BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th

Matt Lauer is going to give his wife 20 million for being a douche – Demi Lavoto’s drug dealer has been arrested – we found out that the fight on the Kardashians was all fake.   

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. Some may just rodents and then then. They they witness to meet Vicky from a real house labs of them weren't putting me Vick that he's going to be in town. I guess big east Indians where she going to be. Time. I guess she's doing an appreciation crews all well. You know how you died he tells you guys you tried to get on that one crews yeah that was keep let's say yes I've been mean key neat kids. I would love that I know you learn that they can't they do lack of interest so and which really shocked me I was. I want some weird reality show what time it was likes early Sunday morning and it never worked out acting as a pilot. Anyway and it was people at Golan these cruises EF and their like. Huge huge fans of these died there was this eighties. Rock band right Boyz II Men that he did a cruise sort of Backstreet Boys New Kids On The Block was out new kids on the black yeah well I got these women. Need like a love these guys. Like. Love yeah. It looked kind of funny I mean look silly like they're in high school but they're grown ass women and they had their. There are no real like decorate like dorm rooms for jelly yeah. And that their doors to their yeah they're cabins like. And so of the office of planning is awesome you haven't seen for seven days. To handle this wacky bunker and jellies ran over his livelihood. Before I got Tina and I have dinner with. So funny our enemy. Let's start off with Matt our a great guy he turned out. All he did this guy you can say what you want to about Matt Lauer and having that little thing under his desk there where you could hit that button and in the door would Lockwood a hot chick could come into his office you can say whatever you want you can say that's disgraceful. But look what he's got now. An amazing. Father. Husband. And a great guy he has heart beat these feeders so yesterday Matt Lauer announced that he will be giving his wife and his. Yeah I don't know if that getting divorced wife Ann are they officially. XY split twenty million dollars because he feels bad serbians ended. Dilution council. That's exactly what he says yeah. It easy you know are feel so guilty every area Don there just like does better right now. I'm down I'm depressed and I'm gonna give twenty million dollars or because I feel so bad for what I did tour. Q matched an hour for BA new. Donna what he's worth up nice guy and Sean and you've got what he's still what he's worthless piece so I generous. Got a feeling he's probably worth about eighty million early favorite twining. Any amendment that didn't fight it dissent pay here I want you to have this mass sweet soul here's a check what hundred million. Or let's autumn effect that that's not have a low life but that's York. 820 million he's worth the hundred million that's what it says could you feel so bad at the if she just goes to court she gets half of it yeah. Its fifty year old male that was his way of start you know stopping her from trying to go after more a shoe yeah. And I hope she Google's is worth. Because I always accurate if couple deaths I'm living proof of that. I tell demise and like. Come. Dollars yeah no no I'm not a yes it's wade know them names wrong. That that would set there is accurate on some Arnold for example people at my name and Shawn staying we don't come up at all. Now. And who that's not enough there's a magician with my name. Your Wikipedia fast track. Yeah you do have you ever read your Wikipedia page Ely road. I didn't. I have no idea who wrote it narrow by. You dead yeah well that's Smart because I don't even went and because my Wikipedia page is wrong and I winning ended change a bunch of stuff that somebody I don't know who did it says I'm not a valid person. I haven't proven I meet its Jamie white right and it writes this crap about doing an Atlanta Olympics. It's like we're sorry. This person doesn't allow you to change their you know whomever starts this page. Control. It's there it's like without a clear. It doesn't really matter I am really irritates me to open it has oldest. All scrap on my booking of Bible that I don't like what if my son's kids or group of kids his friends agreed that inseparable. He. Well the thing is to teach people that Wikipedia is often wrong always wrong yeah a lot of people who. Have pages up there that explains their careers of famine left with every and put that stuff up there somebody else wrote all that stuff yeah. You don't know if it's accurate Sunday the Wikipedia page. On no. We'll all know Wikipedia. Well no all national. Snow you Google my name you get a landscaper England. The fitness that at that lets a kid that he looks like he's really good and it's actually you're better off that way that you are a thorough lion about your crap out of the man. In the right they deny that they decline at me you know timber and and I think they said I got to prove it. You got to fly over to Wikipedia in Italy is there's dozens and seems to have him passport the loan growth and I'll. And it about a lets out about her. Boy you guys they they just busted her drug dealer. He's bad did it again. I thought they did yeah I don't know yeah currency in the in the an all these guys engine and drugs and stuff or did he take off and they haven't found him just as house and I. I think he just found this house last that's about that to be updated that was yesterday afternoon that I saw that but here's the good news is there's been a lot of thing. Guys she wasn't on the arrow he would Austin is invigorate. Oh she was a hole she was not all of narrow way in world. Even their friends said hey guys you get his way out of proportion here she was never on here and they were. I guess his house was searched in the in March and they discovered and guns drugs MO. He was arrested in June and charged with a DUI possession of cocaine I he had died just smoked down whenever whether. But she wasn't on heroin she was smoking oxy and bellies for fentanyl. And so you. They looked into it and Ned Johnson is the managing mile but texted come over 40 in the morning. She was