BJ & Jamie: Time for BJ to step-up his game. 7/14

Friday, July 14th

Bj is already having a slump.. he had some ladies on the line and now he is getting no call backs, even from the girl he took to the movies.  He told us after the movie he noticed his shirt was covered in butter and popcorn bits. It is time to step up his game and go get a pedicure and a haircut.


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Vijay and Jeanne we'll have big night planned tonight. If that. Yeah so well. And now. I know that I just kept always recap this because I think because it's summer hours an amazed. Do different things so Vijay is single man occasion of her that the wedding was called off and on that and I. There DJ brick or boy is out or. Else. And crazy it's just crazy it is so what do you do I know we did tonight we don't not to mention but what about that Sunday thing. It's canceled. Why things are once this moves slightly and now I don't know me well I just don't know and I know you don't know quote. Don't call me back. I don't know I said something there he's not content bad but the personal call me that she won't know. He has wouldn't but it won't happen and they don't know. I do and as a cross a line some where. You have a worse record. I don't it's getting bad really bad is that the same girl that went to the movies do you yes so I urge people like you bachelor he's not gonna call me back looks like. So did you grow excited today as and it's almost more Evers Sunday. But yeah we brilliantly that we were gonna get together and just two but you'd. Is that how we ballot whether. Yeah but I'm just saying that and so it's an hour so you know. So the movie just eating foods line I about Bryce. And you run wearing your shower slippery ice to be out front row I don't know I shooting night but I don't caddie I look at it I'm it. Any I don't get you to resume Wonder Woman who yes. Acme I don't know what what would roll out here what I don't. US and there's popcorn all of your shirt kind of doubting you were a little humiliated I did and then that you where your shower shoes and I said dude look at your feet. You have not had a pet each year never no never never and you know yesterday I tried to tell you. The steps to go to a panic here. You're dead right isn't that well I even ask you because you got beat think you've got neglect and clearly since Burke he's not calling him back out thought and I got to change might need a little bit here exactly you know we left the theater I didn't tell you this without the theater and I didn't even think about in out once we got out like you could see fingerprints on my shirt of the butter. Yeah. Yeah well I think. Wow where I had reached in May have a popcorn and I I wires are my shirt now. They get them in the dark but once we got into the light you like so let me get you tired you know. And now we got egg on his group thought it was like fingerprints on my style guide. So we today and I'd love to hear your suggestions as well because BJ is gonna get a Medicare you finally get it he he is agreeing to yeah. But he said to me and I can't count 90 am going to be on its. I can't think of Iowa too nice to just locking in there there's there are guys and their their no dice and. They're no notice there's not going to be geysers and I Ginny had me yesterday that they can that I go get into because where it it's. How not to be then heck have guys have Whitney yeah and I am leaving here yesterday thinking to myself you know one. No that's throw me that's not true I know there's a UPS place and go to sometimes to draw Bob Stubbs the next door to it is that they don't play right. I've never seen one dude does not prove that. I check to make you more comfortable. And so I said he had you know just go in the NC one of Medicare the toll used to have a man in there. They're primed even be a man and a chair. Well. Let me just tell you the truth OK does that settlement yesterday it was a flat out lie right aid there they're not east do you come and in and to singing the independent not at all. That they're into that well yeah if you are it like this with the and McCray and then and then. And then hit and then the PUN a chair and then they'll look at you our feet and hate your gap. A team now in outweighed him and can now I've been told that they see everything. So therefore there never grossed out by any thing that's what do there before and are there to make sure that they give great. Customer service and what usually women take care of their feed and so they're Steve Grossman is its would that mean comes in and then I'll start. Scrubbed and it really hard and then they'll do the Dem middle parts used screen and it. With a little tickle yeah. And I'm sure the ladies I'm sure the ladies all gather in one area of the shopping they don't know he's taking now that you know you do it because nobody wants a bit left to draw straw and then at one point the bullying views and nail clippers they use their teeth. Jamie and they just yeah look I come to you know get advice on how to go get a mile he. And I have a home the dog rumors come to you yeah yeah that's I wonder if there's pedicure that comes to yield. Baking company tells us back of the van and as they do my own it outright in the driveway I cannot demand to hand them. They'll be something maybe it heady day that may have a big recliner in the back yeah and like a watered. It or not. Look out next million dollar ride shark like you get a man who. You set it up it's a pedicure and so for guys like me go to to the barest. To show they are feed in public. In that way they come to your house that pulled your driveway. Between a chair comes out you get to sit right there in the driveway get a Teddy this brilliant I'm telling you this and X million dollar idea men that. The man remain an end the girl that's like blue leaning down and washing your feet and stuff she's got a big hitters in like. John their cleavage and maybe she would prop supper flat right in her cleavage. And I read. Yeah gray hair all the just like yeah it's yeah vials and it's easier for when they didn't bite on the fifth. He's got so much our joint well I've found here on the Denver senior services and resource web site. Wait did we junior and senior. About a mobile on site salon. Split that has got everything you need to hear people and seniors and special needs Q and as for people that are shut ins. The cute gal can get out I can get out I give at least into the driveway a couple of look and I. I thought that you don't buy out talk about it you know some of the nets I think that's more like for health care. In that come right to the house says many years spent years. And not be a bad idea they're used to seeing some Barley see you know I think about it you know because you they've seen a lot people Pete rock yeah. So this you know not being highly assume our stat I will be judged right well they be like it's. I think this is your calls I think we're all. Political giants the lead college culling. Well Lee. Jacquelyn. You nailed it and I thought I putt putt putt putt. And I am sure that is exactly get to god yeah but this is not a bad idea the other is green and I kept we got to get some home servicer because I just don't think I can walk into the Neill plays and I don't. I just don't take. I know because seat. And I hate to say this party when I said guys are Americans are usually there with girlfriends their lives you know because that I'm. I've taken many a man to get them all right Darren Manning here but I you know the only way their current rules of the with a girl Russ yeah and. Mental and cassette heads you know the views just a little bit you know you've got the lady there she can talk the language he basically just takes a seat in two ships sail up rang and she takes care rep but here I'm gonna walk up to string a thank Amir for petty. Because of the union at all ten according. And then we can look at it like you that you kind of like a parent that you just went and nice you know. Woman from Lithuania that service you the truth and who can't help but I. Yeah it's easy and more on Alex I.