BJ & Jamie: The Treasure Truck is No More. 3/19

Monday, March 19th

The Treasure Truck is no longer… We got an email from John saying that he can never talk to us again and he also can’t bring the truck to the station parking lot. So what now? Treasure Cube?


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Vijay and Jamie art we have some really really bad news looks like. Heart her over the past few weeks you've been talking about the Amazon treasure truck. And we even worked out a relationship with John who's the driver here in Denver record. This truck goes out to from Amazon obviously that load of stuff from the warehouse and put it on sale in the text you tell you what neighborhood you come and buy you know the treasure drug or do you guys are on board. Because you each week you'll be alert right now I'm not signed up yet but we alert well we talked Jarden. Ian to bringing the treasure truck to our parking lot and do it assail. EJ in Jaime said he can't be so exciting. Sitting Amazon working together. The treasure drug make it happen right here and so we've been trying to coach on them to figure doesn't let that be fun you know. Actually been to and like we feel like Mehmet inside connection to Amazon and attention to reconcile would have been college not verb Allah. All a couple of weeks down again yeah it's been a couple weeks we've not heard back from when he does return a call it doesn't do anything I don't truck got hijacked her and I maybe the trucks over in the Oklahoma so. Bet that they they got him it does porn or something you know look Sean has a sad sad update. But now we have an update we have heard from John John the Amazon treasure truck drivers and did a sad isn't business as well. I do you can and then. Is an email. Yes. Does feel like the bumps and he knows he can finish that says drug. It's on email. John I'm sorry for the long delay but in all transparency would DJ says it's true. Moving forward I can't chat with you on here. It now has to all be handled by my PR department. I don't understand why because I love your guys shell of the team that moving forward with the truck on site that is no longer in process. If he's that your guys that show you guys so yeah not your guys it's you guys get ready I highly ranked. He's. Got young guys sort of said that's. Included lowered with the truck outside that's no longer in process. We have to deal with with might real estate and it corporate yes anyways we're gonna trying to to track back in your good graces and are offered are established months in advance sometimes they're hitter means the best regards. I. And we'd even get a maiden voyage. Take a moment. He's got double. Let's take a moment and reflect on how it wouldn't end to have them. The treasury check an apartment not check the track. There. Please don't run what happened to Jimmy Leyland I'm glad. I don't know that well know somebody heard somebody heard it would back to the corporate offices Amazon warehouse here in town with the treasure drug gurus. And they said hey you don't want to talk about this on the air and you know we have an OTB issued they are. If they don't look at the great upside to all of enough. They'll look at the corporate. John has gone out and gotten him some pub with our show a lot of good publicity riot they're not even giving him a pat on the back way to know guy. Way to go John. Instead they he nothing sweet and it's just like that and they said take take your overstepping your boundaries and our money. And so John now they put too because by Shania is just beaten Jeremy did see it work I use and truck driver by the main. Treasure truck driver yeah. Not now. Most say this maybe just maybe. Maybe our conversations over the past you know several treasure truck alerts hasn't helped us into this thing about you destroying it. That there. What was just me well are you kind of Protestant with a new. Look I thought the lead author was a bad at all. I had a couple reporter how's this for 36 boss thought that muscles strong of that bus Costco people we know where to find greatly. To look at it as saying that that's where they are down take started going by the book but as the meat to me it was great deal. The action figures and I don't think I'll I wanted to Spider-Man action figure should and it flirting I was in Iraq. And then I won at the door knob like nobody's business. It Wi-Fi doorknob for 200 dollars in the fantastic. And less about those power barges and granola bars that Mary at this event. What was the last thing. That was the three protein protein bars and then 30% Austin energy drinks that's yet or more after that. On Friday I may have been subscribed to. I'm not. Let's go get daddy email they know US is. They know about show and all of ours and then they chicken wings the fifties and the fifteen dollars for chicken wings out. I'm never do in this and so I am. Well maybe it's best ones aren't so here's what we're gonna do it. We're gonna do is the Alice. Treasure Q treasured track about the Alice treasure bay and treasure track measurement metric you. Well that's that could be yours about in the news in the day Ian. And aluminium. Rooting against us Alice value gain and humbled. I just kind of burned on this whole thing downhill right to devote to the treasure for me being in a parking lot as a Linda listen you know we have Alice. Listen Allison value in what will do little dessert will go to Costco get a bunch of hot dog visible got a bunch of no up sell him a little bit. A look a little bit of sound just hot dogs for everyone. Aren't while we'll do whatever I want to do and see here's the problem that you man. I mean I've refrigeration on their but they are the hot dogs last ran. Off and I guess. But I wanted the whole Ito that that hole just. It big picture you get with Amazon Amazon is about deals stash everybody's ordering Amazon it was a perfect marriage for a show you what let's urged. Garland in the meet again I don't slam than me. Well you know what that we feel was a bad deal we have to get better cost thousands pressured threatened again as you add in the army and support the tickets for the purchase. It looks like we have the electric trucks are out for. In. More on Alex I.