BJ & Jamie: Talk like a pirate day today. 9/19

Tuesday, September 19th

Today September 19th is international Talk like a Pirate day. We are not participating but if it will get you some free food I'll say Arrr.


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PG endgame and entertainers don't. Today is talk like a pirate day yes yes it snuck a bonus again or. Ever address the part of forget. I DH. IT gentlemen some of gonna put it in my Rolodex I'm gonna put it in the calendar I'm gonna make sure that I know wouldn't talk like a pirate day comes in now. Every donut if you will pull through certain like Christians creating or something and they'll Wear my age like a definite idea I. Yeah I assume look it's still sad. Yeah I think crispy cream eat talk like a pirate you get a free donut right. Let me look at them up for me just and let me do the math. Egg yeah say a whole way. Tear. Free original glazed doughnut Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Nate today sorry who today announced that participating they have to participate. If you say a later IE or whatever. I don't know that participated in the I I don't really I don't need to pull around the drive through usage of the twenty minutes to get up there and you saved our hard. Error and they don't give he had done that I can't attack a frog faced and he yeah I'm gonna give me a lesson and doesn't. Can you airing so I'm going to be some pirate lessons that I could use it right. I don't know my pirate language I don't believe there it's not much is video is very informative and fun. How are you ready yeah okay shoddy and I more connected knowledge and you have to get all of it does play a little bit and it's really long. OK here we can read he event I'm ready. This employed me this here recap and syntax to guide you through national talk like a higher multiple. John Boehner on care. Army ship lies that Johnny Rodgers Jolly Roger pirate flick featuring its goal and quote. Did not share. Abandoned ship in order to leave the vessel with the nano that was in the face of some into the danger. The tiny. Bright needy. Emotion. Davy Jones's locker Davy Jones locker the brickyard at the bottom of the sea for those killed or trend. It's goes on. Non. Anne on eight yeah in an addict I think there and they didn't know most of those words yeah and no idea and in. You're welcome by the way. What made of these stupid days I mean honestly. Every day is a stupid day every every day has something in like the good news like national hot dog day nobody. Yes it was cheeseburger day yen yesterday was national cheeseburger and celebrate women's amateur and he's really done. I didn't have any cheese I feel like to try and tell me what to eat a that then I'm gonna die I'm not gonna be dictated the habit who came up with national pirate and white thing it's umpire it. But the kitchen when he recognizes that it isn't offensive why offensive offended why offensive word you've visited. Yeah fire. I mean I'm I feel heard for baby teeth. You know I am a look. Is an item by item or something I'm sure tonight. At every pirate had the Hulk. I feel like they did Captain Hook had to hook well that and immediately it yet to sell all the things that aren't here. Yeah yeah yeah it was yeah. Pirate Ali a notepad and looked had a hook. The the other pirates are all. I'm gather altogether yet it. Peg legs yeah yeah they. The blame game when that guy yeah but other net the rest of them well known Caylee too I know one without a leg will without her mound you only know the ease. There are many many here that would. They don't have all their barred such because he fights and again. And I'll ever lagged lately and chopped off like I'm mad if I love my I don't celebrate tyrant and that. Rude mean now well you know free doughnut and maybe as a you don't like I'm sorry I have to revise Astoria this year Krispy Kreme is decided not to participate. The mania frequently dated topic pirate way yen. We'll play it way Chris there cream will be participating this year I pirated Daniels he events celebrating on September 19 the company that it and other events to its schedule that won't be giving oral. Doesn't dawn to arrive in the starters like. No. No dollar debt and the empire cinema system dated as of the nineteenth. This means pirate day is about to go away. Well now you can see it I think kept afloat and a well what about long John Silver you can still get a free deep fried twinkies when you share your best pirate for. Of its they have deep fried twinkies but it says. I don't know if that's the second it is not the same don't know it was the same and that's what kept it off that's what we did nobody today because I've twinkies I guess. That sounds disgusting. Because the donut place didn't do all the marketing for it like they normally do. You know exactly what we don't know me so it's gonna go away you wait and see pirate day you'll go away this sad this is sat. Or just minutes no you weren't. Foreign car wax free doughnuts. We didn't like every now right so you know I'd never daunted and I'd do it says hot. Neither yeah. I never had I did I know it you're talking about yeah. There yeah I never have let god do what hunter Krispy Kreme donut. My is there an end to be honest with the if you got time it's a waste you wanna go inside you wanna smell. How you do because they'll know Roma inside the Krispy Kreme is unbelievable. Still I don't really really fat girls were blind and lacked and download it in a tiny oak hall and you'll so bad either funny people are doing them. You it's like if you're ordering a donut they're guys like your does. No no I don't feel that we're all that well don't know that give me a half dozen doughnuts and got the call you know good. Move not at all may and I feel like they judge me like I I I stand up and then once I make the decision that I'm gonna go through that drive thru all that this goes out I would have done. Yeah I cut down committee that you're like on the yet I'm not gonna hold it against you and I just gonna I'm nuts man. In. More on Alex.