BJ & Jamie: Things BJ needs to know to date baby mamas. 6/28

Wednesday, June 28th

Jamie says now that BJ is single it’s time for Bj get back out there.. So she has the 7 things he needs to know about Baby Mommas. Because of his age it is practical to think any woman he dates will be a single mom. So #1. Desire her, protect her. #2. No BS!  #3. You will not be her number one the baby wins. #4. It will be your job to give her alone time so watch the kids. He says that Grinder account not looking so bad now.

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Vijay and Jamie already does that Vijay Jim Moran tennis. Sorry those are just fighting off the thing here. But I'm I don't know Europe to who but the it's just like eat in its early. Let me just wind down to feel you know the last thing I need is to get back into another really got. Back on the battleground no I don't got it when you thought that bike got a job that got another dad another update. So Jamie. It has some tips for sand victims at the end I'm quite Null Null I don't know black and. C I'm Fred we need to throw all of not yet we have a. Really really really really. Twenty years or more your fruit and you know I'm here for you and I. When it goes hey you know black. Let's do this right so let it didn't work out with your fiance ex fiance so Latino like you guys in part it is nice and nicely everything's good. You know she have any ill will be movement economy alone she moved up. Yeah. Lose some friends but here's my problem with you want to talk a good friend. It's too early and keep trying to tell you he needs us too early it's never too early when you find love began and then. So what's your advice I can slow it would hears it is concerned about. OK so fortunately for you you're ex fiance did not have children right. But unfortunately for you the full of women for our demographic. She's gonna be singled. And I'm more that law as well as well as you know has your ex fiance was like forty years younger than you could. Not to kick at the total it's funny Tim it was illegal when you matter who. She was of age. And. Anyway anyway to go back to it and off that debt. So most likely statistically and I know what the stats aren't statistically you're going to be a woman with a bite me. The market. Law. And I know home and she loved kids but there. Alive. So I did you like a of the situation because it long term what he. It is that there ought to be he is human condition is your hi. I really gone I am trying to help this is now what's so I have this list I pulled up for you because we need start training. Trading. Act out trainer kind of got in the training mode because you get back on its. Oh. Woody this is a seven things you need to know about date to be mama. The seven things that I need to know about stating that Vietnam all equipment to stay at that. Moment. But it does not in the ROK so she still wants to be. How. Even though she has kids and ran and she not be changing diapers. And again. That. She wants to be desired look but the that part. Of agreed to meet. Still wants to be dependent car seat in the in this. Car and in your sport start wait until it too I'm not seen anyone with kids right I. I need to get you prepared to have a car post you seem like two years down yet this year I'm conditioning OK so ours so it's cool with that card you know like against North Carolina. You have to trade that in. It's only Jews eat right now you have to train that intent coordinator. Caylee the vaguely about it. Babies behind them all warm and Berkeley and is given a bottle. You do it like in the back from the track of them but the are right it's years she has no ads for BS. Or is. She as a job she as a baby she and she just edgy there answer. Yeah protector and lover. That's what you want the ads protector they'll be yes it's Abbott. Engaged you know me I'm a huge essar the she went in year one of them movements. It is desires and your ovaries and readies no BS. And minivan. If you repeat that and he went in Indian mini man and I'm not buying them any day and it for RT. His eyes as more than like I'm like an exception to the ruled that only child spy gallon to three. In the league should. I Shonn had when he. It's just again like at least for the Alia. The best way to go practice tee got a right there the backpack and leave us and get away from anywhere about the backpack to skip the league's. Community especially if you were just trying to you know the man in the cases. And you are are important to curb your not her number one a that we. Know Ahmad dinner on the table. Yeah and you I doubt this place you can never see it's me or that eighteen month old because I was giving the eighteen month old rilya always via. Because because remember you're just a protector and lover but you're really not important. I thought what the true kids all the way. Although. She forgets to make time for herself she neglects herself so it's your job that come in there and say who. I'll watch that kid. Good to help them. And watch how. Yeah. Manicure Al wives and kids to whom I picked it back up. Dared football sings yeah. Let's just get your policies and now another thing you're going to be watching Tai you instead of know what what yet but all I love. Dana now time just live divide that said that that the I you hope. You're watching guy you start with. Our Phineas and her. I loved it is super and anyway to see if that's your did get all caught up with Sunnis and for Arab parties now I think men vineyard it was Barney is a group. Chile killed barriers. Thing. And then finally. Basically. As a man that did to baby mama you just can't get a get used. Watched. Well because from a good news decay is out. Amish like she and stuff but yeah super busy inches kid stuff right so really here and kindly there it together trash and then sit. Yeah with silk. And you never dated a baby mama. Have you ever did you know. You know we're tough women were at triple for a little bit tough. She wants to be desired guest room not gonna take you BS nope. You need to by many then now and some militias for me to official. Said. She can drop the kids with a view and you're gonna watch the kids yes them footballs out my fall I use and take a trash and stay in your life. As John but you understand like this is that you're going to be dating and on jaunt yeah. Look at it doesn't Josh to keep that grinder account Portman. Yeah. I put the a. Yeah in everyday morning. Now it's nice night.