BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730- Amazon is doing it all, Pot Friendly Eclipse party and Judge Judy sells her shows. 8/11

Friday, August 11th

Hazmat Suit are for sale on Amazon but BJ does not want to be the last guy on the earth – Amazon will now start selling concert tickets they are taking on Ticket Master -  Sales of Bomb Shelters is Booming! – Pot friendly Eclipse Viewing parties are popping up! – A very large woman says that Usher gave him herpes, He said “Look at her, she is too fat for me” – Fan jumps on stage at Brittney Spears show – Tiger Woods leaves Rehab to hang out on a yacht with a half-naked woman. Hollywood Match maker says Chris Pratt and Anna are still living together – Judge Judy sold her shows for 90 Million for Syndication. Broncos Win!


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Vijay and Jamie I have a couple things to tell you everybody moon. Yes it is weakening us this Freddie and yes coming up but we do have an insurance against him what that's not what other guide to talk about for a second. So he's not scared of geez is that anybody with your nuclear as sound effect yeah mentality is that Kim young young. Yeah is like a dangerous dangerous little after being true seems to regime that's what I looked up. The nuclear fall out. Hazmat suit you on Amazon all and I know. Are available they are available you can get you looking get back Aggie in nuclear Hazmat suit on Amazon. For only 17100. How much 17100 dollars bet he's got every basket you know why why its has only nine left. Well is that crazy that means people are spending 17100 dollars on an area of radiation suit in his only nine left her almost sold out yes. Is occurring all everybody's terrified the whole era because there's only nine left. The damn yeah I don't know if I'd Wear the suit though if something happened. Well it's certainly not flattering and now in the first it doesn't that company at all. In active what's given the side that's Eddie virtually can't do anything else out here who drafted to salute now. I don't know it's something happened I'd wanna be the only person left I have seen movies Baptist where did the TV series about it that only guy left standing off entity and a yet here I am a little person. The only person here in this town. And I got roasted dog. The good life. Like the end it there this yet exit and is he really lowered. AN ID EA is bored yes and you'd be bored I mean if you. It wouldn't be in the football. True yeah true I think all things would be all. Meaning your stuff you're by yourself yeah well and that showed there is one worst thing in that is being the one person that no one likes. That's kinda how that so goes the other people who did show up and I'll turn on a day did the man made him but he now the last man standing when was the last man regular the mother of prompt some other people showed up because they were also less people standing and then nailed turned on. Well in this usually Kabul asked people standing I agree. I agree and in fact. I'm all confused. I think you do. If you get a volleyball you and a. You know you start talking to name it Wilson being thick at its name now becomes the next here on I thought it would put it at. We'll face in the nasal hair is attempting. I go to Amazon and add dot com if you need a file damaged suit by the way Amazon's via Amazon you know I love Amazon. Guess what they're gonna do them what does he do. Well one of the last things that they don't have their hands on June. A concert tickets Ticketmaster rules the world with concert ticket yet they have the stronghold in concert tickets. Amazon. Is gonna start getting into this ticket can gain. Are they gonna do it through Ticketmaster and so he wouldn't men compete against it. They're going after. Well that that's going to be a tough forum though because if you've got to be in the all these promoters live in these are. Adding an annuity if they yeah right it's. Melted stopped and so far well right now it's crazy isn't it there out your world. Amazon than I Tim young men. You now you Christ in the canyon and Kim Chong Ming. And opinions on who know me. Or little fat doughnut guy. I'm the dealers say hey have. Last man standing is that show where Tim Allen's I'm wearing his three daughters in lives and he has yeah we are talking about last man on earth. We are way off. We beat him you shoot for you yeah. With me if I could as one of the last man standing in now. That's the debt balance I guess it honors I think that would takes place called principles and as you have here. Outdoor man yeah yeah that's that's that's a differential. The way speaking of these Hazmat suit the nuclear tensions between North Korea and US have being good isn't that bomb shelters. Sure it's as hapless survivors shelters set sold more than thirty units in the last few days for 200000. Dollars. Thirty have a 200000 dollars each. That companies based in Southern California the owner says he considers to help himself than in every Ford bunkers. And by the way they're friends you have a broken. Just doesn't seem fair that only the rich people can live. The Sox are as broke people working on that's nicer than me in the live. The senate 7800 dollars these bunkers that the building giving to us 202000. Leverage its. Your right Dan minute. Can the. But while getting angry fellow kicked it's I doubt it only the wealthy so only the wealthy survived this does not think I'd be miserable. Oh. Speaking of all of my gut their race free get out guess what is selling and like it's it's grace crazy. They let you know they're having Canada's friendly includes festivals. Viewing parties gatherings are planned. Right here in Colorado Maryland enthusiasts aria like lighten up let him look that look. In organic it's really huge does are getting a complete eclipse from all these mile and headed beast and dry. It's the perfect combination with a combo platter better than this would he get all bombed up and then. The eclipse happens you look up at. To. In fact he had the marijuana stores have ordered extra supplies you