BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30- Eclipse Glasses, Oprah, Bj looks like Clooney. 8/16

Wednesday, August 16th

Jamie got glasses for her son! - The Leah Remini Scientology show returned last night Jamie missed it, it is so good this show should be a movie. - Oprah says she has never married Steadman over the last 30 years is because she is in love with Gail and being married wouldn’t fit her lifestyle. Katy and Orlando and Orlando and another girl – BJ is a man whore and looks like George Clooney now.      


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Vijay and Jamie and I. Dude. Yeah. I just scored when he made. You scored. The date. Home for the weekend moved. I'm sorry have been much better. Better than they have what's. I can't didn't. Even. When people when he when he Jackson's. Kids your kitty. The middle class classes. So. What do you do it again that I sold muscle to the devil but I got him really bad palatable way to go to Wyoming so you only got one pair yeah. There. So I'm happy for. Well recently as I'd be intact and I'm glad you did concede come Tuesday night will be able to see you on Tuesday but you know who picked. So here's images stories of my friend Allison hand she's at I really love her anyway. So she's argued it to have a single and content for the eclipse on dynamic I don't really have it that. So she's head. You wanna go to a bar yeah. And starent to go around it if it clips because we don't have that's. So you mr. ground out at bud bar buds are off on Monday. But there's a good change you does when he didn't go outside the okay that's what you get the buds she doesn't drink. She does he does so well but I agree with you on that but it's an just Dublin with a sober person the other doesn't drink at all but. IP at the bar inside she even maybe averages report to me rocky asked if he had just he can get our yourself down. As she's outside you are actually you describe it to you through inside the bar exactly. So that's my big plans and yet the bloods viewing deck that it could think everybody's advice. Let's website. Fantasy and a big part he lives in the gravel party. We in your underwear outside by him yeah. Yeah I'm to be watching for my patio. What are you gonna do up. I think we're gonna go watch it from the patio at the elks lodge we got some. Asthma and Paula. Solid citizen I've ever had maybe an announcement backup I think it'll lead analyst gathered on the ground do again is he elks eroded the party know that. Mad about it Liberal Party at the park are always a party and I'm telling it this. Call. Eclipse fever because everybody is like an out of control and it seemed by the time Monday gets here it's gonna be crazy folks. I'm lucky because my son's dad has taken him to Wyoming. On Friday for the weekend and they're going camp and in Alec crept. And we'll tell you this the schools don't wanna be responsible for kids' eyeballs mean so they're like on lockdown. It accountable recess can go outside. Especially world just all the country into via because they can't be responsible for that. All those kids. It's kinda weird though it's kind of weird in nature that we have something that's going to occur come Monday that if you look at it your blind. Think about that prevent it. Bet that's pretty amazing incident I think we're spread the story is still that they have more active venom for rattle snake bites because that rattlesnakes and a weird. Animals are gonna go crazy and in. I'm star Allen. What's new. Today I immediately. Ortiz Italy who so why it. I don't you know really anything to check this analogy yeah. Act that way too many years ago and I think yesterday maybe today I'm really share. Met twenty years ago I think that. Talk about and why some post is that that's not true. Stopped following text and I know it's not the Bible. No rule that they use there are a gift and he just up it's an adult list. Ballot Chela number one this of day. Did and fifth what are you gonna say what was wrong nothing. August Clement and that August 11 Backstreet Boys first album was only in twenty years ago. In August 11 two days what sixteenth. Yup. My son's birthday is tomorrow so that's one. You know what today he has no idea it just hit the paint on now it's. And I judge your Wiener. Is it at. Forty years ago today. Elvis died. He did yeah. Fellow wrote a toilet. Yeah remember that was he like it which I don't have it was eating a sandwich I think it was painkillers. A close eye. But he was auditory Litton and just now. Many fellow over it was the most depressing thing ever remember Worrell was I was just hit yet but I do remember because when I heard that help us died on a toilet. Well point. Lowe beat Tinder wasn't