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Friday, March 31st


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Vijay and Jamie Sina dot net scams on the stuff you can imagine this. What's that. So somebody keeps leaving creepy letters. At this house did you see that. I saw it but it didn't read it from her. All I did see that you have a New Jersey gobbled claims they are scared away from their home by previous letters. Say they received another note from the hatch who did this start like a year ago. Remember when it made the news about a year ago. I yet has the watcher says he he owns the home here happening and that's when he fourteen. Postman to eat you have. And I do it had been a while back. It says the couple's lawyer says the letter contains specific threats it was more derogatory. And sinister than any of the previous letters. Now they are random out of the house trying to. They left in what are the previous letters to stop ask whether the new daily but brought him that young blood that he requested. He also explained in the letter my grandfather watched a house in the 1920s and my father watch outs in the 1960s. It's now my time why are you here. And we'll find out. And. Spooky. And now they're trying to sell it Ed by the way it's a very expensive house it's one point four million dollar home you end. They're trying to sell it nobody was by and get the watch now the watchers watching the house because I guess somewhere back in time. This house was kind of their property where I never wanted to give it up even though forced to somewhere down the line but they continue to watch the house so. Over generations and generations have always had somebody who's been watching our house. In order to watch the house shift to lead these messages to scare off the new buyers every time and so far it's been working. If you sit Billiton would put four million dollar house this is like a trailer park now what went through. And in what's really crazy is that dead new owners it's a young couple that bought it they are now suing the former owners because of former owners used to get letters to yeah. And didn't disclose it. It's been going on three year. And nobody say I got a feeling it's gonna be very difficult sell this house this type. Because it's now made the move and now it's starting to circulate. I had to make I I didn't even know what was going on I got these little motivational Broxton and put him in front door. Am once in awhile and it was really create an ass out. But it was they were sweet little rocks in their pain didn't actually starts I know and particularly if it really greet his public and now unlike. OK so time have posted like this is getting weird will my neighbors do and it. I'll take a puppet it if she was angry and really sweet then trip but it's still like. Can you at peace and God's destiny we're still around for yeah she's awesome. I am but it's still I you know she's just been nice and that he's cute little but. He didn't health care to. Scared let's hear what a sad day Ali this weird thing that's going viral and I I can't believe let people find it. To freak out about but there's a bunch of pictures have been released a Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Now you remember Princess Diana died in a car accident differences. Prince Charles is kind of advanced. Anyway they have all these pictures that are being released all of a sudden out of nowhere. And it shows that the two were actually the same height. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were the exact same night they were both 510. But if you go look at all the studio photos or all these staged photos. He is way too all. But they. Actuality is he's not he's the same night but Buckingham Palace always made him look taller in all the pictures it's exactly what Hollywood does weird it was and is going viral I mean how long is this man via. People who we are. Outfit that actually makes and they let that it's a weird day kinda hope for Detroit who cares at this point right. I didn't I guess they wanna make him to look like hey eighteen net you know future Keane bird and so in order to that ES have that you know bigger than life. Literally bigger than life. Do what he really has to realize. He's got to have that for sonic go and. Just weird I just and lasting enough now but less about the real fun and still get yeah. Breaking news I still apply these to call this a roof is it slipping into people's drinks. Biscuits and a Disco biscuit new don't know what happens after that so what we've done is we've named our new incher and they scan turned Disco biscuit. Yeah. What the ocean island and now she's not. Wouldn't you it was bad timing yeah. Think it's she's known him around and she's saying you know let them anyway Tyler we maybe maybe she's knocked out of breath sometimes Disco biscuit into a. Way so his lawyers don't let that energies to the jury heard anybody they'll let anybody know about Disco biscuits because it makes them look bad idea. I think he would. If you're walking around say hey you know I've been through your married in my root river liberals over again you know that's gonna make you look at this gimmick and a jury to say hey that's about. Yeah committee can achieve that. It's pretty bad enough that they have been quoted as saying in 1991. Women are never in the mood