BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th

Jamie is moving to Brighton. School district has gone to 4 days a week – report is that Meghan Merkle has not spoken to her dad, and her step sister is going to be on Big Brother UK – Brad and Angelina’s custody order is a nightmare for Angie -  Selina Gomez prays every day that Justin and Hailey won’t get married.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. You know how I'm a little obsessed with my kids and I do anything form yes you know I can't go parent via via. And moving trucks are at the house. You're moving him out and nowhere movie of nor remove them really yet. I didn't know yet we've got an in house he bought a new while this is big news when did you decide to do this because I dirty thing abandonment. All the terrorists took your old with no notes and know where ram were moving to brighten. You mood bright room. Why you moving to brighten. A four day school week. All sill my son has insisted that we don't price we moved to brighten it is set a hum done deal yet. Really gotten a four day week. Authoring our day strike zone is cutting edge right now so removing because my scent is like. And I know what it does school board that we got a lot. Make and I do love them you do you love them I don't know you so yeah exactly and hill. I'll try not to brighten its allegedly placed the stymie you know he's gonna start Monday and now what data they have officer Monday or Friday. You know they haven't told me the whole thing yet vote against its commitments is don't bring anything I think it's Monday I think that go to school on Friday at the Monday is the off and they know that for sure know that seems like it would make sense business yeah. So yeah and now we're going to be in school district actually seven day. All while moving gradually I. Congratulations to ralphie because rates it would never happen you know yeah right. I guess it would be for certain people but I think it puts a little bit of the hum. Burden on the parents. Because now you got to find that extra day of child care ranks yeah they're younger they're young right yeah yeah. So I think it puts a burden on the parents are really surprises is gonna happen well and then a Butler to teachers jail lacks this happened to a Butler to teachers and moved to brighten. Music so nodding when they move or just get going now for sure I have already attracted attendant teachers I was one of those kids said tell I loved school I yeah I loved it I I barely I. I think I missed maybe one or two days and I know when that because of the sadness in your hole exactly exactly so for me it was kind of risky yeah I loved school. So I would not like the four day you know week but I certainly see why it's popular. Now I would like before they work way. And they you know I was in recent rob yeah. Let's hear a lot of people are saying I yet it is Mondays off however they go to 830 to 430. That's still witnessed dozens that's about it somebody else said that and their kid is that deer trail and it's nominated Thursday noon. Ha I revelation made a move to Ben. Are ready to people all the time that are in different like you know police officers or even nine health care word that working like 412. Learn I try it right yeah I don't work for twelve spam that extra day off I think that's a good deal. Who is taxing us. Don't know I don't have your phone. Are the studios moving up north does god knows you'll never did make it to work on time with Melissa and as people and I think that's Pete. I don't know that's how I can talk to somebody though he did hit it. I anyway. And she gets you this morning first up. Meg and Markel very very upset with her whole family. I guess she hasn't talked to her dad in ten weeks. And he shut out he is sent out but he can still a paid interview was and they are furious about it. NS even or report that data. He hung up on prince hairy he did yes. He's up on printing area as a father maybe just couldn't hearing though at the end of that connect maybe didn't. And this even more so you know. Horrible horrible half sister via the madly and yeah that's just says all is evil stuff about her half sister to she's gonna be a celebrity Big Brother in the UK. She is he yes. Poll. That's Libya and that's a problem in the yield. It yeah if she were on here wouldn't be sabathia and good to be right there in their backyard are way on the BBC LA Nina and so since not a good deal. Get embarrassed of intentional. I agree with you she sabotage so great and they don't know if they should talk out loud about this whole situation or just Ki moon moon. Why. Mentally masked. Really a mess of price are gonna do this. I'm surprised that the BBC. And you know the television networks over there would bring her in because of the chaos they know it's can I. Are they were highly detailed to the queen by me till I thought that they really you know they've dealt the queen on everything. And two of publicly embarrassed the throne. Through their network because of some TV show to me seems completely off base. