BJ & Jamie: Tim Tebow demoted to minor leauge, Bj is going to do his Fabio impression with his extensnions 3/21 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, March 21st

Time Tebow was demoted from the Major leagues to the minor leauges. Now playing for the Columbia Firelfies. Bj is going to get hair extensions to look like Fabio.


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Vijay and Jamie I tend Tebow. What is it about today is so is sap had what are you talking about. And then butterfly leaguer whatever he's gone off. I knew immorality and an advocate Ellen yeah I've been saying this throughout you know on our revenue and I have been saying I. I told you so I told you so Tim Tebow was a terrible I actually had guys not gonna make it in the big leagues baseball football what ever basketball you name it. Not gonna make it but he's a great guy don't get me wrong I'm sure he's a wonderful Christian human being. It's wonderful Christian human being he was a really high gas. He just doesn't have what it takes to big hit it takes more than a tight but the food to make it in Major League Baseball I'm sorry yeah. Tim Tebow is working out with the New York Mets he's been in the training camp despray. Era start a couple of days there he couldn't get on base. Well then I saw in last weekend where he got like three for three admits he did great. And any. Proved again for saddling them. He couldn't do again he went downhill fast and now leadership team. From the New York Mets organization was still part of the organization that he's gone to the minor leagues to the boys in New York butterflies. I think it was the chippewa. Italy ranks or something in that I don't know it was something. Hawaii does it doesn't feel like a manly name I like to name it Columbus Cox could lose yourself and look at her but but but but yeah I think at Columbia firefly. The higher. I feel I am as far as content of fireflies. But I knew I remembered it was a very like mailing name and he's playing Tim Tebow think about it. On his Jersey from the Friday is jerseys is a firefly. Fighting fireflies. Tennis is dependent on the back of the BT ball team both firefly. Guys double. Ramon wrong code 203. Fire fly home. We know he's not well he's firefight I avoid him he can he hang up the lead a pain your mom. He can't give away your green looked up and then you aren't a rat race but the balls away I have a question remember when Lady Gaga I was T Boeing amen. Yeah man ever amazed Tebow has the world's if around the world it wasn't just the USA to nose battle in the world we all got down now I'd remember it I did it. I T go to after painful matches. Right in front and well. But now it is did this fates. No I'm Mary Jones. GSA change campaign chair and she. Ring of fire. No reverse Karate Kid. The only thing that would make an impression better is if you're Butler about. Well not for the jeans anyway. Does anybody for but luckily she did did the little awkward movement in my foot we should get Arafat's. I look out bringing a flashlight to my. Tomorrow tomorrow we're gonna regular flashlight will do the Tim Tebow about. On firefly or play a case we have that we have another tragic and you're digits hair extensions for me because some I've always wanted to be the Fabio Brady of the realm that you wanted to be a romance Minnesota via romance model was my first thing in line I don't wanna the end that was like 45 years old and and I never made it into that world I didn't have connections so we're on Bennett written thrust. The UK so there aren't there and then you get to stand so blows my locks of hair yeah. So look like a romance novel crash which I think had been green on the call now. I'm sure that we need study that just came out. Getting into that none. You know whether we'll go ahead I admit T you wanna you wanna take this necessary tennis player who really kind of hurts me to read this who had heard does it. It scheduled closed down doesn't that alone. Couple's son that may be suffering now bothers me because I know I don't have to worry about something like this right there are people out there that do yourself a daily beauty can be here's the bottom line. Beauty can be a bad thing in a relationship if only one person has its here's deadline. Feel beautiful to be face for a better hurts like. He's beautiful to be faithful to turn. It says that basically. It's revealed that couples. Where one is more attractive than the other I'm more likely to divorce than anybody else. Do you ever see this. Well I mean without Christie Brinkley end Billy Joseph Christie Brinkley Billy Julia. Because that means she wonderfully sail away because he's Diddy and yet okay things hideous and brilliant play. Jay-Z and beyoncé and keep an egg donor never used easy easy guy he's so it. And then and then and then there's no doubt he had a separate hearing you know don't hang on a second look at stake in the program it pisses of yeah this is about beauty this has nothing to do with a wealth for this has nothing that would status and this is only how a person appears as a group that's it. Because she say. Let's see here. She said isn't this guy was the love of our life that. Eighteen months to later it was all over because someone kept flatter people kept flattering her trying just to do search. And that she didn't have the backbone ever to say no because people just admired her so much since. She's head on if yes we love. Did that on the attend yes. That people kept complementing her she would go to a party or something and they would all say hey you look absolutely. I think. And then the old new moon dirt bag so we hear her husband they wouldn't say a word to him. He stood there not only in her here she gets it everywhere she goes nobody says anything about me look I got to my tux nobody's even noticed. That's that sets up a bad relationships. He said my kids go ahead and turned every which way by the gorgeous men who stepped over my poor play an accountant has been all born. To flirt with his hot young life you know it was her. Yeah I ended up leaving him for one of his rivals a banker a bond there chiseled features who has introduced to me. By a female friend and suddenly in that relationship I became the jealous one insecure male looks because he was more attractive than many kids. The real life Beauty and the Beast. Play just it's like everything I guess everything everything he went to many hot air rapids is when you get somebody got hurt you then they also went to many out there is like a horrible little faith in them. Follow us here because I'm the remote really lived in the whole world round I sold. Under the hot chick let's say the least down. Lisa is hot and windy in the semi and in those who roof. But. The registration push hard to think I don't know if I guess. I OK I'm ready usability assets and I insight good and then she sees a hot guy right right an easily super hot he's got her attention because the both look at me like way is that riot. The so it's a certain agenda. Oh my god. That's so funny Harvey you know there I go ahead of supplies some kind of picture that right and so then they both yeah ago yeah. We're. Buddha and. Okay. Hard to imagine that it but I am trying to get your points and says he's. It's really that girl not guy we now he's the total hi guy I mean obviously she sure. Up on a pedestal and girl and she knows it because she's and then let's face it I. You're free. I'm trying my best to play along that little aren't made no matter how. So now she's not a guy that's. Maybe even more attractive more attractive than that she is and now she begins insecure one end and leg doubts yourself and all this because she's not this. Told that she was to you can get no and that she's become the lesser when she was the greater right she's a lesson at noon traded hurt anymore. Underground and they even comes the defendant any kids. So may legally these Smart like les and they win the jug eared. Less attractive guy and oh yeah it's still. Jane Jane Seymour is on Alex.