BJ & Jamie: Tide Pod Challenge is poison. 1/23

Tuesday, January 23rd

Tide Pods are so bad for you there is a report of what the soap will do to the human body. It is basically like they are doing the Rat Poison challenge. So now different food companies are having fun with it selling Tide Pod Donuts and there is a Tide Pod Shot and drink now.


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TJ and yeah I'm still going strong. Yeah and and my clothes tell me yesterday like so many people and even a death and all that I mean. She's somebody wrote. Beckham went from Ames was just remember people the next and as the president of the you know. To vote for these kids that are two on tide pods and electorate and express that completely got out there in charge to our god they're charged and I want you look at something here did you see this do you see this. What he hears the way it's labeled. What tight pods due to your body I saw that we posted it on you hit are you guys sound earlier this sport it teach you see what it does. It barred you from your mouth and here's the deal when you see these videos of these people are being really stood the first double. But when you see it. According to this yeah there's no way would you buy into it did you go to get an all out your system. It's it's gonna see bid and ask you could spit it out he can throw up to do what ever. I think is the saddest part about on it is that we all think our kids are amazing Braly Eaton and all that. Ending yet that our parents out that a guy like. Why would mean I'm sure that they're just sitting there like. You know who don't throw up our hands on what would you ever think that that's something that you should do. You think of the I eighty. It's not about that and I'd just would be like I've failed. I'm not digging away from these parents and I'm sure they thought their peers their kids would never do it either clear why would day but when you and you have to go off big. It's hit me Lawrence. Is this like really beyond these street. I I because I don't want to sound like that person that it back in my day where you didn't do that currently are way below. I don't have yet to put but I mean this is able laundry detergent. And it's odd to. Eight because I have a friend that's a great mom. And her son was playing with those rare does beads that all stacked together their magnetic because whenever well he put him in his mouth just can't see what they'd stick between his tongue. You know currently just of they did. Willie accidentally swallowed them. And pulled its intestines together you know who I'm talking about Ashley didn't work here and that pulled listened to think shaming her she received from people. Was she she fell apart she couldn't believe hears her son getting emergency surgery on his intestines. To remove these magnetic beads and people are shaming her and saying. But what is me in office everything you hear this great he's a Smart kid. Yang she didn't deserve that and in net but to me that's more of an accident okay it was kinda dumb to put in your mouth to be honest but if you don't want to. We've all done that I've sat around chewing on a pen and the cap Myanmar amount written could've easily swallowed that I get that via. But I don't get when he sent a video camera. Annual walk over you get on camera and you take the detergent pod. You put your mouth in because someone his challenge you to do it you do. I don't get it. Is an island now. You're saying if she's seems to know it's only what I. Remember the parents that are I'm probably pretty darn good parents they gambled there I think the great. Or more than likely insist that this is poison that's like doing the rat poison challenge. You know it's I think decided I'd challenge. It's like the real. Well and I targeted yesterday and I'll start is joking a famous YouTube berg I was pretending to do it. And then and a although followers started to do that for real. You know ego I guess the love that's it things I. I think they do you do you think the populist either again because that you're getting these coffee shops donut shops and there was a pizza place yesterday that was doing that tied Pete says. They're getting a lot of popularity from the. And really you know immediately getting sick and go in the hospital but. For the most part do their eyes and in stand by my conviction that that is not happy about that I think all they say this is a a nightmare for them. Tied to know why the publicity nightmare no matter what they say about there's no such thing as bad publicity idea areas there that day are Sally who tied like yeah. People are buying tie anything and not buying it now I've completely. Completely the opposite now instantly. I yeah. Publicity yeah. 888 year old that might see this of every at that crap in your house and keep our eye and. Absolutely I I totally it totally high tech NATO five what are the five got what do you think. I think ten days ITV in the long run tide will benefit from this big time he thinks people are by mark tied because they let the kids on I do. You all but they are selling their house. How hard. It's not on a bite because of those. They don't want outside five world but not great what do you think on text NATO. In. More. I.