Bj & Jamie: The Titanic Door was too small for Jack and Rose. 1/31

Tuesday, January 31st

James Cameron says that anyone saying that Jack and Rose could have fit on the floating door is full of Crap and there is no way the two of them would have fit. Jamie watched Titanic with her son and he tore the graphics apart.           


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Vijay and Jamie are Jamie there is something that came out yesterday and that you have mentioned on the show many many many many many times got a guy. You've said and I'll decision quote you don't know exactly when talking about get. Why didn't Jack get on that door. There was plenty of room for both of them I know that study came out last year. Exactly. Exactly where they should position them brag brag zarrella went. Antagonize James Cameron came out yesterday if he did. The maker of the Titanic. Because remember last year at the game that would diagrams how both Jack and what's her name rose I knew this would fire you up rose to lay out the door is a dispute over a little mention dispute it if she laid this way and he laid that way they can boast six. East. EU. You know the scene there there in the water moral Jack's freezing to dance she hogs the Doerr. And just lays there and then finally just pushes his forehead send him under right. But now according to James Cameron the Mythbusters in that that's we saw that right out from. He said yesterday. They're funny guys I love doing that show would dim when they disproved it. The fact that they both could not have been on the door which means they could if I. But their total blank. No they could not have been on the door isn't couldn't they could not guess reported James Cameron they could obviously to have this debate mean Rajon for eternity they could not and. Oh yeah. We knew he had the diagrams. Well boy. Yeah a lot of people you know worked it out mathematically out with the bodies in their way lately and I down again this well for the bulwark and all that Ethiopia but now. According to James Everett he says the Mythbusters guys are full. He says that there's no way they could fit on the door first of all they both that door would that have held both weights. According to him he said he would had to put the light jackets have been beat in order to do their ability to start to reject what do died but he did die. But he would have died attempting to do to get both of them on the door. Angie is the selfish bitch attitude. I'm too. I don't do. But Michael would be similar kind of the Siskel and Ebert of the Titanic you have been convinced by the Mythbusters guys. And he could hit on the dollar tries last. Yes she's got a big girls residents earning little man. She isn't a big girl machine for he he's slowly little yeah she Caroline. So it works in early two little guys like big girls she is a powerhouse now relationship. I think actually you're right I do believe that I do think she was selfish I think did she she didn't want him on the door let she put up about ten feet. Like to feed towards her head and there are currently Georgia said they would affect. That was the way to go. Well that's a that or stat yet they could stacks at laid on top of him here. She went to school as James says they're full of crap well he does what he says he says that that that the controversy rages on. Sun doesn't really death I have to agree I thought because she knew has soon die hard about she he could've been on the door. I'm not really that die hard that you mention that many cannot issue and I just measure last year and at what time it came out and Amy mentioned twice with. With that at a consider my selling and die hard hey Jack should have been on that door got a gal and guy. If you had a that they thought I really didn't madness drawings of the unit and it didn't you know it's just a little bit but it. Relatively new. I should allergy doctors I. You know it's pretty yeah when I figured it got the one vigorously. Hang it. If you look at the very beginning of Titanic you know I mean when they're in the water they both did try to get on the door attempts over. Yes. Wait a bit. Only mean to both get on May well try to get it tips up. And so that's when you during the Mythbusters London and now during the actual data during the actual movie that both traded pull up on and it takes upward like that and that's when he is like. He just decides to hang on the side now just take one for the team yeah yeah shipment and I just watched it last weekend. You have seemed like a thousand on the net with the IG and turn it off every time for the jewels of the Titanic zone I got to watch. I don't know the Indy. I know the last weekend and watch it are two weekends ago sack and watch so is my kid male and he says I told you he was gone off on it. Next year. And they didn't get a they have to do that I missed. She's the scene aboard the boat is just going across the water they call water and those stars. Those stars looks they look like something that they're not even stars the kind of pretty like spotlight that's kind of my fingerprint looney tune of I'm a I'm just saying that. And in the bay in place the policies piano and violin and then whatever this news. What is this and whether clarinet. This thing's acts of slow enough. A loan well. Yeah. So base a base hit I'm. We'll seniors and I told the core here on you know yeah I do manage to raise the age I would doesn't. Yeah. Kennedy in this case EU. I didn't each inch weekday mornings on Alex. I.