BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 730-Obama daughters, Kardashians and Kim Jong Un. 3/20

Monday, March 20th

Obama’s daughter turned down offer to become a model – Khloe Kardashian is saying she is married again and BJ say her giant ring -  Keeping Up the the Kardashians are not doing well at all and this could be it for them. -  BJ went to see KONG and it was amazing Beauty and the Beast opened this weekend and it topped the charts. – Chuck Berry dead at age 90 – Kim Jun Un is crazy and is saying they will Nuke the world if anyone fires a bullet.


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Vijay and Jamie is no. Former first daughter mullah mile Maya Obama not. She is turned down multiple modeling offers Malia is it Malia I'm sorry. Anyway Alan they wanted to be a model but she's like now and narrowed Errol. Instead. Do you know who I Harvey Weinstein is I know the name he's aged he huge Hollywood producer I mean like huge huge. And I she's. She's working as. In turn for him he has. About privileged from getting internship when this guy do you ears that. Well I guess is it's almost you know who you are you bloodline running kind of like Jesse are likely to get into your hip. Here are your got to know John's almost. Hitting the Internet here you'll be connected. So we're Chelsea GC was she had a job. Where does that and I still get it I don't get it. I mean first of all I and it just couldn't if you remember correctly. Chelsea Clinton got a job and in DC. And 700000. Dollars a year. Remember that would condemn reported sick it had actually hit like what three shows that was hit. She made 700000. Dollars a year I don't know what the contract was maybe two or three years yourself. Who never made it broadcasted. Over. And would Orkut NBC now she's on the board of directors for Expedia. Yeah. This is really important to. I had little company. Expedia expanded its board from thirteen to fourteen members and elected the former first daughter to fill the new position. Chelsea will be compensated according to standard rules of the company for board members. And look I know the troubled kids they're also privilege and blab blab blab about the privileged. Today angry. Losing that many you said it I'm angry with. It's anger he's angry it's like your top commanders tell us and but its anger was idiots like. And so to shovel bag I don't Vijay is angry it's anger and anger does the biggest no confused. Or did you meet Sarah. I know and adolescents and he's 21 today in millions lab practice start drinking clearly and sparks rumors she's married. I guess she is a big ring I haven't seen during the use edge it's hindering ranking has. Well let's just to be bringing you big big diamond says well it's got a bunch dogs like clusters repair it's kind of clustered book. Intent there several why the closer look at its. It as a closer look now and it's got it's it's really why he goes from the the base of her hand here. All the way to first knuckle. And there are used his big old shiny green mention diamonds in it that's what they bring to me but it's at a wedding ring finger oh it is yeah. So maybe it's not she's married maybe she's just engaged. It looks like he could be costume jewelry doesn't look like an engagement ring percent. It is the worst. I don't know that. To me and engage engagement green looks a little bit more like a solitaire. Nice cut I think it Sharon. This looks more like. Oh Cossack cowering in. Yeah in. As a ring. There will hit it I said Ireland and I don't think it's an engagement ring I was there as bullish saying it's a wedding ring the field. That's the rumor. On. For her when I heard. Black China say she's in it for the long haul with rob yard dash in my dad says she's in it. And she's staying in an and they love each other than a four month old daughter and he's a wonderful dad and so she went to patch it all up. Whenever that sounds fishy. And friends do so to your the so we're here unless this is sad news. I can't whistle. That's will flatten. Sadness the Kardashian and the whole show is just. Plummeting again. Yeah. Thank god they're now saying this may be the end and I. Odd round eight finally our prayers have been injured. Yet the ratings for the season premiere yes the new and horrible. In that oil in the toilet driving down like over a million people. Didn't invasion bragged that the season was going to be the most explosive library right again that they were gonna talk about the robbery. He they wouldn't talk about the robbery on that and it says not even Kim Kardashian robbery can save the sinking keeping up with the card gash in the ship. How many times can Kim Kardashian say that I fear for my life and finally we just sick and tired of it. We got it when we I hate you for your party are alive okay you were sitting near nude in your robe you feared for your life. I saw some things where they add broke down and how much it costs to be a card ash in every day it's your day you know. Yeah. I mean you security. Just you know their lifestyle. Can have fresh flowers everything these that they Jana fruit I mean these people have a lot of money that you have to remember they spend a lot of money here. So you know they they've built up lifestyle that's. Way beyond what we know. Louie the breezy. They use is cat Graham. I don't know. Vampire diary of vampire diaries is what I read too I've never seen that show. But I guess she was all we doubt yeah I guess she get AM Canada's brownie and she aided and Nash passed out at the two bunch palms resort is I flew that plane waited and that's a swingers plaintiff it would do well in my opinion yeah. They say in this story. Well. They say in this story it all started with her throwing up. Top. And it turned out it was pot brownies. And he did tell us that he did not to link Iraq and day but that does. Turn me in. Were. Awfully quiet in the inner. Denied to millions. He know that little you can have a little taste of the smoking. Weed every day you had yesterday didn't yet I don't do