BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 8/9

Thursday, August 9th

Angelina Jolie filed a court case saying that Brad has not paid any child support. The report now is that he has paid her 9 Million in the last 18 months, but Angie says that was not child support it was money just for her.  Now the lawyer and judges feel she is just trying to continue the conflict.  -  Denise Richards is joining the RHWOC She is Charlie Sheen’s Ex-wife and could be on the show.  – Carrie Underwood is going on tour and pregnant at the same time.

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Hollywood news in DOS shell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. Yeah. They're still continuing to cover this up this whole thing these two kids. These two miners who were on that flight would frontier that got put the hotel and appearance claiming that it no. That the kids were in the hotel to know where the kids were I don't know something fishy about this story. It's really did I tell you this is built Brad and Angelina Jolie still fighting. Have you seen the latest on that I'm okay I'm a little I mole team Brad now OK okay well yesterday it was disclosed here on the cheap date. In eighteen months well first I could separate. OK so I'd Tuesday she filed pup that's human face and to humiliate the de Jesus out of Brad Pitt saying he hasn't paid any child support meaningful. Meaningful child support and and she humiliated. A numbers came out yesterday late yesterday in eighteen months he's paid. Nine million. Dollars. Yeah eighteen now guess what her response wise. That was in child support that was a payment to me. That's which she says what she said it was a loan to her. Lull a six and yeah. She called it alone. You crazy heart and she said he's not even died in child support his lawyer came back and took hold on him it. He fully thought this would child support in its nine million dollars over eighteen month. The Brad Pitt was back in his lawyer's office yesterday. Yeah hey and I saw this I saw that he did say well I guess say they said that. He put on there that it was it was trying to increase the conflict. That's what his lawyer said look at this she's just trying to make travel more trouble oil oh yeah. I. Know woman just like her release. Him. Some foods with well nice except that allowed but who is she known. Oh you're I don't like anybody. That's back on the body lets just Alps just destroy you she did try to destroy this guy ever since the breakup. You know she she called liberal current and names. And yet he was in Dez investigated for child abuse remember that I. And then she talked about that he drank way to buy drugs smoke pot every day in all really she really just dragged him through the mud. And now 00 like you said she went down filed these papers when it didn't have to be public she get it on purpose she's evil. She's mean. How is the statement. Hers did you see Atlanta. I'm scrawled on that is yes something I'm sorry contract. Yes some scroll like it's just like how mean is this just about eaten and I'm sure it's a it's probably his statement about her. I feel bad for the kids now. And opium and at least 100. But it's got to rub off. Yeah they seem Carol let me I'm being honest yeah that they have to see them you are being what. You got these six kids right is 67 anything past twelve. Anyway you got twelve kids today and in if you go down to the courthouse and you make this public wouldn't these are two multimillionaires. We don't have to go that route. Lawyers will handle this easily in the kids don't even know the details. But now that you've made public in your saying what you're saying. It's gonna affect the kids. Yeah I see it's not I don't think I don't know reach him yeah. Yeah. Huge said yesterday and there may be something to this that cheese scene texts or emails or something from Jennifer Aniston. And that was never over maybe he wrote back to her you've always been the loved my own life and you a nice blue I don't know why I'm with this head yeah. It's something of that nature you don't have resting that cities like my life yes yeah right at me and every it would have to be something that was really really I. You smile and laugh as opposed to bitchy paint. And. It's almost like you've been recruited to none of it. She does have that look so I mean I think she's what really beautiful women an open. Last several years and she's she's really gorgeous but she does have an angry look tour. Like she's not happy. So amazed at how do you pay nine million dollars and eighteen months I get 75 dollars a month for my kid. When you're not married to Brad Pitt. It's always unique advantage you married to him is not re runs so rock. Cry redness the EU married chord dude get the math is really easy to fit that it's not at all period. This risk and it is worth hundreds of millions of columns. You though she says none of that money was for the kids. It was all for her which you buy shoes. But. I mean that's just it was alone. Eighteen months to nine. Dollars. Half million that would be half a million a month. I was I would had a bunch of babies who branch. Moonshine of Brad. And those virtually impossible you can't fertile as entered. As. And it's. While. And the union should they now. Some errors but with the nick thing about them or not the Nevada. I. Except that I think I'm sure I'd be out for those you don't watch the real housewives how do you feel that Denise Richards is joining me now how does a Beverly Hills nudged I was gonna ask you a question yeah I think the I don't know she's so. She's not really spicy. You know she's gonna well. Meat can be habit I think she would spice it up with every now and she Greg Charlie and after she was married Charlie teenage children entirely of Charlie gets. All that would be great doubt that's gonna help that I would say yeah. Says she have made a statement I'm so excited to join the cast of