BJ & Jamie - Things That Are Bad For You 8/02

Tuesday, August 2nd

Meat is now as bad as sugar for you.  Also, flossing is bad for you.

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Vijay and Jamie. I didn't didn't see the day where we are meat is bad for you Jamie to see this protein. Meat is bad for you it's as bad a sugar according to the experts and it's quite well. Yeah protein Billiton. Meat is as bad for you and is it as bad for creating obesity in this country as sugar lean meat yes we'll lean meat should have a warning on. According to the experts. What sort I don't know who are expert shot. Did you saw it right I did yeah Emery what it's. Well let's say that the meat use. That floors as we thought it is bad eating meat is serious issue and human health because the protein. Is digested blue later than the bats and cars that makes it received from the protein can deal and used and then converted in stores fat in the body. You shoot snow here I don't know I thank you remember when I did I protein diet. At the earliest. Kids they and I was down to zero as bad as sugar. No that's not true because I did the Atkins thing these expert. I must listen. I did the Atkins thing and so on Sami who I was going out like. Amino it I was sickly skinny. From the after all I did easy meat. Didn't stored up and throw some bad on me oh my god no I wouldn't sickly skinny. No. Yeah and I I agree because I have known other people that did this. Protein diet Atkins thing mall meet all day and they lost a lot of weight I don't know how healthy it is organs not a I don't know you know like this also says that it could lead to type two diabetes. Well I don't think and I think heating one thing as a diet is healthy for anyone I don't care I lottery pick out you can Dick tale based on gonna be good for you to eat one thing. Have a bunch of different vitamins. TV I get the meat lover's pizza Pizza Hut and I just did the top. I just scrape off the topic I would need the grass. It's the meat eaters innocent and I get just a little bit soft on it's I can have just a little as does not I just I mean and Eden and you know and. And I bring summer sausage to work and just yet but wasn't there some pleasure in knowing that the rest of that pizza was there to. I wasn't it yeah I know he did know how slanted glass that was the whole thing. Oh my guys really want to address I I can out all bragged in an coming science would seem it was gross I. I just Q I'm summer sausage at work. It slipped gyms I'll say yes. But with that but yeah I would get tired of that in any one thing. He's just known akin to then it happened exactly get off a big blow up like a balloon. Does it screw up about it and in India and sky dive from like the Atkins Diet I hit it simple and is that right if it dated he'd like us in the following day just like to get around the book about jogging fell over dead jogging. You yeah yeah that should tell you right there when the Atkins guy dies a bad teams that's not good enough. I'm healthy now. The other thing maybe you saw this is more engineer pointed out to you know others saying that flossing his bad for you odds crossing your teeth. Now. As I'm not stop and I just about floss police say no don't do anymore. Because. Hi tech dental floss run ID yeah. If it it says that are my dental plus a posted and let. It actually says this it's it's a Walgreens. High tech dental floss news. And I didn't admit that. Cool I think I'm tied to Maliki is now a little bit. I know I'm guessing game is that why they say that that now I am not really sure on that when sharply at the update place. Well. N says much of a health benefit as once believed in my guide to what's going on in this world the evidence is weak and very un reliable. Should help she it doesn't help at all the got no benefit to do whatsoever as soon. Jamie yeah we eat popcorn and crap gets caught in years in between your teeth book and then it to tell you if you get like a little bit to build upon your teach you to Boston it's gone how can that be back. How could not not that not be a possible effect for. I love the water pick the hall excellence home like right do you know that they make them near their company you're one of biggest. No I didn't until they're for noninterest. Yeah I mean I think people IE if they get an iron off hall hall. And it's a house of sauce found what he knows you by next week it's gonna come out the water it's bad for you listen. I know everything that's that we think is some good scores is now. And baguette and that you are supposed to flushed another lead is not the flaws in the Annie is. Would be or the 90 plus in the morning five in the afternoon plus tonight he always got on to me for not plots and enough. Now there saying no benefit whatsoever that's not for gloss that they can't be true I can't that's got to be but still this. Well outside. Service men and women. Aren't. In weekday mornings.