free basing oxy code own come with fentanyl. They said all so no I. And he hasn't been charged yet. But by and I think he should be in will be eventually but. He says them well they're saying his her people are saying that this drug dealer was at the house they were smoking the stuff together. She eventually started out going into convulsions. And in heat got scared and left. In her friends founder and like 11 o'clock the next morning that was nice of them just take off Lieber dying he sawed they have seen about to unfold. And he. Hit the road. I'm really upset and her son and what's that and I think that you're going to be upset about it too and I read this sort of set me. Her album different. You don't have to know ultimately I feel great I feel like I feel like that we evolved in game tears in Atlanta Mosul banned those. I bamboozled I think I don't talk medium sauter in oh my god how do you wanna bring you know. I'm so I've buried at the what are what are. But the latest where you did it makes us look like this stupid we are the food are the foods we felt where this. Oh yeah and I felt I was sitting on the no you don't know why you think Brad and Tina but Connery. And. Do you think this is he. And you sit there is no way they went too far they too much name calling you you've crossed the line each and our cross back over on his. Should that dynamic kick about bettering. The Kurdish mostly due to some new guys they do disk Kim and Khloe is feud with Gordy. Kim please play fake it was all but completely. They completely. They knew they had to come out of the box not something good for the ratings did pick up their new season because people have been losing interest in the keeping up with Kardashians. So they bust glittery dust just like a box of Salt Lake yeah it's. And scare. People in this this ninety easily as we went for eight playing that audio. We should hear it again just to see if we can hear that they goodness okay so here it is what is as a says the feud between the card ash cans. Is not real at all and it's just to get ratings. They actually say the feud was set up with Ryan Seacrest. As the producer Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian. They played out for the new season because they needed to get the ratings not the president taking a dive. Seacrest suggested that buffer underage moon in. Rural. Let's not forget. A clip I don't know what I know my children. And he'll clearly there's something else has your acted like and attack on the I don't know the only. Really that's not who was no I don't. You. Yeah he was really I wasn't even in theory it's nice and I'm sorry for that but you're the most. Title person on the when you worked at least what I. They're not me. Me know okay. Old boy that Oscar can foresee any of that club we going cam that's not nice to say that affect that part. I'll tell you you know. And you better. Not to rehash old star about they were quick so remember when anybody's bag and did breaking Bonaduce. So I was part of that pilot as part of the whole show but I wouldn't be an because I knew it was fake. Well remember when and incontinence in did on your partly density yet in two and if you shot there was an episode on breaking Bonaduce where he is. I'm Paul and Gretchen. Got strippers for her birthday he was so and Lisa fox like how could you get stripped what was on dean's critic. He paid for it takes. I was artist's studio that today when he was. Talking at least a box and he's like here's my credit card number and honest up until going in but the strippers and episode and they taped it. Like he was well Mattingly. Strippers out the male strippers I don't pop the EE is. He paid for all faith all that I knew better I can't stand that a new ground. Our two real name and I was somewhere just a couple of days ago in some lady who listen story shows she said she said to me she did a much got to let me show. She just I can't believe it this goes for this. She says do you believe deeply genie that can't be true Jamie buys us seven elevens in which is guess these same which is for a son's lunch. Deli sections in it it's 7-Eleven like they have a little deli area and what. You don't have and they have been and it hits you don't know what what are they don't push some bananas on you don't like what are too far whenever you don't have to move forward without you don't have to explain. And but not. The point it is confident what you by the way the guys from the all we talked often about my dad used to go to the pollen that if everybody that I. A medical earlier giving him. The point is what you hear on this show is not pay a record we we do it real we do Rio is okay we don't pull that shenanigans on yet. What we hear here we do agree or that's what I believe that you gotta you gotta be you know open and honest there. But did they do weird stuff like they say that when I was on that sad stupid show rock star to supernova memory and Tommy Lee you know that right so they told me they're like. Not Jane and said something about Tammy. So when you talk to tell me on tape you go hey Tim did you know it GM each and captain said he landed tiny Wiener. And then poured Timmy like what. And I had them like prompt it and tell him is that. They also they do sort of even they only did they do play each other. Scripted. It varies. You are where we miss this Kardashian when is wouldn't we played that one audio where Chris laughs. Yes we should have known yeah and modeling not sit there with the daughters and them fighting like this and one crying and mom lives. We should caught. So mad at us he's doing and the pressure him my adrenaline that's from Nepal. I had so. I don't care about your impression that that of the 7-Eleven. Like this upon as a. Is he just did a clinical. After the it was not who the end unisource. And it. If you you want it to my 7-Eleven. And I stood by and you know like I wasn't from the ball. I'm impressed he no worries from. Government I don't know lower my gas station attendants and you know now let's bothered to share I'm assuming again. How well I. Did you have going for is much. And only for a sandwich we want to hold Delhi is so perverted judgment is reduced to. A number and never met the lady Jenny market. A veteran missed nick. Are you done Ben room. Jacob tablet trash and we see more on Alex I.