BJ & Jamie: Talking Whale in the news today. 1/31

Wednesday, January 31st

BJ has a ground breaking news story! Finally scientists have taught a Whale to use the human language. BJ has the audio of a whale using its Blow hole to mimic human words like “hello” and counting “one-two-three” it’s pretty good.


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Vijay and Jamie thanks so big opposed to yesterday. Boy it's a new story in it is ground breaking ground breaking it in you've got to hear this okay please bear with went. Fine. Finally. They've bought animals. To talk the English language. It's time now is a dog that dog let. Oh. We have heard those via no no no this is orca whale. At top Al wailed this week. Killer whale has been taught to speak what is he says that. I have questions dizzying captivity. How's it teaching to. I've been just a good run a no I won't decide that I'm in the ads negotiators. Dropped a speaker to water. A big day and over and that's. Just knowing that he is just about those things and art and wait wait to hear this audio can I mean I mean this fall on conversation. In him whaling in the whale that's gonna just blow Wheatley this slight breaking. This is like break the barrier. Of acting. Like for the stop. But I of Los Laporte this just like I. Just went on merit obviously and all the work or hello. Amy. And got by Amy white Amy. Well I don't get the aiming at although the game he's got on they also have 123 they've been making count two way. A walking way the game. As yeah. Well. This is coming out his global okay yeah that's a pretty good hello out of the blue Angel. It was good about it but yeah this is again. Well. I. Well. How and though. On him any. Louis Louis. Yeah. Me. Am I doing here Easter though the land in the way doing. Not only oh. Yeah oh yeah that toddler. Well. It is a lapped by brought up he just for me I know it's annoying is grabbed some beer can I just near the elderly woman that he's at all in its entirety. And to what we juice up the auto outlook only just a little bit wow OK because. That you'd used and now I can't I'm it's fantastic I. Right there is I don't know if you guys know about this that there isn't radio broadcast museum in. In Los Angeles media where they take clips of the most amazing moments in radio history and ended the archive them there I think. Right here. This suitable for entry. Yeah don't do that yes you get entry into the music. I hear though I watched this and I just lack. It really huge rallies Antarctic this is or cut at the store is promoted as shouldn't be looked this up is that Imus story again what they see. When he signed C embodies a reject researchers studied for fourteen year a fourteen year old fully mail and they taught her how to. Mimic the human human words using her blow hole. It makes noises like speaking out of your knows yeah yeah southern Schilling T a lot of the path. You know I've I've did could you wanted to. I get that. And there should I get that out really get that reference there to blow holes are arguing don't get an art this is our good this is groundbreaking stuff you're according to scientists they caught an orca or killer will feel to actually speak from the blow hole. Well. I. Well. Well. I don't. Want to name. But yeah. Seeing my name. Fifth. Try. And blond pretty close. Yeah. Yeah regard. I can't close celebrated the end of. He says. Could you won't get it anywhere else and I was one you didn't right here. Each inch anymore. And Alex I.