BJ & Jamie: TV Show Pimple Poppers... Why? 3/2

Friday, March 2nd

Bj is all confused by a new show called ‘Pimple Poppers’ He says he has not watch a full show but has seen a few videos and the pimple is the star of the show.                    


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PGA NG. Question for you I saw a story this morning from TLC which is for the networks right. Enable I think if they ordered new round. Episodes of ripple Popper. Watches that. I don't know what if they ordered new episodes of pimple Popper. But do it pimple Popper is I it's exactly what it sounds like the yeah watches that. Not this guy you're just a guy and I didn't want to murder shows right Tijuana available topic now I don't even know what you. I mean do they follow people with the bigs how does this guy be seen an episode. Oh yeah what she I haven't either I don't wanna watch it until I just wondered is usually these reality shows have to have a storyline right you know. So are we like the here's Chad with one shields. And would follow him to a dermatologist and logic and that is a guy. Not really sure I know that they have people the command and have these boy you'll. Okay. It dimples and they literally are so bad JB that they have to go to surgery. And so they go ahead and they layups he sings it and that's what's TV shows about I think because I have seen a few clips you know that. Continue to circulate whenever they have like he really being boil. If that makes headlock six. But I think it okay how long can dislike a sore right I mean OK they they ran for a season or two how long can one Boyle is just like another. Invoke this is. Is there might be your date last week at the day that big black yeah because that's what he's wild it was good time. Hey I. I. So they said the good barber is absolutely horrible but you can't look away but. That's what you're saying that's gonna make me a little this or that Nike or gore okay. And they are people that yeah you listened to our show but hey let you know wetness and access and enjoy this. And what you're virtually in a that was your breath you just maybe mile loop it. Just stood and drag her away. They are McAlary saved that was in nineteen dollars and fruit and apple nuts and I will let again button the whole foods you disabling our bull's eye. I'm sorry I just had asked the question who watches noble opera or. It just as nasty bumps but GA it says some instead I think it's a show about a doctor that does the popping. And it's no no no we you and I both have seen clips. I haven't seen anything yet seen any you don't see any stories on it though OK I've gone to road different you know web sites or whatever it pops up as a head lights of times that this TV show has like some release range. In just completely out there that is just amazing to see and I have actually eat. Clicked on some pictures that never really watched the videos does it make you sick up out of sync cut a couple of pictures in it's about the ball and let's go to the doctor. Become a late then at the subject like the pimples Starr at. The temple. This star of the show. Okay there are people my mom. Bless her heart she viable Palmer she'd love to pop pimples. As early so who wins there are certain women that liked to do. I think shape it was one of them I think John mentioned that likes it they make their boyfriend husband whatever like doubts they can pop but she curl in the likes of right. Yes CNN is out Piccard she definitely likes to pick so. I'm lucky I don't have too much yet but boy I get any kind of anything she could say she's on the got to get rid of it she's a big guy. I hope so it's a bit watch that all of them up. There is a doctor her name is doctor Lee she's dermatologist in California and it's her show about people coming into her with six boils dimpled. There you go look you don't have a shoulder you have a temple that the okay you might have a doctor you that would call it star of the show them without a little blood boil Atlanta sorry yeah. Well now my god can we stop this talk about bunnies or substance here. Just say it it's in the news this morning that new episodes have been ordered I am just asking who I won't let Blue Hill reminds me of the word like Malaysia though it's the next to where it all moist soil below is terrible lunch. And I guess it must be popular yeah this for them to order where does it is a big Aetna dance deals is one of their high street you can tell you though some of the stuff I. I watch you know some of these things. I think if you text as you are your top two. Like most ridiculous shows still trade because I don't for me. Summer house is the Dublin show I watch in the Atlantic here's the premise I think that doubled yeah okay it's about these thirty year old substance that are successful New York. And they basically go to this summer house in that Hamptons kitten. How can have sex of each other and they go back to New York. Beverly get what he called summer house okay you know if it's similar kind of show so bad really it's so bad. Every week it's only do they scope or get drunk who have sex and go back no idea of what life. It literally is the whole showed premise there's nothing else. And like I have my dad's and another weekend they all are you than have sex they do other. Yeah yeah. It up dumbed Christie. O'Donnell you know bad place from Boone. Or accept what you allow people under shock their problem that pimple Popper and I. Analysts say the W thirty staying in people love this TV show and why I don't know I'm with Jamie I can't watch that I'm sorry. I just you know watch I think it's sickening. But they again in its must CTV. It's like a train wreck or car wreck you gotta watch and then also lack Seve in a cup rules and that's also some stupid to. If you open it so yeah. Exe they're Promos he mumbled don't that's. No problem supposed to highlight everything you make you want to tune in what I see the vendor palm rules. I despise it. Although I think the funniest from ever was when Jack got mad and he threw that phone and then that the other guy what's his name he said that was my phone. It was funny thing. He threw his body's own did it never. Wanna shell that's a great show. Yeah in the immortal John Ellis. I nice.