know there will be no shortage and it's earth really is. Lose. It. Wonder where there will be coming even even for a place like Denver words to be 92%. To marijuana stemming enhanced that to. Yeah exactly it reads like it'll total eclipse right. Girls says that fact that she's apple basher and ashes like dude did you see here. That's basically what this sort of attitude because she is acres speaker speaker of the woman and I mean not just like how she adds a few extra. Erdogan who let it works. She's the girl. When he says she won't threaten the Smart Car that you were not did the Smart Car. Maybe a Mini Cooper with a shoe worn. How is that quite delusional. Yeah. Asher has denied sleeping with the twin one year old on November 15 she claims she was not told he had genital herpes and down he said. A look at her a day looking at her he should have told. Yeah she squished him. Yeah. Is that would embed. Ask usher a well racked. Maybe this offense may not yet we will not lower weighted average rate them both anyways so let's see where that goes gesture is that it's not bode well for Asher. Right now you know I mean. This guy too that really had a pretty good reputation. Yeah I mean in an interview to Oprah let's usher. Audi. Asher Asher. Was he on the voice was that he wanted to be. Maybe not that long ago at the moon and. Here's at a stage pressure. Did you see that guy is as scary it did yeah he jumped onstage and this is in Vegas you know really expect that to happen because those them tickets are kind of expensive. He was asked to leave the concert by security prior to this because he's like I hazing Britney IAG Britney and like go away you are crazy. And then all of a sudden and media. He he jumped onstage it's scary scene. And the scary for her because you can see that the intended to post online and you could see Britain eagle screaming does he have a gun. Love ya analyses and what's going on you don't. And I don't apparently left some. Some rehab facility to go pressure and his girlfriend and I guess maybe that's the rehab. Well pension via via on the fishing get your mind off stuff right going your react run you know. It says Tiger Woods denies report he still dating his ex girlfriend Kristin Jeannette. Photos of woods' interest in other. Surfaces week in May it wouldn't like they are. To. Do look at than they do is feeling you know. Indeed he also if you talking about a guy that has a certain look. In a woman yeah. Saying he won and every one of Lindsay Vaughn and Galen good to this tour they all look the same likes pays feeble minds your seat. It's actually goes for. He's got a taste. That's a knee in Ireland and I'm looking for stuff. Pretty thin stack into and. It's what you. Mean. Been but again she explained am I why her kids Jason Ford is RC. So I took a folks scene and he was sitting forward and so they say for hits each recipient rear facing but white people didn't know this vaccine is now. The wheat and the height requirement to set the forward facing. They actually weighs more than north if that is believe Obama. He does he's and it is why don't. Thank you can't deny how I feel like that helped my report no it was fantastic and it you know. We know Dino Patti ES doing its anger is spangler is anger. I don't think so she's got millionaire matchmaker com and now I don't know. Well anyway she told reporters she is personal friends. With Chris Pratt and their parents and that they're actually still living together. Well it it's them you know estimates on an exemption number four got got. He still living in the house let's pray it turns around because she's living in the house to sum up through about the curve ball in the publicist I don't know though. Because you don't really say something when you're living in the house but I really want them to get back to know someone that's because my favorite couple I love them ball. Yeah me TOB apps. Yeah I love them both so am I I don't know and and Latin Baird went for. She would Judge Judy signed that big deal yesterday which she's I Judge Judy. Sold all the episodes of Judge Judy Kenya for 95. Million dollars for syndication. A good day 95. Million for judge. Thanks for men and that's all I got the second I appreciate that. Victoria. God god not yet I went to bed last night they were losing any game. And then wake up this morning and and they do a lot yeah. It was done anything friend not outweigh it. Holds letter from northern calorie. From Greece. The end son into the game. In the last moments. As the Denver Broncos are data about don't does it. That's pretty good match at a kid like and that just comes out he's undrafted he's from northern Colorado and greatly. And he comes and his first game on the road in Chicago. Gets two touchdowns in the fourth quarter of my. Is like when you and I talk and and John says some that really as so much funnier than you and I got in the island of. And remembrance of the so those other two quarterbacks feel right Ali and feel like crap yeah that's a long plane ride home and is there could snare you and talked to coach and say who was soaked. Also don't forget tonight sun will mean. And western welcome week at the and leave friendly fireworks celebration stern park leasing and the national and concert opinion of fireworks and parties in Canada are you live right there probably. Just walked over known acting writing do not leave the house after dark the Medina of rules but if it starts at five. And it's dark browns early. You walk out there and support your body I am not going to the arc to what Chauncey at the I I had a party hard ball it's a party there the Jordan says barbecue sandwich dinner you did you do you love barbecue. As part of your. And tomorrow will death tomorrow there's like a little kid fishing derby the fishing derby is tomorrow yes you can go back and look like birth. You may do well there's always there's always that and well I'll just join you you're gonna already earned hey I'm joining you. I you know I will come and support you thank you old dot I know I does tell the future action. Inch and more on Alex yeah.