BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 8/10

Friday, August 10th

Kanye on Kimmel – Straight jacket jokes are not funny – Roseanne is going to be killed off on the sitcom – 16 year old Teen pushed off a 60 foot bridge she almost died; now police are investigating. Sean thinks they should charge the shover, Bj and Jamie says no way because they were shovers. – Movie about the KKK called Black Klan’s man is a story out of Colorado Springs.   – Jamie wants to take her son to see MEG the new shark movie.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash and analysts 1059. And. I think we're busy he proposed. I just went to tell the people Larson tax relief. Yen in in Westminster right I guess they'll listen and they were super worried about yesterday you know so they they even had their senior tax consultant old Cory Patton. Right right maintain isn't that what can I help you connect they're worried about you over there at death at the large tax relief for all real nice did you answer back and I can I have Tony. Along yeah I have ten police say if you haven't heard you know I mean. Who does he moves I don't think Larsson can help you were situation. Here's the you're probably look at at least but it is today in the pen you Deanna you and at a time somebody else wrote to us and said I have never liked to more in my life Jamie right there when you talked about the chalkboard first day of a school pictures. All. She says she doesn't know where hers went. That's stupid little chalkboard that says first day of school has a little. School house on it and you write down the date and then you write down what gear there going into the picture would say if he had. She does it hurt her house she basically said her out her house eight Hearst. Don't know awareness and she sold to rod Steelers so I didn't realize it. Bush actually let yes it was first day of school. I think we are and and so are its. When you picked up your leg added ten nightmare and then you have the new lease and then go on the wrong way front that they're coming in the wrong way right. And then then. It was crazy schools yes it is yep just lord Douglas Kennedy in a roar and then next week against Jeff go and scanning others yeah net. Yeah yeah I notice a pass by a couple of schools on the way home yesterday and then in the very empty. Yeah very empty but not next week may have thought. Our any I was just reading summer. It used to you in some really don't take care of our FaceBook page agreement speech talking about what we get a lot of private messages and writer is never respond to them. It's only me. Sean what your kids. I forget to look at Adam. Vinatieri doubt he'll. I was could use that excuse I mean not as a producer is that part of your dad. Yeah. Yeah it really is. A lot of rumor or guard directed directly to you cancel its team show you don't look at true you know. I'll answer. What would you excuse CJ Harris I forget to look I don't answer my own prime imagine. Customers served as though the U verse service dear I don't idyllic what I melon and taking care of it. Like and an airline. If you believe there's 3M SU did he should take a little bit of the load off of them aren't so let's assigned date. If you'll remember this how well this well up to my put a fun day I did Friday they are done I did it. Take one Friday. Well those other days left it to the item I just answered all of them just now just entered okay I'll take tomorrow Saturday morning with. With a kick fight it's OK ash Joseph what they do you are the I'll be home today. OK when I look between the three at that today can't everybody being answer we should answer MO can. I'm. Into the end of the bottom right as we need to read back what the dumb stuff. And other okay. He's. Just ILL but but but but but but the by the way funniest thing ever my friend John you have as a friend named chief ancient to my day begins. I mountain and it and I go who when it plays arrogance. Keeps keeps sending me attacks Flint LO well. Go well so that's funny right it goes lots of love the fact that. Although he fell accused being hit. While. I'm an army deal weird I guess I'll tonight on Saturday more time just to do schmuck scores. This estimates right schmuck when. Which got everything. I wish you guys. See it. Will we get eat enough angle not yet normally go to god and submit to this stuff. I am I yeah. Don't you have nothing short of the but I knew I mean again I mean very busy really yet so uncanny would be a single mom. With a job. And a close reassembling the only a movie on the pet I thought. I Amber's well let's talk about this tiny west. I don't know if they're labeled BJ's he might help because I can't see what you're seeing so will you tell me what it says enough explained that Clinton is let's go oh that's what is about and him being in the same office neutral. OK so Jimmy Kimmel had done Kanye West last night and here's what he said about what Vijay said when he let ever. Concerned about her being alone in the Oval Office with president from. The quality of the player. What an excellent I don't know if you want the education system one it's nice to be exactly yes and here's his it makes those same. Good because it shows how crazy and explain it. I should ask him about them. I guess kind of doesn't rant about