BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 8/20

Monday, August 20th

 Bj doesn’t know about wedding cake and what’s on his finger? – Sean sold a lot of things this weekend, bj is having some issues with his left hand. Kardashians think they are so fancy. – BJ says that at 7am on Aug 30th Bj will Tell all – Al Sharpton tribute to Aretha Franklin he misspelled Respect he spelled it “Recpict” we have all miss pronounced something and felt bad about it.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059 win. Some and I think you and I live under a rock but he doesn't. The first I didn't know that was the thing about people in their favor water bottles yes I learned on the show today Eunice. I am dead so I'm not under the right instead you'll let Iraq I couldn't get rating goal Chirac. Spartacus so that she thinks that's. And that and Snider she just text me she said that she was just water bottle shamed. Kill us she like just keep it. No you're gonna get your bottle back into you'll sleep but it's just that we know he's in Atlanta. Right and then. And then I'm sort of TJ we're talking about cake I don't know why we're time McCain opens a ton you about my fruit loops and down. They had no ID guys no idea that people after they get married they say that first piece of cake and put it in the freezer. Yeah he's parted on and so do you get married they put that first piece of cake in the freezer and then other one year anniversary they. And I look at Harrison why the hell would you bring that it's nothing new within the I know. I didn't speak as you said the rituals things you said today and cake I daddy's death. Nate I got to that. I did the last time I've ever had cake and was wind and like relocate. Was Lynn myself my ex husband unwrap that first tier cake for your anniversary day. That's what went when. Yeah it was frozen. Yeah and does what it would apologetic yearly Iraq. Horrible. I would think yeah or I can't believe it never heard that never heard of that honor them. Them but I guess it is a recent issue here and act coming law. Morphed into something like that. Mean I don't know everything that's a lot about a lot of things she got to admit. It is but that I don't know walk us delete they saw it over the weekend enough. Not enough. No church. Swear on the Bible well we'll we'll never at a church. A cut. I was cutting of some carries over the weekend and onions and I'm sorry unless it is let's play it. I don't at onion some steadiness together friends we have asked about his finger and I asked him the church in an estimate that it. Which has nothing to do with anything that I know anything about that keeps me quite baffled this point I don't know what she's got planned. Let's just a bunch knowing him yeah the fact that. We now. Know as that. Can I just tell you Bebo on. I can't where all three Utica about the bar being GAAP and see what I say okay. Supposed to be cold but on Thursday. It is the end is that truth. Yeah you beeline the only cold with no no no no and a I'll probably Wear a jacket and scarf gloves but gloves. Beanie. Through the hole the it's area and the fit it get it what by the way she's gonna Ellis group Amanda. Barbie no doubt Dave and buster's and there you know you know a lot of people signed up to yeah we do this is going to be excited and let me say this if you signed up for you got a kick back email about the confirmation thing just Chela will go to the. To show up but don't don't don't come under these compute we keep it IN SC that is and out there. They're compete out and you you get a kick back as its magic bat and getting got a compartment yankees got to do it by tomorrow it's just a lot of confusion right now. And we're seeing it here and it's like okay we meet. Just chill up. And if Vijay is wearing gloves on Thursday it's dozens eczema is Greg is picked up on his ANC yeah she hit it I want and then you know I'm very issues. At the pick up up up up up it optical up. And you know you get mayors of Yemen and onions it was there all. You can't. Everywhere I go up a 100711. Over the leaking getting a shortened gloves on but the fact that a pet. Was so glad I did because of rain and too afraid that's it that's what it's nice to him what he's told. At next. And just accept what you're left and it's weird weird but if we hear it it's contagious so it's it's really going everywhere Braly and it just that it's crawling all over it. It's crazy OK at them. Right let's talk about it guard dash in and why she hangs on dealers expect that at at at at at at a. I I really over the car dash I say I really am Jamie I know I'm being honest about this. There for a while it was like OK we're gonna boycott a global box you know after that last duping they did I am. About ten whole argument between now Khloe. Kourtney and cam and how ugly one of them is and she's not resemble any more. And we bought to day now I'm really mad at them. So stupid. Well and I just is she is like giggling of how she still payments. And it makes you crazy why can't she say just a word like. To rescind the word car it's not just car you guys are tired. Because against Ukraine. Is there any hasn't. Bush and the wind dry though you rang me the control how famous on him. It's his act I hope the next story weak year car all of a person falling off cruise ship what. Are up up up up up. We IOR. Is an Alley we hear about six lashes. The rest of the sisters they all would have little hook up that it's on the that kid is sick it now that it is well I pulled off my crew ship. They also fly separately so that their whole. Empire empires and gone into an airplane that's like the president. Yes in the vice president they dislike separately another private jets give that yeah so am I is still intact. He just little marks hanging him learn. 