BJ & Jamie: Today is Colorado Day. 8/1

Wednesday, August 1st

Today is Colorado day.

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Vijay and shaming you into this this sheet that that August vs Colorado des. Don't feel like what are reproduce so what. This lady didn't seem like it doesn't know. I today yes Colorado day. Yes this I knew that I saw the commercials for the state parks and it is very Clark right yeah yeah yeah museums free to state parks even free to the museum's. I end you get free doughnuts and I don't know abductions usually doughnuts every day. Yeah let's get a sad is that you bring in those Colorado donuts today I'm. Oh and a oh my god those cholera to Dennis and Dunkin' Donuts and. These are real they're really good and that really got but I do feel like that Dunkin' Donuts they celebrate everything Nelly and those every. Seed yeah so Dunkin' Donuts is offering guests a freak out those thing don't. With a purges of Andy's eyes Colbert in and that's through August 5. It and take this all started back at 1876. When Colorado was named the Centennial state and now today August 1 is known as Colorado that but I don't know a lot of people on board. A dog leash getting better deals I agree magic soon yeah. A couple of things here you got museums and yet state parks it's like to state has stepped up with a couple things. That's it you know what do you will will play free music. All of that's there you go home he's you know we shall we after it today it is decent generous really. Yes what it would it's curtains and I can't say. It started celebrating a wet and wild Wednesday the water park will stay open for an extra two hours. That's what I need them and you read through this is like it's gonna grab the he works are rattled day you had huge ride them. Whether it's music in honor of you know an ordinary. Havana Wednesday at the Colorado today he'd. Change cut cut cut a change we see more on Alex I.