how he wants to fix the education system. I I've never heard of a class that breaks down how you you know balance the checkbook or how you control your finances which have. My father never taught me that have never heard of future class so they keep us so focused on history that we start to believe that it. Actually repeats itself and we become overly traditional. And we can advance. A reason being is we get too caught up in the past so what everyone's saying whatever he wants tweeting. And sometimes you just have to be fearless enough. To break. Okay my. Simulation signing guys when to clap but at the embassy is going to be amazing. When you're talking about fixing the educational system if you should be using the upward. Yeah he's wired and even now well the good news is great every time that that talked about art. So you don't. Like. Dour attitude towards women has changed since having daughters. Knoxville look at porn hub and this stuff you look at what category. I lacked is my favorite. I think that in what's the point of being famous to be chant let's break that you want to impose. Black on white obviously okay. Mirroring your own. Tell us your own situation out reality yeah yeah. Okay it. And a note and then finally his last thing was he talks about that moment when he had a complete match. Meltdown teensy offices to this interview I knew I wanted to stay in a calm state because. By the time I got to team Zia was wrapped up so what's awesome is that the world catcher. Really experienced someone. And have wrapped up state and that's he get these comments fetish shoot out like almost like two Rex goes yup. Highs and lows only ally hi you're on a roll when you're below your well there's some. Chase the bipolar people go well I'm someone that. Goes ha eyesight like Michelle Obama so they don't have extreme period. A depression. I don't know I don't know. Know that me moon and said didn't he come. What you need like diagnosed with something though where he was like really depressed and everything was hospitalized. Didn't count and put him on of code whatever it or what the 52. That well he's 515150. 5051. What do you know so much about it. But the that the. They come to your the premiere. Did you figure else I would put those guy and was never anything but that you thought it. Listen it I'm just say I know I thought of that applicant but they sure are you know so much okay. I tell you why. Are because the long long time ago remember that Vermont Teddy their company you know. Well they made I have it tale and it's. They made a bear and add a straitjacket on this. And had its arms wrapped around itself and it didn't see you in a little boxes and I am crazy for you and it was like in the seventies it was the padded box to do that with the ball. And they and so that's not well. The Teddy bear company he loves mounted guards and UK and patted little bare and have a little but not so of that there was a day you could I couldn't. I do not want to go straight jacket jokes are not funny sort of vague when it's so key and boots. And an Angel heart the heart crazy B and crazy. At all is you know the tomatoes. I might be collectors. Stumble padded box you out. Highs on on eBay for 600 Bob. And I have a lot. It's crazy is I keep my knowledge ramp up. I did some viewers up as we talked about this yeah it's definitely lets you crap that you think's the worst of the I was singing about that car as he then they want to the do this would. Yeah a car. That is the mass produce steady Stephen in the garage would know miles on it it's not worth anything it's pretty used. So I don't know it's not that they made I think only four million. You know the SSR. Like I bought my dad and yes artist lessons are right is running contract with the Corvette Japanese right. We're not saying well that was crap and failing that we want to Bailey made a few problem. Can't believe that you've got a Teddy bear with a straight jacket on and it's worth more than upbeat Manning football helmet. It's autographed. This bears worth Mora hit. It makes. His point it's not worth more because nobody wants it nobody wants. In the numbers they. People are highly bidding on it no they're not known exactly and we all have stuff that we think he's going to be word millions. And we keep it as funny but the clubs are but that's appointment mayor is fun and it's funny. I. Whom straight jacket jokes are not funny I didn't say they were I said that they're funny you did a straight jacket joking about the launch it's that worked for him. I never said herb street you can put. I said the long sleeved shirt and. The century is all the little box the bear comes in as air holes. In a neck and the dancing is odds on. You've never met another woman for 550 there's a lot of among your base and making them unwind it lets you at a podium by the its obligation. And although haves and the guy anyway. Maxwell was again as I forgot now 02 things real quick and then number will. We'll move on with their lives Roseanne is gonna be killed off I guess on the sitcom did you see that you. Was she going to be like him by Carson that yet. It says she is says it was good but they said that they are gonna kill off Rosie in England the exit strategies. They're gonna do it like that and video that circulated during the show brought