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt manned their temporary custody order is up Madison turner. So she just flew back to LA and now we've learned that he gets. At least four hours a day every other day. And custody. Lal every other day four hours day at least yet almost too much. Seventy some things before and black waitress walked on all school days its twelfth. Oh well. What's up with the if I were him I'd guess to judge predicted judge backed the chambers and say look food that are I ask for custom I didn't ask if it affected at a point. And though I want one hour twice a week and then I. I would take him at like 8 PM arm and a half right at all or I'll meet them at the DQ you don't realize my scream at them out of there via. So Seth but if you don't then let them into what's got I just remember there are seven yeah he's quit fighting. So that's the thing and it says that no less than four hours every other day and twelve hours on non school days every other day. That is a lot of time from going to no time at all and end it was supervised visitation. To this guy time. She's got to sell yeah I mean yeah. I guess they're going into cast Eric has it they're going into court this week for final Cassie this is just temporary and they had to do that shot and I had. I had this done. Where they bring in yeah I am now at. I value later. If your house is so they've had an evaluation going on for the last couple weeks. This is a scary scrap ever this guy this stranger will of this what happened because I was in the LA cords he fully air from LA yeah. He comes to my house he watches is like mortgages pooled with you sound like he normally wouldn't do. Here's today. How are you natural I yeah this guy you know any ethics board looking at every move move it's been writing that every hour he may. It got Clinton pour it now like. Let me let split a decree we had a crane just play with a crayon in the and does so with a live my girlfriend can she knew the value winners coming says she brought an easel. Over with that big pad of paper here and she's like haven't drawn all over it looks like you guys do art projects. All. So you guys turned to me is do you have this at all and then shot I'm told me. Because she's having evaluate or he said listen you gotta put a lot of food in your cupboard and your refrigerator because they'll open the cover in the refrigerator. So about all this fruit and we're at a town the next day via mimicking at our. But I stand by eldest food. It so it looks like you're feeding your yes. We have to do healthy food worry yes about a traitor he opens it up and it's the loaded with chocolate. No I did like grapes and strawberries everything is gonna go back to them leaving town the next day right so I hit a shot on. He got he did think it opened a refrigerator the pantry. And John does one New England to have a seat tomorrow so pinching in and I tickle of food. It was just good timing on how. What's ever thought she gets some good stuff. There is no doubt about you what ever solid job try to now. Hey that was an important part Apache had he did and they don't way to look the but have you looked it would have been empty gas. That's so I'm just say I'm not milk I'm only in the next day and see yeah I think in dollars for the virtues. First dates who just stage it is it good that gas is not JF. Including that guy ever come back yeah yeah. It's called adult not comebacks. Saddles us at the crown. Yes that was crazy it's really uncomfortable innovative and the right you get it's very judge Ian you're just trying to pay act naturally like hey let's blame ball yeah gas and you're caring we ever played ball I remember my son I feel. Let's sit down for lunch and I never a kid going. Will we usually set the table yeah. Off a pop up up and ask your ending outlets seized click what I hear okay. Exactly rides really uncomfortable and so that's what their team had to be in these celebrities and I. I wonder where their kids because I think kids have this where the heavily rather. I'd rather be would momma rather be with dad I wonder how these kids the I'm. The awareness no I'm the oldest is Aladdin to decide. Alex is named Maxey decides for all the kids know he decides himself for himself now done court said that they will allow him whenever. Isn't there an evocation. Thanks you gotta figure with a way in Julie Julie is that she's really dog to brand first hour. Our kids I know you're not supposed to do that but I gotta feeling she's done via specially would match. Yeah so he gets the court is that he was old enough he would decide for yourself if he'd once did do that visitation he is forced to. So you know he's not going yeah so that's good. Yeah. That's been. Selena Gomez you guys. They said every single night she says a prayer did Jesus our lord and savior. And it goes like this. Year. And yet we dear Jesus. Please don't let Justin Bieber and Healy Baldwin get married. I love him Amy. But yeah it's been I every night I know she's been praying I don't think those prayers work. I mean I think prayers work but I think when you're demanding something like that for your own self interest via at the work that's like a prayer for the lottery. Amen you know yeah. All that says yeah isn't that yeah yeah I mean he you know dear lord when you put those six numbers and Malia right and so I could circled him on this little sheet here it would mean millions of dollars a minute and hit. Those don't work. They said that as she won't do anything to sanitize the marriage but it is her first love and it is just and now Bieber is. Is I mean they're both he took his first love you know high school sweetheart thing kind of thing that they weren't high school they're celebrities. And that's it she's think and that that they won't get married Haley won't get married and I think yeah contestants do a little digs like he always knew that Haley was of one would you say in front of Selena. You know and when you've got Justin who's now joined the church. In cheese of Bahrain Christian girl that Haley yes she is he's foreign they say in urgent it is they see your