BJ & Jamie: Things we hold on to that we will never use again.

Tuesday, November 14th

Things from our pasts that we want to hang onto… Jamie got rid of her first snow board and was kind of sad because she wanted to make a bench. Sean’s son moved out and he took 9 snowboards with him because he wants to make them into a bench… Bj thinks that the lift chairs are dumb and you see people with them on their front porches.   

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Vijay and Jane and make you deal now. Now the models that come up with what could be now with Cynthia let's media by EU and are just talking about the things you need gat you to hang on to use. OK so listen let me let me explain what we are Todd zeile. Long long time ago. My entire weight pact with Canada I was in Canada. And I bought my first snowboard in Canada yeah and it's paint and glittery and it is pretty it's pretty it's a pro ago was this so. Is fortunate to be Brenda to Cameron it was like fifteen years ago because reporting just really caught on just what fifty silly drinking when. And violent anyway it isn't so I was thinking and then it was pink and sparkly it will be well it's not personal ports that means something right right everything has first thing that you get net. This snowboard. So the other day when that when he hundred got junk came by. I was get me to give my snowboard because it you know it doesn't it doesn't shred bra like it should be gloves sold the technology has changed. It's austerity given my my snowboard and does. And to make this into a bench. Snowboard to its insurance certainly completely Satan. No my son has like six snowboard that he keeps saying its commitment of every person who's ever snowboarder has snowboard. We all we're gonna make it into a bank of Iran. Make it into about. She yours being the dazzled it is so pretty pink and sparkly it's interpret but so when he won a hundred joke people. Are you. I think Jerry York and guy this guy independence. He's making every one of women do not then she you know why have you Eagles aren't makes you're ending your situation if you've got like ten of them you're not making a big Jamaican PUs into. I turn out product you're you know you're you're the stimulus package hurt us here rat yeah. But that's just a bit of the I can't. Give it up because in my head I'm Jamaican into the bench and I think I am I don't know I have. I don't know you're not going to let. She's taken to a victory gonna put it I'm gonna put it how did my patio or substance via the bench. This is my first snowboard sit on it I don't know I don't know out Jamey you're not eighties no more bench and personal look at if that's true by how. Bitten this just came to mind because what you're saying. People who take those lift chair I love it I love that school that is so cool because daddy that. I'd love it. I love the list shares owes the swings I love it. Kim looks gaudy number doubt it looks awesome dome it looks come here Reynolds dumb I don't know no way that they put it up their it was a swearing in of reports on some bad. It was a lift chair and I think in the myself a separate it looks. I place it looks out of place. And that's the way and apple is going to look in your eyes aren't really flushed the establishment that you live then yeah it's gonna look really. He has no. I can't believe you don't love those those get into a lake that's my dream to have lying on the rug. Out. Warren okay if you've got a perk I. I bless you and I think that that's amazing. If you are in a rule area rural living kind of aid log cabin each type place. And then all everything it's okay but in one of those model homes in in the highlands ranch it doesn't vet. Yes it does you know I know like what changes up the cookie cutter. That would you're not just a cookie cutter nagger cookie cutter is you know lamb lift chair it's an eyesore it's. It's an IOR. If they are booby neighborhoods like that it's it is it's not doesn't that day. Do you solve the wrong like somebody got it wrong yeah but is it looks amazing. And amazing it is pristine acres Steve. There are a troop. I. I love and my brother a lot me I'd behind a bench is at a speed that. Snowboard anything you can think had he made it fleeing out of some water he's. It's amazing. That remains free grilled at Lilly's. Returning. To new bride at every parent and it looks like a million dollars in the when I go Lola hey they're a ball. Are you should do you think his name any gimmick I snowboard it's a bedside finally do it. Yeah. It's a a couple of. Yeah we did more on Alex.