for men they need chemicals. That's as I can play well. How do it just baffles me you've got the prosecution. And the defense. No one is denying all this happened nobody is to not get there just tried to argue what you communicate using court. How do you not just say whoa whoa whoa whoa. This guy's guilty thrown in jail put Bill Cosby away. Yeah not even denying the fact that he did it they're just arguing if they can use it or not. He had desktop that's got hit. Why can't it Disco biscuits see what that cost yet. Women are never in the mood for mandating demagogues. That's confirm there has been interred. Anyway. And Brad Pitt looks like a shadow of its former self in shocking new photos. As split and Angelina Jolie age takes you'd still. That's ahead. And then they seem to be searching for something you know DO they really do that they wanna make it look like these so down now and he's desperate he's despaired or does it depression. And the he's losing way each and is he gonna survive hockey. And I showed him like he's too breathless and I don't know he looks like he got it. Is to end is going to large studio. Look here's the guy that if you remember a week after we heard about the big breakup was all on a yacht in saint Tropez is. He was out there hanging out was some hookers and blow shortly politically works you can only well within. Are they were hot Steve we had a way that we didn't see any women there were a couple of women. In the you think he was depressed no he was happy I wouldn't hurt to get slash she is bitchy. It is still six kids yes she does name and smiled envy that what did they don't get long. I'm Angelou originally. I don't smile. As crippling depression. By the way the picture of Brad Pitt that cheese that was Charlotte like that the native of them and Hugh and I wish you did O clock yeah. Yeah I wish I did I mean we did today SC to the IQ and get beat every morning mailing back and delegate and an onlooker but what you look at it now. Names like you. Yeah game. And you take a look at the picture with journey ended up getting. Pictured looked like avenues and in those early good. Reclusive Brad Pitt emerged looking shockingly thin and gaunt in Los Angeles Sam does happen on Wednesday the picture is it and in recent months at 53 year old had been locking himself away in a Los Angeles art studio. While nursing a broken heart. Many people remember the poor guy as the father of six Iraq is seeks. And arrived at his creative bolt holes or this week. The actor often described as the sexiest man alive look like a shadow. Of his former self. I know that he was 53 she's 41. And it says the ugly illegal war iron has taken its still employ of management's success as chairman of its. I'm just Vieira de Molina and a two guys is I mean obviously look at he's not eating. True Q sleeve dope right I told the pitches I saw. It's his car he has like get Tesla or whatever and it's in front of the art studio team. And there's a big new king of smoke coming out the passengers I driver's side. He hit the bong pretty argue anything that's what it is though. Now that's cars Brian on fire and yeah probably just like I'm probably lied or some MC yeah I'd. Jump to conclusions and yeah you're right I'm smoking pot more caddie. Well I think they do a better job probably painting if you're high right if the tip as with. And really feeling it I think ED Morsi you'd be heavier what I should do don't write in the season losing weight and. What is it reading haired organized distraught. Britney and that you can. Unknown. This is a robot has her first period. You know what is hat I don't know I don't know what you get this from I don't know the price deck and crap I don't would you Stecker crypts as a robust header first. Tom bond is so we hear. As a green arrows and you know if you're gonna make a robot if you're gonna make it as humanly as possible there are a couple of characteristic you probably could leave that. This might be one of so you know here's the flight okay for for women I think you lead this apt for mental. The old scratchy in the crotch I think yeah. Out this. When you're saying I listen up a stretch ground. Yeah yeah I have a hand in hand out and if you can leave that out of the robots right you don't need to go forward for the future now. They beat duke. My sense to me. A hard time lately with the kids or not. Our feeling is that it's at and embarrassed that he went yeah I know that they're reminds Friday and if I have to live with the yeah yeah I know getting us out nick too much yeah. And then finally finally finally pay great new everybody term cube are bashing in would be having surgery to repair her uterus is. Do you know Tim Greg actually and. That's what we're gonna party snotty Jackson's downtown cut back on it and you you can ask for. Right we didn't duping people that they used Barbie no it's not known uterus. Blowout if it hit typical okay well OK that was bad it hurts I'm sorry I'm sorry. Yeah Kim Kardashian what does all know that. She was the third child until she's gonna go have surgery to repair her barn at giant theater. Eighties there and tablet that is it actually story this morning it. That is that ridiculous is ridiculous unbelievable. Playing. Marriage giving you keep us updated and I don't know how they uterus is where you know the that. Inch and more on Alex I.