BJ & Jamie - Text Therapy 3/22/2017

Wednesday, March 22nd

Would you use text therapy?


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Vijay and Jamie where producer Sean sell outs because it's an oral virus I think he needs some bad leftovers it feels like it's I think I. I hate no humor is or is he doesn't he doesn't it old stuff. Okay now saying yeah does Jamie he's got under way stuff you know we want smelled some very great food and he's brought in here before is those eggs yeah I mean I don't know it's something he's put in the system. Nevertheless he should be back tomorrow here on the show. Digitize some of those apps that delivered the news yeah there's drink flying there's thirsty. The there's. Our mini bar mini bar so anyway yes you know hey many buy dot com resemblance you download it to be at okay. In the amp tell issued the closest liquor store. Okay did they give you the pricing for whatever it is you want to see captain gives us it's fun to whatever they give the pricing for it you could go much you want more than ten or fifteen minutes is at your door. I'm telling me I have acted. I talked to a budget people about trying to invest in this because from where I think. Where where I live in the called the Mac world mean all of these moms have car seats you know and you don't wanna put your kids that the car and mingle until later so I told you then yeah. Because it's just a pain in the butt and you look bad guys through this drive through liquor store. Through liquor stores my dad's there that we can put kids strapped into the back in the he ruined if you get your gonna learn that. There's a couple of things so that I've seen recently and just when I saw was a TV commercial and you're just tell me about Allen mentioning some months. So multi person and yesterday I guess so yes it's yet on a guy used to be in the monastery he was a monk and then now and he came out and made an app. For meditation pose very cool and I. To see how that would work because basically what you do and when he's out Bluetooth speakers and everything. You don't have to literally who uses a speaker this on your phone you can really make it sound great seeing you get it really could sue losing music. Voice plan now he sounds like the guy he sounds like a little lizard he does yeah. Believe it's a lizard at the talking tonight in which player is actually Geico lizard what does that guerrillas are you. This guy come he. I met OK okay because see as the lizard thing. I guess this can't. Our lives of my card isn't pleasant New York wasn't. And we've pulled and a villain wearing jeans and a T shirts or how did you decide to create this ask. So when high left side left monster com asking what's in and it's a voice and sentencing teach meditation. But I just thought to seek gonna how many people so we're really wanted to do you asked yeah I don't know. Yeah but I try to see you. The equipment but is she even brings it up they sound like the guy go lizards it. It easy to limited Jason I'm sure you didn't like that on her show I mean here is a big chance on the Ellen DeGeneres show well he's still unsigned because he's very has nineteen million downloadable only camps yeah here's the answer that I wanted to play freely and you tell me how this works because I can't get the meditation thing I am because I am Lisa has meditation on her phone. He should turn it on it now I need it it's kind of tough to do is. No socialism yet but it's a limitation so in other words I get out the lakers thing works OK it's really quick like Domino's Pizza only blues. I get it that's when I don't understand. Used together Sharon and her boyfriend can't do it. She decided to do with your pain Kenya police can trail. Twenties here and there. 250000. People who are already tennis there therapist where everything down he's Karl CNN talk space I've seen it had. Have you seen this team is and have you ever once did in just think to yourself what there. Good coastal and then I didn't try to figure that is as like what that it's expensive isn't like forty dollars a month. These commercials yes there. These commercials run all the time here in Denver I don't know about across the country and it sounds like 150000. Apps aren't too many people signed up folks there that's not that many people and kids and pundits and nineteen million containing here you get on that's one of the questions I have co. Pace for forty love mud to have your therapist texting you. Can you could see you know what Yahoo! is on the other side doing that to extend life and he could be here's somebody could be some guys sitting there when it is Jack Daniels in his hands city you know. You know it's like when you call these talk sex lines you know it's not. It is over they're talking to you that. Pictures not her. Thing but yet you know they also did that athletes like its current president DB you can talk to real doctors say. Get that will not be again yeah because and in that they're giving you specific information and they knew he can go look it up and it's gonna correspond. Well I guess this talks base and they aren't big day again isn't footer maybe. Older. Like damn I know Bernadette we'll talk to her anymore says she's. I think slim and eat it that's more of a social thing. I think that's what. What is is completely geared to a pure heaven and bad days. Jamie you heard your safe let's say Hiro heard tell us yeah. Okay your armored bus Nagin is so I think Hamburg you have a bad day you got a text since. He had this guy that won't leave me alone in so. Deserves half so which one did she Clinton. Muhsin. And in her boyfriend content. Sharon decided to deal with the pain in the appellation trail ventilation trail. Police in here you are you sitting at you'd think this case usually kids couldn't fix things and get in the right frame of mind I. Although little. Now let's put a dollar and now but maybe it's just a little important. Text person I don't know what's crazy is good. I what's gonna commercial and I swear you need to man I have always thought to myself look to. Still there I swear I didn't. I did yeah I'm good break we'll be right back. And Helen.