version of waiting there waiting until after the marriage. You know for this. He stuff yeah and you you really would dim being Christian and then you've got Celine over here pray you put god to really tell position he is in a nickel he's being. Pulled in every direction right Jesus Beckel it. Is that a good one. Well. Yeah yes I mean in the onion pickle she's sent the cork that he's an Internet article it oh I guess so well. Isn't Petallides. If he does staring at. Clubs never heard it which is still what do you say he's being tugged in in different directions because they're all fighting Christians right now yeah. It. Monty would just I have to tell you. Well I'll I know you know the girl that was faced down Kiley dinners and then when he first birthday party you know what we found out about her and she's spoken so. After Kelly gentle actually during Kiley jitters birthday party in LA there's just chicken right and she faced down on a Gurney. Yeah this is this is some. Kylie just when he first birthday Friday night in a nightclub it's the one million dollar birthday weekend for Kylie. Her name is Tammy Kimbrough. And she's a supermodel in Australia. She's 24 years old. And she says oh my god I'm so humiliated she said it was due did jetlag. Lack of sleep personal turmoil and she should have been drinking she said that she was fallen asleep and that the make up chair here and make a position it well. I don't know exactly unknown language to stop the trustees right now let's I don't care what she says I don't care. I've never seen someone who's tired jet lag what ever her excuse is come out of a party face down on a Gurney hit. Can't she was wasted out of her mind and probably took some holes. Allegedly on top of that which really not to route they were concerned that she was gonna owed. She did pass out you called the paramedics and they don't wheel you out face down on a Gurney to an ambulance I weird that they kept the and that I had part up like his face out yet you know it's I called JB yesterday Abdul liked. What are they called a scorpion. With and we saw these pictures yesterday I told JBS and I think they Flickr overpower her belly so she wouldn't you know gag on her you know that stuff I'll maybe. I'm sorry I don't know that I had before but they were afraid she might. Do. Now that Atlanta had had a million so they they got her head out of the gutter faced down instead she's like you do because they realize how is Lisa gee it. She is jetlag. Does she. Who are you to judge you're living her life that babes. A I can clearly see the pictures came on a Gurney face down she said she was tired and she should never had any drinks she was toll jetlag. And I know. I'll get her wavered broker art Aron whenever you down. I handed Kylie you throw one held Barrera when they bring in the attorneys for the guests. A top Laurent is a party and speaking of the genders and that current actions as. Three day key lies what does it came card I Sheehan is so this being day. She's just so upset about the song tiny eight just released it. All the sisters are just so upset so tiny just released a song where he talked about how he went back and get Saddam with the sisters. It says this you got six thoughts I got more of them. You got a sister in law he would smash I got four of them here it is. Your finger on from. I mean being the end and I didn't get the little. That didn't and I added I. And they'll pardon at Saint Paul art all right I know you out of bubble I thought the jets were office and I'm a. Now nuts that's gonna make it uncomfortable Thanksgiving. Without Kim is livid that he didn't run by the lyrics by any other before you drop the song. And it grossed everybody in the family out even Chris is best. They're all shocked and they say. He's sexual lies down. These girls. They put out a picture every day of the nudie nudie every day. And this there are worried about he really decentralized. Than monk and Pakistan it's aimed. Plus the CDs been out for ever has. Been out for awhile do it in the unit in the to a great. Yeah. Yes so I'm sure. If this is sure falls your not my and it. At all. No I'm not buying it I don't think I think this is a made up story. As it often do for you know what ever it is that they need the publicity for I think they'll incorporate this in some way and that TV show they have. You don't being outraged with this all grade I see a bogey Kanye would say the ones get lawyers. Such a good song I was like I was dig and then to new dig it. Yeah yeah a very counties musical genius and the plane and the plane and then finally let me leave you with one more amorous a clip from. What's her name Guthrie Savannah Guthrie just really pitching in a great mood here is a couple clips with cameras on it to Asia. You added that I'm almost immediately how about the don't know about unhinged you know that. You know that I'm we have an interview right after this yeah I know that you wanna go more. And with more time but I will answer your last question and you see that the time has asked what time do weeks ago that he you know that it's a sentiment that yeah. Now we're accent. Our I don't know that I actually don't know the if you wanna thank you gotta let it the book comes out tomorrow all of this is in the book. Look look yeah you're already three minutes over her give me one more question I'm out here. And don't push it Powell please tell by the book they're here tablet tax. He lied almost 4000 lies in the last two having her on that it and it is a liar as you say well absolutely he I don't work for him. It's important. Now.