BJ & Jamie: Transgender Girls Win state in Girls track parents are upset. 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th

There is a story of Two transgender, former male, Female students and the both of them won state in track. Some parents are upset because the two transgender girls won by a lot! The law in their state says that students can participate in school activities according to the sex they identify with, not the sex they were born with.  

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Vijay and Jamie here we go the controversy is back again. I guess a couple of transgender. Athletes. Participating. In a female lead the girl's track team human first and second. And parents are outraged. Okay so way I need to know which. What did eagle from to her voice of their voice and other girl and now other girls beating with the girls and smoke them and track. Which video we know Omar god and spoke about all they did a berth since that. Like almost a lap to impair our back to they gave some bolt really not even close funny it's like you know what is that you see no bull how we play like he. I've been at least. These two trans women I guess other girls it's high school. In baseball. It's not even close. So I don't yeah. Mean honestly because I understand how the parents who feel like here's a girls there all the tracks aren't they want it you know and then at them train and. Didn't mean a lot of people are happening at the news the trans want pride week. You know I could I don't have the same time then to actually situated if you are the parents. Other girl that's participating in cheese really good in the back. Of all the girl olds. Board that girls. She's the past this immediate smoke by a couple of these you know people that are participating that is a little controversial. So as a Perry that's exactly I just sent to enter repeating. Thank you but here's the news story high school track stars who took first and second place that the Connecticut state championships now finding themselves at the center of a controversy. But the young women are transgender and competed on the girls team that's not sitting well with some parents and student actually sell. They started a petition to change a rule. Connecticut inner scholastic athletic conference for C I eight feet and that app you can choose to compete for the sport which they gender identify wet though some are saying this creates an unfair advantage especially when it comes to athletics all right. So yeah. Idea and then I realize it's gonna it's gonna be what is he got legs that sensitive. Yeah yeah because my thought was let's let you know that's a new category in the transgender. And the does that seem like segregation southern mean in my grammar. Yeah but listen to this that it what she says there is that. Eight person can participate. With what ever they want. It's according to who you I'd get up by sex wise. Such an open rule but it's never going to be thing what about those not by an iron kids I don't know. Had it where they run well they would just juice you choose to what every one who identified they don't identify with either sat. They could on a Monday on a Monday they could say I wanna run with the girls he media spoke there and you stay on twos are run with a bois team but their non by an you know they'd need a nom I now deemed as. Let's say they don't have a sax isn't this just crazy I. I tell you I I Tony that's probably my sinking a moment that dubbed the little girl's school but not my narrow. Oh lead in the jail yesterday she Laird and snap today not by Mary she's only eleven how does she know what that. Since the weird part is. Beer it's happening so often. That it's confusing eat. A indicate. Ice dance I don't I don't know well. Yes don't. I not lately putted it it's a category itself that you're transgender. Mailed to email you guys ran against each other but then I'd get in trouble because now I'm separating art from it in years and you get different angle OK let's say you're EUR mail. Coming female leader forced to run with a males. To do it the horrible treatment to whatever it may be that's affect your performance right has negative value. Now you have a disadvantage. Because of that it was so is that even fair. I. Bubble here but that let you say but fair and we got lost. If you go watch the video hook it's not fair it's dot buyer yeah it is dot. These girls there left at them at the starting July. These two guys trans women whatever you wanna go whip day smoke. Do you. Think it's because more and more. Of innocent thing it's got to be a ruling. What do for a person born may L is with a female but the sport is power lifting. So dear pat and power lifting and it's and it and she is born male but she becomes a woman. It's happened before so how does she powerless mailer he meant well gee she will go with the female out category she's a little early on yeah. That's what's been going up though that's where the controversy as it's not the other way around it's and it's not a female that is trains to eight in May oh that's competing and lose that said even making headlines and I'm sure it's happening it's that it's the men. Our boy is that are becoming girls or identifying as a girl that's competing with girls in there. There winning. Am sure I can you club and number that says we're being insensitive to the transgender community. I don't know how we are now well what are we said incidents since he'll like I said it's even confusing many. I don't think there's anything that we said I just think some people jump on the bandwagon. You talked about it we're in a pride parade but look at. Everybody yes. Ford also ports that's happened so it's like it's like you did on the job but Obama and Hillary like he can't. We can't have a discussion because now we're insensitive which I don't get an incentive that's what a fine now trying her the idea. I'm not what you don't know what we've said this solicit and we're just ignorant too and then realized. Didn't. So on so on and. You have to realize that that that that this is just not fair to the girls. On that spread team and even appeared in your transgender in two of team you have to seed that's. You have to believe that what she does pretty well yeah well yeah it's just unbelievable the advantage. I'm on Nevada does voicemail and I'm I'm given enough. Our makes me mad when you write crap like that we're being insensitive and an air of our money into your phone can. Irritate yeah. And how happy now the undetected and then I'll let. Howard. I don't know what we said it was and since they just it's a debate it's a debate that's going on in. Primarily in high schools right that's what we're seeing at the most sense because he gets in smoke and. They smoke and yet voicemail again coward. It's gonna hit it up but with the they doors off I don't I guess when you said she watched a video of that sensitive smoke them. They they win vile lot pretty easily though when byline the car riding. The and they're ready the lest there on their way. We could coward hammer attack them over who know there were not taking it match. I still have to get in my ear and be loudly that we're insensitive than not it's your file and I don't know anything we said. England smoking and we're just stuck with us I. The versatility. Of be killing each inch we see more on Alex I.