BJ & Jamie: Trumpy Bear commercial. 1/22

Monday, January 22nd

Trumpy Bear is a real thing. BJ saw the commercial over the weekend and he thought it was fake but Nope Jamie’s aunt got one for Christmas and it is a big plush bear that has an American Flag tucked in his back and has orange hair.      


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Vijay and yeah. I saw a commercial so I have been told Jamie about it and she knows somebody that has one of these I really thought this was a joke have you seen the truth be bear commercial. Not only seen it saw somebody open one Christmas. Somebody you know had that I swear if I wanted to somebody's house they got a trumpet bear probably mid and play against. We call her grandma Betty because he's my sister's mother a lot my sister got for my sister bought it yeah. Grandma Betty is. The biggest fan on the planet by you guys you don't even know this woman who loves Donald drop like them. So my sister found this over at Thanksgiving yeah trump mayor and she got for grab any. None of them she is sitting in his living within its sitting in committing early in the human. That doesn't think so proud of the pictured sitting out. Watching television this is on Saturday in this commercial comes opera trophy banner that I'd like this can't be real because they showed troubled bear city black on the handlebars of the motorcycle this guy talking about how he rides dropping bared his window at the good guy like this really tough marine guy that talks about it takes is trumpet. It he goes it's up there it has its ice bear the had a stroke hit. That it does separated back where where the American flag used to stash away. I mean it's funny that this is that we all were in August chopper there right because we never seen anything like my sister found is some special place. We're now finding out it's act as seen on TV is now a bite of my sister and I she's like I've boot. It's it's a collect a volatile. Clinton announce that you might. I thought it was joke commercials liked to but it slog I cut it down to like forty seconds listen to this introducing. New digital trump beat. Both fearless super plus American grisly trophy was born June 14 like today just find the secrets of and below the flight like it didn't wrap yourself in the red white and blue comforted war. Show your patriotism and proudly displayed from people like day and alone in the American home with trophy could have been on here and family here. God bless America god bless trumping almost former marine. And I'm proud trumpeter on the outside once a marine always Emery I write trophy there. He makes my golf game. Great to get. Forward now for only two payments of 1995. Grumpy but most fearless beer anywhere forward now. Because got probably bear does golf cart with that they should ease your grandmother yeah him out there and. A good thing is that now I'm in this commercial and here and it it and I can't. Mark I I. I hadn't seen the commercial well then that this is the first of the week at first Marcy and like you said when I first saw at the disaster at the a joke nobody. Orders dropping by air. Rough yeah did you get yourself once and snuggle with somebody at night. An example what do the studio CLO get laughs. Although I would say that at the marches yesterday I didn't see a really good trumping. Oh my god it it may need a double take they ever initiate a pig face right yeah and then they put that here. And as. Easy as you do double take and think. Trump and then your notes. Pretty realistic. Art. Should see the drug be dead. Our role but the ad otter FaceBook page is ridiculous. In the immortal. Alex I.