BJ & Jamie: Ticket for honking at a cop 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

Truck driver honks at an unmarked police car, and gets ticketed.

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PGA and Jamie did you see the video the guy that Hulk is warned that cop. I did not and the video that the guy shot Sean did you watch the video. It's necessary to mean well here's what happening guys at a stoplight. In front of him as another car. And the other car is a police officer although it's unmarked. So you don't really know it's a police officer the light turns great. The cop doesn't go so that got. The cop goes off. Only gives up his car he gets out of his car in gives the guy at ticket. We're talking Eddie Murray hit but let it. Catalog get a top I didn't know that I didn't know that either to show I heard this audio yesterday it is Nikes you don't know what to cop. It's it's an unmarked good guy got what he doesn't honking are how well the hunky. I think it was more like this again. And it. And. Think it spicy I usually just do that and then I weigh in if they don't live in any given another ask you do what's called it too yeah I do that it. Yeah that's exactly right but so did it's he lay on it sounds like it was a good of this he's just loaded with the important. I loaded 88 did you make sure that it was beat a deep debt I'll think I'll go by you regardless. I never trust is here. Hello my life doesn't either you have could so here it up but doubt the guy is sitting in his car he realizes he's about to have a confrontation with the car in front of him that would not go with the light turned green so he starts rolling you know everybody's video and what their phone access. Here comes a cop back to his car. Seriously interior seizure stuck busier Frazier and boards the smartest. And this one is this release your driver's license. This little guy let me see your driver's licenses for one little easy your driver four walks. For Lorie line here he would show me your driver's license and why did get a ticket. Or awards Richard likes war warriors stopped for traffic violations are pointing at somebody sitting at a green lights. Ridiculous part of what you do as I said this is and ridiculous why you know what maybe you shouldn't have and do you agree why don't have to go back to word it's really yeah I really in a hurry pitcher immediately for it's. And Jack and cool. Lot. Alone. Guerrero but you. Hate. So it's also attempt to get into a behind yeah this is great he that Koppel overstepped when. I still IUI and the jerk at the beginning. All of us who are very artsy I say god and think it's the the top why did the cop with a guy goes. Why did he just go ahead put it in gear and go. That getting out of his call. But the guy that's gonna talk Bartlett adds I didn't you can do we go you be the judge Judy's as he got a jerk I would I would say in the opposite jerk okay. Seriously and very secure harness the it's your brain. Stocky can't say is your brain have been stuck to. I physically your breaks. Did you did you break up how are your brakes because he didn't move as what he says are resilient. Seriously injured leisure aren't knocked it's your brain and doctor mark. That it couldn't altered will feel the greens and it rode great Steelers beat to death. I swear I don't have any confrontation whatsoever you could run me off the road I don't know dissuade the smile. And I don't go home anyway I can't think of where I hate to drive thanks for running melt there on. Shocked Clinton as road rage you didn't know you Dave and Ron oh yeah. Curry is. Had a car this morning Jamie on the freeway or not I 25 and I'm I've got my cruise control on so I'm right within it doesn't get deep vehicle sub out speed wreck am right at 65 brought about. This car comes up on me. All of my book Burke bright lights it just by boat ended. Scoots out to the right of beep and boom. I'll bet he excelled to a hundred miles per hour. No idea what he's up into his colonial. Past chewed it over to the Graham palm lane. I. Mean I drive back. I'm in the past I don't like a maniac until anyway all of this guy he's hot and he's put me not unlike. Like gas much so yeah Stevie what I knew. We would like well. People have bad day takes the lead him bad days in any little thing will just sent a ball off but illegal Brady was even know what you did. By the way answers politics there would say this a 5050 I think that some people say in the Gaza jerky and the others in the cops to enter. Adding their Bulger. Should've never gotten it is people who know you aren't a real good car right now there's no reason to fire eight. I felt good. Today considerably cop in the medium he was in the media like but does it its esteemed media and it was face legal right away but he is that there is light truck. Some of them like the bright as freaked me out. Until I just I stopped and yeah perhaps yeah. Yeah. Leg Graham I try to get. Anna on my got him. I don't know kids. The cops are the kitten hide for a speed trap this. There in the. Or else TT they parked in places where it's no RP yeah. That's not a fan seriously there's seizure aren't stuck it's easier Frazier and corn dog Smart match. One the best grease your driver's license. And Brothers your driver's license for won't let alone be Indy your drivers or walk. I don't look at it should be halted. Did. And now.