annuals you must and I'm. Be careful Shawna found her just laying on the ground. We have taken later today is lying in the parking lot out here. New photographs the vampire diaries star play seven years old is seen past data and the gardens of the two budget bombs resort and Spock. Near Palm Springs last month that she attended. Is attended to by staff members. I guess she aids day at a Canada's brownie and the Unionists she's not a drug user never uses drugs and I'll just try one and so she collapsed. Through it was her first talk yeah ocean claims that's what she says of the week got to learn as you eat and eat it. I'm allegedly Angelina Jolie adopted her first son Maddux with if they indeed tells disputed the court process and you know I guess she fudged a bunch of the documents so she can hurry up and get her around. Her kid Maddux. Nearly all about it from that but we go lie down now fourteen and Ana had come on I. This can hold it. Driver's license I don't weigh that much hate it but it's a regular guy relies right now candidate that's a good example when I lied. But however to say I hate that as a those children to adopt two kids at all right but it's still bigger. But I wrote it wrong and as you wrote like I the united right did you even know and second guess she down I was like I'm 99 and the Asian. Anyway. We've all like everybody's lied and application and not yes. He would. Outside that much money you may all kinds of going on the outside I was moved here from and I announced. Which way the where you were you. We snatches the US weekend box office. Staggering a 170. Million dollar debut. Hole a bullet that is a big debut dearest packed this weekend I was there what do ghosting. Called. UN charter conduits are keen Cohen this weekend but yet particularly separate date nightmare are the king couple tell us that. Well she was depressed but yeah it's a one big monkey that they don't know. Looked pretty good and I loved it I didn't love it I loved that I loved and I could go see it again it was so good. I loved it's college seagull island Sean you and yes I'd you'll see you again. That big monkey on the big screen you can't beat it it's not the same on your TV folks you gotta go see this year and if you're gonna see one movie Cong supplied. Because it's a big marquee. Beauty and the Beast the studio's latest live action update of a cartoon classic won't stick to wait a staggering 170 million dollar debut this weekend setting new records for our march opening. It's also the seventh largest opening of all time according to box office modem even so. People are boycotting it over the weekend. Does that had a gay character. But nobody cared that it was being reality nobody cares nobody can write his name is still going ahead is these reality isn't wrong. So next weekend. I have to go see Beauty and the Beast. But in a trade off. Acquired in the deal were that's creeping in north had a deal that is creeping Lisa loves Disney. So she's at. Person I will go see Kong. If you go scene in the big east Tennessee. Is creeping into a bar yourself and now he would never watch that move it. If anybody's gonna kid would you rent it at that I appreciated the optics kind of and check bury dead at age nine he don't want me now it's okay do. Here's here's is big with. Once I was swimming across turtle creek. New snapple's all over. Show all of the odds of women crossed that thing. Moment. And number one song number one from jet skis may. And it really did see the picture of that North Korean leader what's his name. And you you have heard Kim Jung and the like and job by the medallion. I know that you're shocked by here in this but there's a picture of him and I am gonna downplays that where he's like. That that's silhouette can describe it do you audio wise yes his faith live down here like that favorite app. What was the movie music gold singer but though the one really ahead in the reminds me up yeah me are you holes it look. You got there so that's what he reminds me. North Korea has pledged to launch a nuclear strike on all of us if one single bullet is fired. I can't see United States. Now what trump I'm in the one good thing I think in this just my personal opinion I know we all love talking about politics is that Tom DeLay. BMW. I just got our. I its new CU last yeah last week off the area dead. It I saw this coming and in it's it's gonna happen to this big gonna come a point where we wake up 1 morning. In this Kim young young he's gone. I'm. So Gordon has disappeared. We've all ignored it because since those rockets up and then they just fall down fast and right here let me. He's like he's getting more and more around I know he's get a little more. Bold and so I just feel like trump does is gonna squash might have. Fit I do if I kill John Young I just did he really quiet. Here's the deal okay you're a young guy first of all they knew you run a country here addictive it. Yeah all the resources of that country you're loose balls all the wealth all the women you got everything at your disposal as a young guy all he got a daily just get through this trumpeter. Just get through it the way to get somebody else's office it's gonna be a little bit more passive. And then you can just go and you will contain errors and beatle brazen if you want to the right. Us not that puts out can't you can be quite decent set. This guy's great he noted so I didn't really decision Dennis Rodman Beckel and I know Dennis Rodman to go but it's a look meg just not. Hi this do we have guys that you need to sit com. Purdue didn't let all of this go away here with the struck guy because there was question that a mother. Is going to be bad and then finally finally finally I. On some texted 51059 instead my daughter Chloe said dad she's interviewed in the beast when you release let us know what I mean a picker. I want swing by a connection with the the slightly check Italy etc. yeah current quarter but looking forward to it but it that the that the I very Abdallah grasp on each inch we see more on Alex I.