Rouse lives of Beverly Hills I'm a huge fan of the show she joins. Lisa Vander pump Kyle Richards Lisa Rana Erica Girardi we hate Teddy Mellencamp who is. John Mellencamp daughter. And jury eight maybe that's part of a pay. There's so lenient to bring to currently Charlie that would be a drop used to say I do. You see 'cause yesterday remember we had this conversation with some Charlie audio in these sounds real sober right now. Then he's not that wacky Charley that he used to be and I think he could go back to work life that's the plan. Denise Richards gets in on the real housewife before you know a couple of appearances but Charlie it's such a hit that Charlie becomes a regular. Well it wouldn't be shocking I'll tell you why because everybody's ex husbands everybody is you know now husbands are of the show well yeah. He could have you not my only watched like I love Charlie Sheen and I didn't I didn't lose a whack job but I I like the guy he's very talented. This is eat out what is your I have something yeah I hit nobody else thought about it I heard that right easier this year. You've done. Full. Forecast something light that was handsome man an empty room and you know and I do acute. I'm for whatever reason I don't know what's going on Ameritech's NATO air takes you know is 51059. But how people want to tell us some execute getting into outs for the. It seems to have taken on a soap and it's it if it's just take until five mortified to think differently and it's I don't know feel free have a child sport you get. So this woman says he was raised JJ. He was the gap he's actually living in a Beverly Hills multimillion dollar imagining Italy's 175 dollars a month. You go to bed lawyer that if something went wrong something wrong I have two kids I'm only get the 32 dollars a month. Rule crap scheming and 32 dollars a border. And its look. Over six dollars a month Freije hit I hope that hook. In a basement and then today. To sixty dollars but painfully you're kidding. I don't I don't even know what we're gently. How could if that is at all that's fool willing to staples yesterday just to get school supplies it was free get a 187 dollars. At staples that's crazy. Thirty students and shall be one and they can't just sit back to leave the track I would do rob did you that's funny. And I don't I wish I agree with you I really don't understand how the deadbeat dads stay out of jail. And I'm sure there are some women out there to that were supposed to pay child support I'm sure Aaliyah but I don't know how these villages of if you don't pay. 32. And we get the funniest acts probably not I'm not I want him in the history of our debt why now. You know Jamie said he EEE can't fertilized stirred met unfortunately continues entered as fertilizer. Look for the. The government go home. I think it might suck yeah I didn't have that done for the day Juliet everybody. We'll see you back here tomorrow. I Atlanta. Out out out. Seven dollars for one year and he sent me seminar. Seven dollars but could. That's just didn't so we didn't. That is intentionally. Insulting and I haven't I don't know how to get. It could be imprisoned you guys residents. Our dad and own laundry GM and you know someone in for you my news online news from my husband was in prison their baby daddy was imprisoned and says she league child support checks for like 72 cents. Like the gorilla when you never mentioned that a friend it's their husbands and prison in the lock up via. It's weird when you find that out ha. There and let waiter doesn't. Yeah and diligence and she told a lot of and it went. I'm moving on we're just I have four in Iraq vehement. And it would says she's coming on tour and I should be here at Pepsi Center September 16 but she's not so let's and. Nice and I and I are absolutely over the news and excited to be I think you know little fish to our time I have. I hate this business is vanity come true it album. Maybe it isn't all that stuff just so excited and just so glad he is concerned that's the part that. OK so there's an eight Derry. But says that she's not pregnant when he me that she's adopting. Because I a couple of days ago she sits up weird about having kids when you're older some done I don't. And that that they've always thought about adoption in matter some sin in my missed some. Our young I don't know I don't know what was said as I've seen a lot said about. Me she doesn't officially say I'm pregnant no she says we're adding a new. The pilot is adding new fees and it. The last hour you mentioned not a good idea to be going on tour pregnant and it is them so maybe she's not frightened her daughter yeah that's why she's going on tour. Do you remember he said that was kind Adam. All children need love and they have a lot of love in their home for children in there for. Why not have more children me and I was nothing like that means no room in maybe something your freeing ails it. Hey hey yeah about a Latino. Are about best friend all the love in prison whenever this friend ever heard about this. Friends but the refer. I have a question for sons Alexander and it's not maverick she and friend named Christie right. Yes excellent Cayman Islands with a seeing valid as you wish I have friends there on FaceBook. I've no idea to go while in awhile felt really weird don't ever when you took my from all you can see my friend Kristy. I just gave a thumbs up honour our idea. And a look at yeah. All about the. Never been I've learned things looked like came here are you sure it's not your friend jumping off the train trip. I mean I never sent her surrender I had ever ride to steal a friend yeah trying to steal a pretty lady Christie appalling here as well. But it might be defect if a bare feet I guess you a lot of affection and go yeah yeah. That's it Sheen I snow mutiny in the air and could. And I thought it up not. And some movie I guess that's. They did and I look. Into the importance on Alex I.