a day. Although I wish you had that prima service here. But it prima I think it's Primeau Primeau I see him a house like it's a servant and he looked at PPP. And you like that I like my hair done and it's like reasonable move. It's it's not for bricks people you know they can do your house with the clippers even though come there and a dear knows Ayers merely hanging in the privacy of your own. And I think I'm gonna stick to the barber college it's only a dollar. Break Erica now it's been those kids they they need to learn on something. Likes that I gotta go in this weekend what the F. Am I just Texas but today guys today she is dead is most non trying template but I. Yeah. I think it's. I have done very Democrats stead at each inch anymore.