'cause against. Cheney has still. I. Other Texans are actually giving you creams to use on your hand but. You know thank until I really appreciate because I'm Johnny battle with some. Here. And Asia and. Dear Vijay did over the weekend. He's had a eczema flare pioneered a but it looked iron left getting up and some. The Garrett you know shorten its itchy to do is that mean who. Also shot to where you and how that trade Zynga. Trade was great yeah yeah it was really good weather was good that it rained on us that he got good again judged a parade of stuff he cell. A lot and it puts a lot this a lot of stuff am dollar watch. Oh over 600. Nice that's a lot excellent. Then reselling. It tired eyes we had masks wigs costumes yeah. And sold a little of every bit of that. East category is really. So let's keep it. And why you always look at me after talks about like cell and mast and stuff like you look at me I look at you know ideally what the next story. I look at you and in my life in Atlanta certainly move that's a good week in Canada and Canada abdominal pain related jobs so good I saw your picture. I saw that big all the tired eyes and not get quite good despite their talent we did learn how old beat yeah boobs they're real busy all day because good job Powell. Thanks. How black and joy and probably a bad thing I'm worried about your hand. That takes him back and Hewlett it is here a look at. It's a hole with a feel like it's all. In very big game. I question that doesn't go here. What's in Seoul September 7. And you are gonna come clean about your entire life correct crowd writer writer getting in are you going to Betty you're going to be Betty. Yeah zone should be able wanted BJ has withheld information from us folks. Britain and solid year. To. Give you tell it. And just a year or just lying. The lied to you lose to meet the two them. Like anyone it would you don't see anything he's not alive I boys' high school and the. We didn't bamboozled by the man nobody's stand on don't. He. So Vijay says that he's gonna tell mom like you know how they do on real housewives Stella yes we excellent and they tell law. So on September 7 but I'm. We think with the acted up maybe we shouldn't IT. Plus up bought applaud over the weekend about that'd be. The seven that is just drilled on a jab my mom so plot over the weekend that an election go to a lot. But but but she did and would that be in mind she like knows from the I don't know I don't. What are going to get this out a way before so should he let it reschedule the well would probably should next Thursday. A weekly listeners what is it thirtieth. Canadian legend yeah let's move it up what can I guess after he's a plot art and artists there in August 30 the new date. BJ tell you know the age of thirty at the Thursday all if we promote the surge and can we thought. So we can Clinton and the. That's on a Thursday hinted that that's what ethnic and. That's a big deal. Night so I look even just by Todd Donahue that I'm not I. Of that so I guy giant could. I for him he's polygraph about a critical prevention studio well. All the best thing they could ever buy from Sean and I love it I have to tell you and does he get so much attention is he sold me it tied at blank hit. It's not to me give it to you for Christmas when you're that is the coolest thing to lay out for picnics in like you know for that yet like that a lot of heat and you have those. No those talon fireworks things whenever you about the feel at coverage you get that next singing goodbye. You know what that's a good review considered the show Yelp because I got a bad report until god my you know Goran. Warren has gone way up. I don't know the. And laugh that. I. And now my unicorn born and it flopped on the I'd like a rebate. Tom OK well we'll see if we can't get back now. Let me in my unicorn is half the court I. Have to come from. It. The weekly unicorn back what did you eat. Yeah day yet in floppy and corn head. It. He apparently you were such a short yeah yeah really doubled as we can't look at it and. Really there's certainly needs nose like they're like Italy and I'll let you know what you might. Start. I start this morning. We should get in January in here to look in your microphone for you this you have problems. You're gonna problems on each. I. Sound like you guys please budgetary. You guys. Are and our girls. William Gordon added though. Is why do you really mean and it. Yes and whip up we. Get my money back on it more. Important. Bridge now. And the thing that's oh again and let me just reentering. What time. Went on his 30 variant the 7 o'clock and name. I am. August 30 that went on it grabber found. No I am the man from the big Jack. PG tells yeah August 30 since and he politically what what them one more story here. I just didn't you know I just did to build up and on and on the thirtieth I don't think that's entirely at publicly. But he. Al Sharpton. Well all right NA IE I I agree with you I think on the Arctic ice Al Sharpton was that talking about Aretha Franklin hears that went you know what they say about pay back. It's a real. Well you I'm sure you know the word dumb thing can go sort of words. All of my late friend Aretha Franklin. Show some RE ESP ICT. To us. He had a receipt respect British take to get Al you know what they say about pay back it's a real. Well view yeah sure you know the word on think you know sort of words. All of my late friend Aretha Franklin shows some RE ESP ICT. Move the and it's an area called cup soccer. And if the funny thing is we watched the video which is posted on her FaceBook page. Analysts looking at Cameron he's doing with competent man RE SE. Eighteenth that he hits is look at his face like. I don't know less about that and to put the pass happy got to screw that up at my late Fred Aretha Franklin. Got. The body connect camera all syndicate tell him he couldn't. He did that galvanized and are big. A love them really bad into good likeness song I really don't like her it's what she's known towards that word. Yeah ending this I'd I did that once I was due to introduction on stage in this wrestler who I think is they had now. Rowdy Roddy Piper was it. Yeah right is it rowdy Roddy Piper rowdy Roddy Piper and I was supposed to introduce him and it was just a bit and it I was gonna bring him out on stage and I got his. A packet is being backwards I said Roddy Roddy Piper law. Job but what it is welcome. Are you ready putt error. What about stage Eddie comes over to be goes it's rowdy Roddy Piper moved. A biker but it's not concerned. Like Al Sharpton. You describe the bad memory for Mason remember when opening of them Bolero happened yet. So and and that's a ballplayer was there much yeah yeah yeah it is on. Promise was and yeah. Yes the various yet to Mary's is there so I get on them I think all of these cameras on us right Ollie cameras to marry as thomas' there it's a grand opening an on night. We met and I dubbed. He went nuts and AMP. Bolero dance this PR marketing literally made me cry both rob. Indeed she came to me like a big. Server and ultimately. Well seek. We've all pools and now our own any better than it is so mean we bald. I uber. And. Yeah I got a huge hit man blood supply and yeah deflating for this. Kind of Bolero gonna Butler from a quit and go wow. You know what they say about pay back its surreal. Well. You I'm sure you know the word on think you know sort of words. All of my late friend or read the French could show some RE ESP I CT. Warnings. Each inch we see more on Alex I.