BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 7/23

Monday, July 23rd

There is a bad crash on C470 that has the highway closed a lady called and said she has been sitting in her car for 45 minutes. -  no winner of the Mega Million so next drawing is over half a billion -  Sean went down into a mine during vacation.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059 and. My eating lots going on here today. I'm having sound a little problem getting back into the and yeah. Here you live again thank you so much. I the only even jetlag yeah. Until because look up to the Smart and yes slightly. Yeah especially when you've gone as far as she used her how to play get a whole new York daily jet lag thing you I don't know thought guy that's that all that much and well here the long run. EA that's not really New Hampshire now but when you go over across the pond yes I think yeah I think it's a real thing. Well. It's no reason to be drink in this hour I still. Unknown. Own wounds won't. Hey speaking of foods and stuff I wasn't but I will mail flavored ice cream. They way they are making. Me and it is flavored ice cream all may know they said male. There is it's wrong and off messages walk away from that are you coming out this. Well that was kind of great all around it to go hey you know me an ice man. You and really think that there. But it doesn't even sound. Appetizing at all what I don't like even mayonnaise has taste to me I don't like mayonnaise it Jason Greeks yeah. And he Manning's. I don't like it but I don't know if Tony is an inside you just great steps to slow. Moon it doesn't have a tell I I didn't think of it that way into you mentioned. No I I like. Mayo I like regular mail ought to likely. What's it called the sandwich spread yeah I don't like miracle whips and stuff like don't use mayonnaise is a great deal stuff. I was driving class we may meanings you know we didn't want which of the big that we poured. A gallon of oil in two yeah and cook one maybe. And you don't do it a beater and it was meaning. That it and her. Egging Greece just via lard. Completions no it doesn't think it it does that mean. What highlight what are you feeling an. No room to face. It this I didn't miss them. The good news is though there's no it's not think it taste like nothing seemed to mail later footnote at. You are seeing is. I had Cheney sweet taste. Of Maynard. Now on the east pain I'd. How can it be getting into oil as. Well. For my palate. Liked the taste them. Watch next she'll root Muster. Now and that's. All that that's oh so you're all about buster Narnia. And I did say and mail mailed flavored and sick and tired easily and it may dole. And I'm not well can he figured. Yeah and I media that's an iron and ice cream and many an eighty's not mate and hastening said that done nasty toward sanity that people are out of the car. Yeah I heard the last traffic report remote computers social text nadir of this is recommit the Indy got nothing else to do you're standing in the rough cut and who did you get a B or the next couple hours what where exactly is the sacks because. I'm looking at all the sources. And I can't really figure out yeah you can call us 30322. Alice 3032225423. Because. On the road trip at port they said. I thought he said 470. In Colorado overpass or something I I don't even know where were ahead. Here. Have you ever done that would end Travis is a bad guy card docked at the table. Oh it's just fun one other time and remind it was a blizzard. Well that's good night I was coming back from Los Vegas got caught the mountains and it was just a blizzard. And yeah we were trapped. I'm not recommending this then on I seventy once they're kind of bat from Aspen and is the same thing is all blocked and people are absent on their their hoods of the cars and the Beers and I seventy. Yeah I don't know of ideas and may not because driver wasn't an hour. It's the driver was soon they're passing out the years image used for an sugarcoat this if I'm sure they were OK if I. New Hampshire seems traffic cleared up the drunk drivers. Don't know I don't know it's a great west and east isn't Nittany. And again. Eighteen Jamie here what's up. Good morning at both the act and I forced and he is right before you can look back going. And I had been sitting in the park and about Abbott and the. Or old battle. Really. Eastbound. On I know exactly where your aunt who your back to fully probably two universe either. Or eight top to bottom that are back to Broadway. So what happened really and I know like what happened. Probably deadly traffic guys they never say like here's rabid there was a Chevy. I was glad that I wouldn't Maria you that'll tell ST Delaware Dietz. It. I and it crashed at blocked major ally in the back up about fifteen minutes after we back here. OK so you see you're just sitting here have you been outside the card he met anyone. Dicing and honey go meets about what what do you do this are so you're you're sitting here right. I go to the garden next to you and tell them you're listening to BJ is it gonna take knock on the window god with your phone I have listened to beating Jamie right I don't I don't get out the car. People close to the concrete barrier that you know. I'm like stuck in the fire. You're no fun. To. Well the thing to imagine if that will be Jamie announced on love man he's. Yeah that's crap on it yeah it got down you know we are. Eli Manning's. Actually let a little bit yeah yeah and just