BJ & Jamie: Texas Bombs have the state on edge. 3/20

Tuesday, March 20th

BJ is mad at himself because of what he did yesterday. His door bell rang and he opened his front door and no one was there but there was 2 boxes on the porch and without thinking he grabbed them and tossed them on the floor in his living room. Another Bomb went off in Texas in a Fex-Ex warehouse. What do you do if you’re a delivery driver?


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Vijay and Jeremy Allison 1059. DJ NJ in the morning show a little angry with myself yesterday though because you know this whole box bump thing that's going on in Austin Tex optional. What I've talked about how you know this is like them just that aren't but all Amazon and all the boxes sure people's front. Doors. Yeah. Just yeah. So in case you were sleepless happened was yesterday overnight when president news late last late last night at a FedEx facility in Austin. San Antonio intent. Is to return what was towns draws well connected it was addressed to Austin tax IRA and and exploded. Food. Yeah and as you know last week we had four different explosions boxes. In there were left front doors of houses couple people have been killed. And this scene is just like they don't lose Dylan and the one before that when it was a trip wire. And they think it's they shouldn't do it walking down the street walking down the street and hit a wire and blow. Nobody was hurt that one though so Chrysler. The yet but I mean they were right. Really bad or isn't a little bit of you know here in the air but with. Nobody was hurt yesterday we're at here and there are some scars and timber in December as Garnett and my teacher but nothing major not like threat. OPEC to quit yes and let me tell you what you guessed it I thought of this in NN really got to get better condition that is OK and yesterday and it is. And a majority doorbell rings dogs who bark but I go upside at the Parsons golf. But there's two boxes all have I don't okay. So what do I didn't just instant reaction on my part. Reached out to boxes and bring a bit borrowed govern. The pitching well like I told them didn't. Know. I didn't do exactly what you said and actor of the yell at myself afterwards I threw the box is down and I turned to walk away and I thought to myself. I'm like. I should have gotten up there fishing rod steamy tried did tell me that he got to pull. You gotta hope that bugs and fishing rod so that you know it's it's it's an explosive burden on that. Locally because because it's yeah and I wasn't and you just right now house yeah. She asked who commit threw down on the floor and when I walked away when he hit me like William. You know these just little problem I know that we are thinking about ourselves in this but let's think for a moment what if here at FedEx driver or UPS driver low blow out of have some anxiety. But you know. Especially in Texas comes slowly here yet too good to. Didn't connect okay 110 old so let's say we all three in the shop that you do what if all three that's for FedEx or what would you do right now. And he colony in sickle you had I would like. I think I would I don't know that you do lose your job because it positively has to be there overnight yeah it's true you know the slogan man. When it which is a Sloan the slogan and for FedEx positively has to be their overnight essence of the. Positively has to be there to bring you something to that effect and positively something. There's a positive I don't think that it so what would you in. Moved this policy. You have to do your job CIT got the fear you can't let the fierce keep you from doing each I think I would quit. I wouldn't quit I think I really paid what I. I know they get paid really well and quit I know I would I think that I. Hi this is it worth that. I would make sure all the security measures are in place at the Fed exit Tia distribution place but I would equipment job and I. I am I gotta get two packages they may and I would have too much anxiety to work there I know my guy. I'm sure some people have that I was freaking out because let me hear your your driver right especially again let's go back Austin, Texas. I might have to quit it awesome yeah but would here in Denver though. I didn't does it I. You play right at Austin as drivers you didn't sag said art she's an Oscar and I did say opted I would work here that's but that's often. God you glad I don't think I'd quit even in Austin I think I would just I'd just make sure all the security measures are in place make sure the duo in the hole bomb sniffing things get the dogs in there. And if I felt comfortable as each package was loaded into my truck I think I'd make my deliveries doesn't those those dogs always work. It's important to do all I mean there are solid and mainland. I know he didn't I don't know does that feel like that blocker at the. On they work and learn to double. It's this is scary demand it because we're living in packages each everybody loves a good package at the F front door do you say to you want that box shall from Amazon are from where you ordered from in its overnight due date delivery it it's just for some reason it seems like packages and. And boxes and cool they're gonna find him the idea is gonna mess up there and if it's somebody events it's you a bomber. You know some weird guy cat and I can't I can't. By that again. And it's a Texas thing tell him I mean I mean everything's been right there outside of Austin tax having this package you know San Antonio was headed to Austin, Texas I don't know what they have I don't know if somebody's upset with the mayor of Boston I don't know what's going on and either but it it just does have a point. Well they blow ups there's no evidence I mean no is there any kind of like. Do we know if it's as some kind of a blah but does say tell them Latin I hate Texas or another found nothing. They've done nothing is just a package that explodes when. And it there it's just it's out of control now now what five. And moving forward. That's that's that's an excellent. Know they used to use a commercial positively yesterday there'll what I did and what it says who used to positively overnight. Yeah I've never. Relatives. The slogan is positively has to be there overnight is what these views really it was part of their thing I've never heard that might call might golf with. It is Gary don't mean and that some serious news out of Texas earlier tonight Iraq are all chip in in 1978. And it adds absolutely positively has to be there and I. Got. Help them next don't know every day and 78 to 81 my guys. I enter the. And I don't write 94. The world on time and it's again but did. Yeah I just because you've got. He had it in didn't know it. It was right thank you it looks in the importance on Alex.