BJ & Jamie: Tom Petty OD'd. Ambien is bad. 1/22

Monday, January 22nd

The report was that Tom Petty died of an Accidental over dose. He had several types of drugs in his system. Also the Baseball pitcher who died in a plane crash also had drugs in his system when he crashed his plane and died.  It is time to outlaw Ambien.

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Vijay and Jamie did you see the are release of the week and of having drugs for an Tom Petty system I did all out like gosh that was kind of sad but I guess he just broken his hip. In east which we have three different animals and I'm in three different heights that's what oxy. It is stuff demanded and sedatives in his system they they claim that over the weekend it was released that Tom Petty died a bit accidental. Drug overdose. Yet with OxyContin fentanyl. Three different types and I asked and I know there was three different types. I didn't. I never even heard about sentinel journal again the last few years anyway gaffe. We grimacing and somebody else is out to answer for him until I remember it was a guy who flew that plane. That little sports. Piper plane remember the idea play baseball players yeah they have released his autopsy as well and need to add some. What was it. Like yet a little bit a Trace Ambien and there you and a couple of other things to remember what they Wear. No I don't I saw the story of the week amid I don't remember exactly what he had been it was it was a cocked idea homeless here. And with the Tom editing his muscle set about Tom Petty thing too is that well when I first heard Tom Petty passed away. You know we all thought that it was a heart attack right so it's like OK it's his time ago when you find out that it was a drug overdose that was accidental and you realize it it didn't have to. It wasn't like that these guys fellow regarded Jacqui it was it was you know induced by him. Because you've taken all these drugs have makes it remorse act. I have ever done that I know concede. I have these bills yeah here and you've seen me do this and I have these hills and here there's these that lithium wouldn't them. Metabolic repair and optimization battle moved. And I've done the former nice at G bytes of those haven't got that Somalia yet I don't remember if I took an. And that happens with the medication because it does mess in your head right. You don't remember had known that. That doesn't but I'm just saying with because you know back when I had my knee surgery had to take all these different painkillers right. And you wouldn't remember. Like OK get take it you know just now to the ticket two hours ago and you get all mixed up and then when you add alcohol to that it just it's all score early. I mean if it's that easy for me to be so Bard taking and the like does multi vitamin and not remembering. Can you imagine it like you said a mean you're on painkillers and a little bit out of the year yeah. And with Ambien to Ambien is such a crazy drug because you don't remember anything. You taking Ambien. And you don't you go to bed you wake up the next day you don't remember anything you it's it's in his mind he racer suit you wouldn't know if you took it or not. You don't even though he fed to dogs. You may debtor in you have no idea what you did he show you see that would make me am I would never do again. I'd certainly that's exactly it would likely that I do right and it definitely you know what you start thinking too Jamie is you start thinking that. I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna lose all control. And that's scary if you think about it because it would hurt stories of people to go out drop their car their naked in all kinds of stuff going on. And you really do you lose all control everything you don't remember anything via kids it is no way it's there's no if you're in charge of children in your house you could never take that it's a crazy stuff and I they should just outlawed it's. Our house is calling for a over the weekend they really show I don't even know why exist because you can buy it like you know take Benadryl. Our take Tylenol PM or something of that nature to make you sleep you don't need something like this to. Any else was talking about that over the weekend for now it was as a whole thing went viral Ebola like do you have any success stories that they have been where you like not thank god I went to sleep I woke up I felt fantastic exchange and I and I know pretty. Stories about Ambien parents at me or did it I don't. Christie at what painkillers are out there because people are paying that they have to take a I don't consider the head unit all I talk. I'd I'd no way in there was no reason for the jump. Yeah no idea and so I know I. I'm sort of happened that weekend is like has Indian isn't really a rape drug that's changed your life like to sleep and it's all yeah yeah. I like him like my sister to get and then they videotaped her eating. And cereal in the Petri I will say this I live like yeah. She's joked I will say this a win they would ambient you sleep in that when you wake up you don't have that groggy feeling the other groggy this that you get. You don't know what you get for about an hour. We'll tell you but I never eat. Brief glimpse Abdullah you can carry it. Guys in my mom try to get in the shower with my wife and I over the weekend last weekend here has no. Memory of yeah imagine if she were an AM ES. I thought I thought. I could put him I hottest. Morton's on Alex and I.