line really just fine but then. Under the house talk Cuba now witty different things. Yeah like Mayo isn't Dick Gephardt did. It. And I'm arrogant and took a mile per. And that could it. Liz I guess imagining actually because people are texting as that they say that people are standing outside their cars. And it's completely backed up by university was completely backed up also in people aren't. They argue merits. You don't know some people you're married and should and I'm just like Hitler is their outlet yeah. That calling on it's not mingling you know I mean would probably get out month it's just. Yeah it's could have meets all the meat market out there did it didn't look yeah. I. Let's try that I think they're gonna clear some room for dancing yeah. I think about god he's pretty good today. Yeah of course thing. That's yeah I meet the need the need. He missed me that name before them. Are what we do. I went yeah except as tricky as. Astaro. Credited to ask us we'll queen yes queen oh yes we ghastly. Try to be cool which and it never. It's so that's so like last month. The clinic and no winner in the Mega Millions announced. Almost half a billion dollars death toll dial lead out there are no winners and try to night's Mega Millions drawing. I was a little terrified though for Friday. Because we were on vacation you were out of the country I hadn't seen powerball Pete get into the pool here in the office. I thought this year if those schmuck if they win the power not to powerball mega millionaire. If they win the Mega Millions while you and I are on vacation I'm going to be really upset. Because we learning yet. We were it and we could give her five dollars on Friday. We work. No the week before I'll. Vietnam but I could see you and I get blocked data that's a shot holes. What Don I think about their for a minute if they have the sport here in Jamie and I are in every single drawing. All the big huge drawing was Friday night we were on vacation so we weren't in the bull what if it wants so it's. I say that I watch that down a lottery changed my life you know sometimes and there was a restaurant and they all got in it except for one girl she was not sick that day and she was all eight minutes. And she was out sick that day when they took the money and she went like this on cheating. And really happy for him Noah is everything's for a reason and I'm happy that they're happy hit and. Well you've got to cut I had to ride into. Didn't you got a cutter who owns your bunch of yet. Oh wait you don't really greedy nobody talks in Jordan you're saying that because you know gene mean I Yunnan are none. I don't know grabbed the money right gap and he's you're saying yeah you're saying we should share with you right as we invited proximity. And it works of. Family is the money they agree the there's no way. A restaurant is gonna tell her it into innocent and if we win and you're not in the pool surely within hours you're gonna hate us. Our that we all added it. It is really sad because they show the parking lot and it was. Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes cube. Yeah a couple of bombs on all of this now and I raise. Yeah I'd probably the Clinton yet fifty yeah and here to launch. I would keep you guys equal share. It is. And I say it's three cars in the Jack rexrodt. An overturned flatbed trailer well that's going to be a mess. Jamie I saw the worst accident Wednesday the last Wednesday. Coming back I was a north coming back through ice seventy rooms and think tractor trailer had burned out of the slightly burned up. Four cars involved. I said to be completely shut down it was awful. That kind of stuff happens spent it just in a blog but I don't help. And the roads closed. Thanks for yeah. Yeah it do it it's one of those things that you think about for a few days in the athletic shoe until I accidentally. TC went on vacation John. No that's not what you do on vacation we ever really got to that. Well we went we went out to the mountains on Monday and then the rest of the week we just kind staid old. Worked around the house where would you do Monday night when I went to Georgetown and roads George tell. And that was very 5 PM the weather was gorgeous and then we did the the Lebanon mine tour. Which was very cool we got to go down into the Lebanon mine and out it's silver mine went way back into the mountain it was very cool. Yeah that one of those things where you're like an earlier about the ticket because not to raise up and they'll lose. Here. My sense on the Mona Lisa didn't seem impressed. The Mona Lisa knew they didn't get while all of those letting people were around in the know have air is over and the irony is really sweaty benevolent player but not air air. You are easily and get it. Yeah I can see that at twelve year old and looking at just a pinging of an old lady. Well or isn't may or could be a man we don't know we don't know we don't. I think to keep that alive just to have some curiosity. Would. Because he just say it is a woman who might drop off in the attendance. Please keep that nothing in my day they went online order yet because clearly want. Is. This is horrible you know it didn't really. Even Ron is the traffic. Think you know it today in India and I mean yeah mighty. No I need it in the eat I eat and eat yeah it to her and then. They need to immediately born story of travel axe is on ice it was more in many. Minds. And I looked up. I. Know. It. Doesn't. The PGA and Jamie. I.