BJ & Jamie: Toys R Us bankrupt because of Amazon. 9/19

Tuesday, September 19th

Amazon is killing all the brick and mortar stores… Toys R Us is having to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The Execs says it is directly due to everyone ordering online and not coming into the stores. Toys R Us is saying they are 5 billion in debt.     


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Vijay and Jamie Amazon has done it again oh boy Toys 'R' Us system file bankruptcy because of Amazon I think it's Amazon. Have to say I. I was thinking about the next beat him if you remember a lot of places even before Amazon came along we're going out of business. You know a lot of places and they are blaming Pasco at the time. And the big box stores not Wal-Mart guys go all those places were taken everybody out of business round so I. Think things will the report this morning is that the has even mentioned Amazon ancient date did you say if those aren't you people that are ordering ar your phone and on your computer should tell us. Yeah how do I I don't know I mean. But don't remember a budget stores put out of business like those home electronics stores and stop you there rob when have business and they blamed on Glasgow Wal-Mart you know. So why would women only and it's just I'm loving Amazon yeah yeah I am glad I have not. I do have one coming today of them are I think Amazon I think you'll keep from Amazon on certain things pretty example yesterday you were telling me about a friend of yours. Who ordered something. A clothing them in how it didn't look like what the picture look like when you were ordering it. I think the clothing and shoes and things of that nature that you really need to try on. I think they're able safer with Amazon. Well here's the thing on basement you'll see all those different ads as weird ones like for link she and and La Raza ruling on that I know what there. But the closer look adorable on the girls but now they're saying they're Chinese companies could take site. I am now eight weeks to get some of them and they don't do it right at all and I tell you about my girlfriend her hair for. Oh my god they won't post it. But today but bathing suits unlikely she. And these are you know the wind right to do you know enough there but they are could teach. Gorgeous women like totally fail and shredded and all that stuff and they got these bikinis probably G a little. Am GU guys that. Which in the picture outside of that he is the cutest little thing he needs every point be the perfect fit than what solo stuff well Q but. They did not fit at all and they ordered the same size and both had different cuts. I. We just threw it together in China they don't care they don't care about TV women aren't they down and lucky because it was just a mess it you can't sit back here I. But I'm not a I don't think got to work clothing online and I know a lot of people do not saying I do wrong that but I. I wouldn't ordered that she used and things yet dried up because I'm not one. I don't let the whole send it back you'd have to get another order. I'd rather go to a store try it on and byte of its debts but did make it so easy on Amazon trends that permit them to have isn't it what team just for an animal print label content to ride back. Toys 'R' Us or have to file for bankruptcy they're seeing their five. Billion dollars in debt. I've billion and a silly voice and now. GI Joseph does not apply to show opened. What I'm here and well and then the whole experience of your kids get to go to toys president pick an outlet thing is all well. So far the restructure the F five billion debt. They're going to restructure they say no stores are going to be affected and we'll see what happens but it could be on me because I'm gonna have a shot. Because it is easier. Amazon is aren't the only place I've water filters coming today from Amazon associate with the idea that yes yes he is so when you do an. I felt like such a little goof ball I swear I didn't dummy. When it comes to meet its around the house I'm the worse I'm absolutely the worst but I do this the privacy alone personable but deprives in my home. So so. I have a yacht a refrigerator ha. And the filter light key market which I didn't know that's what it was until I looked it up on YouTube but it's a filter like the devils say decades. Jamie yet. Well it doesn't want. In my instance felt not know and yours doesn't mind looks like a fly swat. Okay it looks like the end of the slice Claudia and it's got to tell you look at it that it was a filter. You didn't have the ability that figure that out how buyers have yet to look at what that little lie in its and then I looked inside the fridge. Around the fridge pull the fridge outs. Looking for flights whopper. And wildlife there's got to be sliced water under somewhere that's what that is if there's got to be a vice like you had to go look it let's go out. What that side that you where I'd score oh my god way to guy gets worse it's horse is coming cents. I would pick so after seeing it on YouTube it's common sense yet and I'm like big I mean that's why why else. Dead so did it's like a filter right. So then I'm like OK I go back to the of her refrigerator looking to rap act and not by and a filter anywhere nowhere. Turns out I'd go to YouTube I looked it up. It turns out there's a little knob that that's right now as dead center of the refrigerator. And says. Filter. I did is say filter my does filter known under at all on the inside I'm not talking about the life and I'm Doug about where they built are actually is among them. On the inside it says elder elder turn here it's a teaches third bullet out what to do it if that's. A look at our. And here. I don't. So literally have not ordered but filters would like six blocks. Let me get today and I get up today. And is. I don't know invited still excited can be excited I'm excited port you'd think you'd implement all by yourself well the F I thought he had I'll call you on YouTube. Didn't. That doesn't look. In. More on Alex. I.