BJ & Jamie: Trump wont fill out a NCAA tournament bracket. 2/16

Thursday, February 16th

ESPN is upset at Donald Trump because he will not fill out a Bracket for the NCAA tournament. He says that he is too busy to fool around with sports. And MSNBC will not interview his press secretary anymore because she won’t answer questions.     

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Vijay and Jamey. Boy here he would go to Jamie jumping on the old trumpet bashing terrain I'm just in that meaning can have a low. A little fun that bastard sent him. Little. Heard. He has shrugged turned to ESPN is upset would Donald Trump because Donald Trump says I. I don't have to write my laptop that a lot of NCAA bracket. Unlike president of Barack Obama president trouble not picked brackets for the plays seventeen men's and women's. Tournaments out did president spoke about before Barack Obama we now does Brock just Barack did. The network gives because it is just to have fun playing and we're also sickened his grumpy old man can be fun for him to do something nice essentially an. Bob let tweets she sees me and I mean you've got a bad attitude he's just a bomb Tweeter he really is in the room had. Donald Trump says he's so busy right now and they got to make America great again Cintron Lindsay doesn't it black and in order to do that room. Saddam the bracket and fill out brackets used a lot of bracket I have an active and Jarvis. Yeah. I have filled one out couple years. I guess because I guess a lot of them can iron you know like Wake Forest scenario. I gotta tell me. And to Donald Trump knows he's an irony that penalty he would know who PA can generally wants to be embarrassed he know him he's got to win and everything. It began when the bracket he's going to be a that's now in tweeting about it and as the tweets about how this team sucked but it I realize. You know the kids can be awake from about bracket ads via human to take away is Twitter that's all I care Mount Pleasant but I love the tweets I know you dip but I hate him there that make him entertaining but it that's the problem they should be entertaining for the president I think so I have no problem. The president should not be entertaining but at the no president of the United States should be entertaining on Twitter okay if that is the biggest statement that you made is it's entertaining in. Yeah. I'm reading in my like the old H back. Why not throes of it like a five we only look stupid he doesn't drama he. I. He has Guillen says that. The president will not to allow the bracket therefore they. They're pretty much gonna ignore him now solar fighting over the bracket right now and did you see that. Needs to be the list remember Kelly Kelly listen and Kelly yeah Millie and Nelly Kelly year. Kellyanne. Well I guess. And you know I yes yes it's you look a little rough Nia Kellyanne is that whenever she is Jim Malone and yes that she'd look like she's stressed out because she asked to make a volleys excuses all the time Berlin and that. Big huge guy he. And them. So now fox news's never gonna have run an interview begin the mourning mourning him morning Joseph yep they're like don't don't let on fox crew ever there who are they. There're there're there're MSNBC filed or never having her on what they should have drawn to be seen their ratings well they're not. That's a morning show and it's on TV that has less than 900000 people watch. It's terrible what I'm just say and they said that they made I mean I can careless they have Ron Nachman did you said the never have her on again this won't answer any questions dozer in a sit in BC guys. There and then they said no in gal you think she sat. It helped them because it's cold morning Joseph the regional to get upper limit as a and a sense of cook. Don't forget about hurting somebody don't make up because I looked so haggard with a it was just look drastically but you have to bet she does little strength. Right about that and yeah. She doesn't have to get up early gains we could all be that generally go light are actually hit it's it's a feminist and a half inch immortal. I.