BJ & Jamie: Tara Reid Sharknado interview she is hammered. 8/17

Friday, August 17th

Tara Reid did an interview in Australia for the new Sharknado 6 and she seems like she is hammered drunk.

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Vijay and Jamie what's it tear read video. Do you guy so cool what we gotta post that we've did you post it yeah you did. No I have not you got we'll watch and got around to follow a busy Jamie I got sometimes is that girl gone to rehab. I don't know our our. What 78 mania every time is she too old to be wasted on television again. In if you got to get wasted just do it at home and don't have kids I don't understand these couples thinking there. Bit they bought themselves and their agents book about it you know she has an agent I'm not even sure she's at that level she's out promoting shared NATO sixth. Shortly 806. So he's waste days and on and I wish he could have the picture ever to zug bitumen in your head. So basically she has on red lipstick and Nina how people like when they're drunk again got a bright red. And then say that there channel in place. Yeah -- purposely kept you aria I could it paid to the treaty that better than that but it looks like she put on the lipstick after she had a PC it's national debt and she's this couple places on yeah well you know Indian Chua and me is what you don't know and in that world of women is sometimes you know we'll have like a glass of wine while we get ready and then we'll have a glass line will be that. Does she ever. It. Looks pyramid right. At get a little bald when you have got down. She's on this Australian TV show promote promoting the shirt NATO's six listen to her. They hid it how she slurs. Guys are okay. Well I'll. Begin an hour yeah clothes went she's talking says this I think she says the word ridiculous was it to a decorated hill then new bit of. This guy and you guys honestly is beyond. That it's it's not fair on. So we did miss it's so all of that and it is. I mean you read it ain't got outer space and they had a baby and sediment Shaq and how it went and done everything they. Hello this is a pentagon homered ridiculous did you hear what time yeah yeah this guy and you guys honestly is beyond. But it's not fair on. So Renee is so bad and it and it is she I mean you've. Had this. Do you just below the bladder and it's. You know she's never recovered since Carson Daly broker art club people within our children and I'm sorry Dan Harris. Well. This guy and you guys on this is beyond. That it's it's like Sarah. So we did it go back and it and it until I get a guy out there say wow what a bummer. Shirt NATO six coming soon marry and could. Change everything and more on Alex. I.