BJ & Jamie: Tom Brady Meal kits. 3/8

Wednesday, March 8th

The Tom Brady meal kit is now available for you to purchase so you can eat like Brady at home. The food comes in a box and is all planned and with instructions on how to cook it and when to eat it. They will cost $78 for 42 meals.  

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Vijay and Jamie let's do something healthy have you seen this British that have you seen that Tom Brady meal kits. The total. Like a Weight Watchers get well remember oh yeah. Remember prior to the Super Bowl. Bizarre diet did says Tom Brady was on no refined sugars no white bread know anything was that in. Yeah I don't remember what it was definitely definitely kill me now. It was KO the end it was all that healthy healthy adults is Jean me and I never bought a Jacqueline what Tom Brady. Then after that breaks. She goes out and wins the Super Bowl MVP. Got the best shape of any athlete in the world it seems he's forty years old. And still out there even this football and winning Super Bowls so now they decided it's got to be has done. We're gonna challenge so now. A company called the purple carrot. The purple Jerry has decided to weight limit that's not a porn site. For. Wanted to make sure got that right. Oh no the red care I'm sorry. Welcome to skip it's that could pack. Or the terrorists hit it is putting together. All of his diet all of Tom Brady's diet putting it into a meal kits for breakfast lunch dinner. It all comes prepackaged. It's all labeled when you're supposed to eat it so now you can eat like Brady. Took like new desist relation to all the meals all planned out right and right here. Now but wouldn't be included like doesn't tell you one in the mid day how much he's not here. New England quarterback once confessed that he never had a strawberry or a sip of coffee in his life. But look at him look what he's achieving. His peak performance it's is good now as ever before and why it's because of his diet. Each TB twelve I'll get Tom Brady twelve Tom Brady twelve performance meal kit. Peace to people in it cost 78 dollars for three meals for an entire week. There's a lot. But it got to do may have weighed three meals but extremely old so that that's our number one per person. The B 42 meals for 78 dollars. A pretty good. Doesn't make patients free meals and what are we are at 66 days. What six today that's three meals three diamond sales of seven per person since Tony what he'd be forty to be Bosnia. According to Nielsen 78 dollars that's too bad of course all your Getty is like lettuce. Is well it's it's not like you're getting a big juicy steak with a there's you know out of it I mean it's cheaper food it's carrots. Who. I'm stuck their math over there for I don't to have three meals covers you in a week you have to admit I'm meals a day. Three meals a day and it doesn't say that missive for me a read it just says 030. Boy you are not bright today and let's bring you as a week. If you blow it says it's 78 dollars a week and you get three meals. I'm assuming that's three meals you don't have a lot of and three meals and seven days that hit the wires and he took the fifth the official Mardi Gras. Tom Brady you have to admit. There is absolutely a stunt. This guy in saying you know I don't like team as far as liking him a more bronco for Emma big chronicles an intact not even more of a bronco fan but you have to admit Tom Brady. Is the management. So I think we need to eat like Tom. It like if it's cooked up. I noticed he is Amanda has like weird stuff like I cattle ice cream. Maybe we just get it for Shawn and have him tried for weeks you know you see how he does well on different Emmy and wait for the different diets. But these are works great. Maybe it would put you on this diet may be Jamie up by the diet you do it to prepare for your bike trip. I would try it I would definitely time for a week and it worked for her interest food. We'd have to go more than a week of the. Thought do you have kids or is Goodell in Little Rock now maybe she just love my yourself and it's a. And I dollars and get ideas on to our Baja peninsula and it couldn't quite like Brady. Each inch and more on Alex I.