BJ & Jamie: Thomas Fire burning in California. 12/5

Tuesday, December 5th

Thomas fire burning in California, 31K acres burned so far.

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Vijay into the game and while I'm watching some of the coverage of this Southern California fire which is being called Thomas fire. This thing is. Unbelievable. It's out of control. And muscles suddenly see some of these fires and it's in California. But but you know I mean we can certainly relate today here in Colorado because we've had our share share of fires. And there's nothing to say that we won't have another anytime soon but. We knew what would in Southern California. Most of the time when you see a flier out there it's out the middle no word. It's up the mountains in the words you know in a farce while whatever it's in. It's a wave from most people other houses often that are are threatened. But the most part there it's out can pretty much just an abandoned area but the fire this Thomas fire is like. It's like it's it has said he is like if he would do the same fire and we're talking about I don't know I think there at 5000 acres on fire right now. And it would be like being here at center at looks like in neighborhood. Guys does the middle of loan not all of us. Hard and each got one was a mall. There was a mall nearby and people that are fighting this thing it's as it comes to the fence area of their home ice on that. Asked where is there is stand there with a garden hoses like. I feed off their yard. Even I know what's in the news and I know you're probably aware of the CNET broke out yesterday I think it was. Obama started as a small fire now it's completely out of control it's just crazy. When you get to work this morning or when you get to a tee at some what are your devices. Look up this Thomas fire in Southern California. Look at the video you will be blown away by. It is one of the most out of control in a populated area fires I've ever seen. This thing is like inferno may and and it is in its raging. On one of the scenes you've got like IAE and Hulu to ten I think it is. I don't think it's tied fifteen I think is tied to attend but you got the fire on both sides of the road for miles. And obviously the highways closed but. It's I don't see anything like it go and look at. The videos indelicate that they're actually streaming live coverage because they have all zero traffic helicopters a Padilla air. And there shooting video and showing them all the stuff on a live feed. So when you get to where you can the polish up on your phone or on your computer work or whatever take a look at it you will be blown away by. So I've got an update from ABC says that it's a win the wind driven Thompson fire has exploded that 31000. Acres tacit 5000. Out of there last night. When I first started hearing about this actually yesterday afternoon it was it started around 500 acres. And then eight quickly ballooned to about 3000. Well it to bed last night it was nearing 5000. Now it's at 31000. Get this what's fueling this thing is is seen and I will what is called the San and a wins is at it. This I don't really California turn. It but the winds out there aren't like forty miles per hour and expected to increase throughout the day to day does not stop to miss it. Yeah us and we got winds of forty miles per hour or plus. Up to sixty miles per hour. He can't fight death he'd just got to back away letter burned at all you can do and they evacuated more than 7000 homes well 27000 people. There's about a 150 structures that have been destroyed already is crazy. That's a scary that is so scary. And yet and I know I mean would leave her at our share of fires here. And it's been pretty crazy what it happens it hundreds of homes said to have been burned. How would it mean it quite aware of that but but I've never really seen. Video. Of it actually being you what looks like this week. It's is completely amazing look at that we need to work just want to inch are important on Alex.