BJ& Jamie: Tenneesse lady wakes up to chicken snake in her bed!!!!! 3/14 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, March 14th

Lady wakes up to chiken snake in her bed. Thought it was her cat!

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Vijay and Jamie did you see where this woman woke up the middle of the night and found this big giant chip can sneak in her bed. What's it chicken snake I don't know exactly let's go to that you get some idea. Chicken expert let's go to don't know what exactly is it chicken snake. Well I have no idea has earned runs blunt as he runs the Google yeah let's look at the chicken snake are here's the story. The lady is sleeping or dead OK she's inside her house she's just like she'd feel something go across her arm. She thinks it's her cat. On pretty good does it yeah at all rabid un can't reaching up and yeah he's up when you talk like that and gave me like the I treaty or burn unit Goodman and did anybody on our home every night sit. They beat me. So the lady I realize this when she touches it doesn't do what mark kept. So she literally. Slowly appreciate how you do this year is alerts they are you. Consists of middle but not great when you looked at the alarm clock that went right to see a much more sleepy yet. Right yeah yeah week you'll pull what I end and then in front of her faces. Six. And cash you can sneak. In cheese sage she throws. She saw the snake. Froze. And then when she felt she slowly push yourself back away from it and then boom jumped out of bed and ran to her daughter's room where she. In her band and I know what what state was Tennessee Tennessee there a scenario. That's not that is red or their joint chicken steak any updates on its may. They can be dangerous but they are not venomous they will bite you they are afraid of you do chicken snake is a nickname for a species which is also known as a rat snake a Texas threatening Texas rat snake the reason they're called chicken but it is. Riviera theatre on dog just when I repeated it throws in my memory I can't give them an idea yeah it just file it away for me. So go ahead again Texas rat snake. I do that with their drop and found near livestock and found around chickens because they love LT heat game blaming lonely women. Or adult or around the law only women's and concert yeah it's gonna come the new cats and a resting the projected states and can you imagine how he would react if you woke up in the middle of the night it's everybody's worst nightmare. That you wake up in the middle of the night and there's such snake in and it definitely you know built exit chicken state Texas rat snake whatever it is rattle snake yeah. You don't open sports is you don't know there's a big giant snake in your bad. I would say this I have a woodpecker. A hole so that closest umpire. What was the general consensus on getting rid of the wood pecker can actually what happened cannot tell you closer look at. That's just my personal page I have a woodpecker are proper proper proper proper we're not paktia and and that bad the back while my house. Opera opera are trapped in this unknown seems like his ticker never gets so order. But he can pay him and contain a horrible story happened. Didn't do anything it just me to comment that you would pack of economic and some yeah there's this lady and her name was Maryland Storch right. An anti Saddam that is in any advice now woodpecker global law and in Maryland Storch she was I am fourth grade camp teacher you know. She said she's down in Florida she's retired right and so she's like oh my gosh I. I had the same problem if you're anything let me know. Miss Maryland sort by four screen Dampier a teacher. She's so sweet right right Josh Morales right Josh morale and Josh write something about. I get away and get rid of all the records you know 'cause it's Josh gift right via. In mice sweet little piano teacher's grade peers teachers thinks that she is real. And those. I love to know how mostly she answered back to John's dad who's pulling their way is bisexual is reverting right allegedly did not. Utmost integrity yeah. Allegedly. Not us I thought I so I didn't dear mrs. storage that's her name. Malick I say I'm so sorry but Josh Rouse is a bisexual. You know he's got some problems and he was doing a factor or that doesn't mean he has probably. The way he says that there and it does have some problems of SA is. Mrs. storage platforms great piano teacher. Woman's store chief you're listening to the show them the error happened right. You Muller block Josh Beckett. Can we couldn't quite often trust. A big block upon him like free now. Have you ever had that happen where it's gone so wrong I'm basement like somebody is to be and funny and offensive and I'll let. And then you have the sweet woman yeah that it it's like the same thing happens there it's these older older older people there of these militants terrifying. Did you have to watch what you did around and watch so my girlfriend her mom just got a taste buds and she's and a leg sixty divers MD of some. And she wrote. All I got in looks like she's gained some weight. Normal boy. Did she everybody would see as opposed to all she really thought our daughter would see the violence. Older people. Hey I don't understand didn't I don't understand how it actually work so you gotta be careful with what they posed in second a ball they have no filter. No so I can go see my mom and she has no problem just ripping me apart not even knowing she's a. Because of the way outlook he knows she'll she'll say oh my gosh you you really have put on Monty does that put on some pounds and are you ready lottery in Indio care they'll care and just about anyone. And it was just it was it was also uncomfortable because Josh is you know is trying to do some funny and am sexual humor and my theater teacher from fourth grade just listen know how to get rid of woodpeckers you have to do it that's all. Don't post general consensus how you gonna get rid of the wood OK so people said that moving Al that you buy at at. Blows young and I guess if it were like when that and lose its head and Eleanor in Q yeah. It moves its size it's unusual. We all know that's robbery B of ram problems. We put it on the back patio yeah doesn't face the house you don't even see who could only the others see yeah and the eyes light up at night because it's from the it's solar. It's so you don't do charges every day and it will if he so it will keep away hawks. You can weigh everything. We now. Kazan and I don't know why they hate Dowell degrees what brought it up to you by the chicken snake so they said Padilla a plastic snake after her. And it works but in my court I don't know about snake I know about the Allen and cash and I don't know about the snake but. Good luck yeah. And you get is this is so it's been a breath is so annoying and I know the wall. And then I win it's not afraid it's not afraid it would drain would back her well here on the show it's all about solving your pecker problem with cells. Change we see more.