the bridge is well well well well. Oh is that. That wasn't joking that's still chilly. Up. The girl speaking out his everybody's seen and video patience on here watching this thing this morning. Kid there according to charts that kid with some type of assault or even know attempted murder. I don't think. Well result if somebody asked the diving absolutely Laura. I had this women pulled yet that's just what you they're teenagers okay maybe to sixty foot drop but I have. It to water should go face first accident really her she didn't get hurt I would. A broken ribs. A lung injury that could gadget she passed out an air they said it charts that haven't attempted murder. I got a budget teens getting a break she's on the other side where she's about to jump in the cheek kind of like hesitates need to shelter she says no no no and then that other girl pushed her off that bridge does Mikey and I want that girl charged. She put her she clearly was knocked him down she. Boost her I know they haven't you ever been in that moment where you know like your friend like I. I got I just filed with the yeah I'm the girl. Pressure and the kid and I can tell what's going on here. And you as the push your sour the kid they got push I'm. You got it up and Lewis see it. Yep you got pushes kid asks yeah yeah I flew in charge I alarm chart is a guy the push now is another girl. Yeah I read it was girls well. Either way. I jumped up from a cliff Findlay cavs I got really really hurt bad thing. So and I just landed kind of a little bit tilted just barely tilted and it really hurt your members bruises all of my body should do that picture I'm just it's awful news. Am so I can't imagine how bruised up and she is like. All pose no doubt about it that's a big tropic yes say sixty feet it looks bigger that me and looks. I don't know respect his his call is this building we were a hundred feet doesn't yes. Yeah it's crazy she got hurt pretty badly cut and I'm Tony every team's been in that position. And I was the pusher who. You guys show I yeah. Am I should yeah we can get kid named Stanley and I give me I shoved him off a cliff war on Vietnam in the little late on gun isn't like I'm killing a fact that we read being shoved him off the glimpse. We were aware of some wrong again. We're not and we all know that we just didn't clinch second that he lake on that I've been the weakest when would never go of the fat excellently Jon and we have to yeah. Not shown on Dutch. That I did I. I'm sorry I'm. But spurs tomorrow the diving board even. Ending his once you lie and those clips you can't walk again you've fallen. Killing yourself it's assumed at that point you're going all the clue how one way or the other as you can get back down. I and one way or the other and this girl. Did you watch the video she steps over the railing on the other side by debris trail he's ready to jump. She's a part of this done. We are seeing a BJ nice gender exact I don't I got what they gadget. Com. My gad I am and it finally finally finally. Really not this you know when I took like Al Roker and he talked about as shy and that mountain and zoo as a CF you know. What did you see this movie is coming out of the black Klansman. I did I this guy so it's about two comrade cups when black island Jewish guy and they infiltrated the kkk and then. It's. It's a Spike Lee move a lot I think you search today right it isn't so great they had no idea that I didn't I didn't have any idea about the story. Yeah I think it's a great out so I watched an interview with Spike Lee and now that the Colorado Springs Scott and I guess what's that really bad kkk guy the really the leader of the bad guy and and then forgot his name. Well I guess he called he called them and said. I'm I'm really concerned about how I'm going to be put to me in this movie is it that Duke's got yes David duke yeah. Does that and thinks so now. He called an end says he's worried how you get police. You're worried about how you're going to be portrayed it it's your product at eight. I don't think he'd you don't even care how your tray there's sag do you body but you know the looks like a pretty good movie yeah it does not projected need to do very well. Yet militant millions went and rejected out of the magazine is supposed to overtake everything and that's about it gigantic shark years singing I. Yeah I'm really torn about taking my sense that movie this weekend. Meg yeah because we love the ocean so much we go everywhere you know Australia in Atlanta for a meg could be eight year. And it's it tried jaws where it gets in your brain IRM debt mess them up. What bothers me about the movie the name. Yeah it sounds like a waitress at a diner. If it. Like isn't quite working over to breakfast Keaton and now. Old egg egg. This is seem scary to me. Well and actually goes into. You know your DVR section you can I pass that right I'm not gonna notes about no sharks I had seen here saying yeah I think. I don't like the name of this movie needs to be more dangerous yell at every. Even yeah not you know it meant it from ten and use the breakfast keen should be called eat she serving pancakes. I mean freedom and never addressed I don't know if we ended that excitement on how I don't know if I'm not at a it does he moment. Stay at a speech in the importance on Alex I.