BJ & Jamie: Toy hall of fame Sean Elks hopes. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

Bj and Jamie have a list of toys that made it into the Toy hall of fame.. BJ guessed Matchbox and Magic 8 Ball. Sean says Play food for sure. Sean at Elks Lodge and he passed the first meeting and background check.       


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Vijay and game quickly here I guess the toy hall of fame has all their nominees out there yes they did it. So I don't. Yeah it was a 12 I am in the near Manny that I did know that you didn't know that and yet last year you and I spoke about this on the you remember that is part of that tend to forget yes yes there is a toy hall of fame and against the nominees for this year is. Induction. Are out right yes. By the way. Did you see the coolest toy ever at the finger monkey. Bigger part finger monkey in a little toy. Want to know who know what I was asking that's a legit question would you say finger monkey that's a legit question now. John you go to my page and let the little song to. You don't like I. And he got out of that business. It's not it. That real can't Little Rock. It's not it's no big deal this week seventeen if you wanna get back into the business you can. I get back in the UK trial that I didn't want to sell finger monkeys all day and go or I get played as we're in the bigger Monday August and it. Well done waivers so sorry I hit a known what it was that even when he's thinking I don't know. I. Well bodies yeah. But you know girl playing roulette now there is. I listen listless let's listen listen there are enough. Redding got. Yeah so. Circles are you hanging and who pay your fine and have nothing monkeys that part of the the majority kebab but this week. I could and it. I'm not politically that far it's it's you've got your finger and an alien and Bart. In an amazing. Okay let's go back to. I feel like talking of the finger in a rally to I was imagining something completely different again and again don't know about the let down premier. A. Like I say here finalists for the toy hall of it can I guess and I'm what I think should be in the mall thing we don't know what tardy in there. No no no no well these are nominees that obviously there knots already and there. Right can I just say that's how you went against what the final yeah yeah yeah what what old goalie into the hall could I go. Well give me that. March. No you're gonna tell we want to wake her up from none and they should look to go into the whole thing off and I'll tell you which ones I think Warren to be in the hall thing. I. But the million need to figure monkey. It is why I. Pol. Rodney and that one right there I don't think that was made. I think that you think no I said from the beginning give me the nominees for the hall of fame and let me take a guess what I think should be in the hall that I am an item. Let the hat hat. Matchbox cars. Well yeah. They should be. That's asset is that tomorrow. He's got his own finger moved back. I just ordered lunch a bit of purple. Am I Tony. The game risk. The paper airplane with snowballs. Flew magic eight all pay candy dispenser place food. And say ended college sane and transformers and Udoh. And you could only get to that. That's hit the iron. Is that first trillion. Just the person matchbox cars. My little pony up and go with this grant it the paper airplane willful ball. Imagine it Bopp has candies as a play foods and transformers news and. I wrote down for Italy Italy due to Kenya Obama say. Matchbox cars and that is that that I don't know how you can't let that end I. I don't know how that's not already in there well pat what she went matchbox and now we have not we have CN okay in the others the magic eight ball I don't know any kid that didn't let. It's none of that country Australia as well huge snow transformers. Number and it does transformed it from them the big giant to car I know when I think -- the hall of fame I think the older ones that are classic she did before the transformer and if that's true wistful bombing and we'll we'll almost one of the best team with I got a little stiff and that it was impossible blame me I probably played with the with the ball more than any of these police who know you play with my little pony didn't and I still do final. A I can't think of a household that didn't have played food unit. How exciting it's really food I'd like that candy dispenser and leave without Littleton. He comes out of there. I was gonna say it's the. And that was it was to me I'll play food that was going to be funny by. Wecht. I like this is what shout is against me you know I'm sure all thought about hiatus at the other boys home Joseph ran. But I don't wanna I don't know how we having a job okay how it's all joking here. Toys in the boy's home. Now yeah. Only older you know well over fifteen so oh what was that number one toy in the voice elegant would you say to the play food. That's how would your tax gain now you we never had plea for now. Ineptly food and heating your home and read it and who moon and nature and what it is. It's like you know a little blocks and say like gadget man and went on the little kitchens and all yeah and it have a little kid can no. Located Nolan and how why would I like I had a little cabin in the inside his cabin was a little kick it. No we didn't have a little kitchen. Now we have an eight ball as the year wolf football and everything I can't fall but I'll miss Edna. And we all these other toys are on display this week that the fate include. Everything just went wrong and more what if you started bad. Here I guess they. Well okay there you know or oil and alternative plan and it can never act by the way on to state or not little bugged what should be in the toy hall of. Heard anything participants. Want them participated I think you know I love. You know draw floor where. But it does what around. They should want yen. Elks lodge yeah how did he go background check and big meeting last night I. I pass the first step. Well well because we all went into the meeting yes it took us up into the upper room. And they they sent is stay out in the they kind of gave us the spiel what that was about they had gone over all of our background checks this initial meeting was to let us all know. That we had all passed our background check how many. Are we talking here. Strife. 121212141214. Of trying to think once he's. Performs six to 198919. M 99. And budget twelfth well. I I very rarely do people go well I think I'm back. At my record to. Good size and he had my anger in it I I you know I I may have bumped that number were all saying is look if he told he kept the cars that are sitting right here it is harder. I want to leave or I wouldn't do and cars over the amount when we come back to the right number and that's all of diet well well well well. The movement didn't. More speed well that sixty well. Actually there was seven of I had good luck and good I don't Sunday. Just wish he would stop around eight just go. The orange on black yeah. Let's try again under IIRO. Click here to look Clinton is not paid I'll. Outside but I did. Did they go home and ID when it hit out lyrics he's not. Bar bill's lawyer what what happened yet did yeah yeah I went beyond. Remember this when was a really low key meeting we didn't have to answer any questions we just sat down. They told us that we had passed the background check and that we would beaten down moving on in a week to our orientation we budget. There's. The I'd read in Florida they ask questions ending any after the did they tell you about that 11 o'clock name. Now we didn't discuss that they'd just talked about. Is monitoring the India investigation. Made up some crap shoot this is busy little chip old blond chick they got some guys who started some crap over and little to look the they had an elks hanging around long. Kill what I don't know what they kill them somewhat someone to kill the. Should you can't think it represents absolutely don't you think the lions club goes on kills more than I know. This whole thing that got a little bear no no no now you murder simple and madam all the by the way clubs. We had a tax earlier shown India. Don't edit and then. And then. We do. It. The person said. So much of those elk. Background checks. Her good friend is an elks member name and a convicted felon. Warm maybe it was a petty crime. Of salad me he hey you get begging him to pick up. They want Paladino yeah. Thought I. They had led debt that's it. Great art cook. It's okay but today he's in the immortal on Alex I.