concerned. Where there are kind of like jokes about it pull yeah yeah. That's that's the one place she kissed don't want croak. On the John would your pants that I understand where I understand our party could have easily gone and they're just sat down because he got dizzy. I guess. Please listen actually I just move on but thanks for Sharon one more time re creation. It was over. Today that today August 16 from 77. It was a good man it was what it was that got it yet usual fat the right lists to the shadow that's sweaty I have that. Yes she did sweat a lot wrestle those old videos the other sweater. I read these new show came back out you guys I missed it bad I didn't see it Tim DVR or whatever. And I guess they say is disturbing she talks about ideology. And she came back you know she did that whole series and its ideology and Amy. Emmy nominated series it was amazing that it was dark. And now it's even darker and I guess that last night's show was about the kids that are being abused mean that is going to be tough to watch you know partly Randy now is being made day. Was that conduct. Pariah. Yeah. I never heard that word to pariah down. And that means that die you're supposed to keep away from her in Scientology's actor says celebrity Scientologist. Makes your car. That they are not anywhere around her they also say that if they find that she's going to be at a party that dad they don't even Chela. You know she's going to be watching the virtual world art when you think. If she's got to be terrified because I mean this is there an organization. That could. And cause some problems. I think. At the beginning of the series that was true but I think now it's still open an out there and and everybody's aware of it that they can't touch her. They can't touch her mom. And then they can mean. I know your dance and about it but I've Palmer I'm a little terrifies them and I don't think it ever touch and now she doesn't seem to be scared though she's tough. They're looking at rising that's on her show and on and Anthony didn't you guys know that it's her fingernails about it. If there's something about her too that. I watcher and like a normal bunker it's fingernails. She's doing that Khloe Kardashian is pointy fingernail thing there and act. Thank Edward cesarean. And she knows that she has a long fingernails lots of Jeffrey is our hand the park. I'm number nose and you don't finish autopsy once yes yes I. I saw the one where the where they did a bunch episodes back to back the act remembered they did the marathon think you know I guess last does spring or whatever. So what's a couple players that's it. Anyway so being in public after that should be amazing. Amazing. Oprah she never got mad because she's eleven Gail. And while OK with that. While. She said I heard Steadman and sometimes have three way is gay well they haven't for like thirty year and say all day as I announced. She should abide decrepit I don't care about it as made it get a little more exciting Sheehan saying that pumpkin. She did say that Al it's too rigorous to be married it's like two traditional it's not her thing. It wouldn't fit in her lifestyle which solution you mean runs our mountain. Right I'm a group. So she says that's why the thirty years have been together. That's where you are wrong it's lettering on him in a ring on east and mr. and right then they didn't put a ring I don't. See if he would put a ring on it can see girls that they want this ring they want to string in the again like hasn't yet. And I was going to be exciting tunnels shut that baby fixes everything. Yes in a rain doesn't settle anything now none of the change you think you want to bring you think you weathering a gathering like way. I wasn't it as exciting is going to be. Sorry industry. That's it. But now a war that. Mae and knock yeah. The hand. To me but yeah. But it. Then. It is a big bad Ottawa economy stupid. I Wiener. Haven't Obama love mad men were gonna make me feel better yeah he should feel good about your horse weighs yeah. We are all tied down. But that chain and ball. All general knowledge pink fever at a crap how long was it. And then. Around nine years not belonging to ruling a horrible year. For us it was a bad. Does Freddie badges nobly. What part. Look at it now okay all the tree and got that little George Clooney look on the air yet do you have now did you get a dialogue rights. I have to admit. They just came back in the restroom for a look to numerically you IRS never left and that the fact that. A path that. It was so amazing I love. And they did many good guys will barely OK look out there I'm done yeah that's it that's what we get you're welcome you're welcome. Well pretty scrap its free speech into the immortal.