BJ &Jamie: UBER Harassment Movie 10/24

Tuesday, October 24th

Overload of Sexual Harassment chargers is leading to a Uber Sexual Harassment movie. Jamie completely lies to Uber Drivers.


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Vijay and Jamie you were talking about all the sexual harassment stuff and there's a bunch Obama and ended just everywhere yes even golly even now. I don't downplay it but it's an overload. What does a sunny people being named insists it's just such an overloaded it seems like everybody's been touching everybody. But it is this sudden. The overt sexual harassment the movie that's coming out. Now it's to get into who how much should be something here. The plant rated. And they're turning it to. A movie. When Elliot have women men like it knew where and then the guy honked their. He doesn't halt the car and it doesn't matter argued a song to open its I. How might point but he didn't think. How long can the movie last. Week Q you pick up Ryder something goes bad movies over. It's the film is being described as Aaron Brockovich meets the social network so I may be it's Adam it says reflecting on a very very strange here at Bloomberg. Indeed tells a year's worth of harassment as an engineer tuber posted this is not the actual drivers that's. Within the company here within the com yes I'm better than drivers that got us in the world of trouble while it may explain it into the driver's too well there's plenty of those stories are no kidding now but does that ever right into your mind when somebody's dropping you off the house that they know your I don't entrapment certainly you don't know who you know taking different route ES you go to park Karsums somewhere else is something else that Kia DeLia yeah because I I I abusive couple of times. And that's who's been in my head it's like okay. Now this complete stranger knows exactly where yeah. Deadline I am at. Act like I'm Matt my neighbor's house snuck me out a ballot that my neighbors then after the delay. Every run over my house of fat so you're within the neighborhood yes but I just like a few streets almost as he walked premiere earlier when you let. So look risky this actually our wedding night. You do the eyewear wedding very I did well this stuff to protect lives of even though my house is. Armed and guarded not that's them but I still I Wear wedding ring and I talked about my husband Jim. Ladies assets a good tip for you it won't get divorced him most people don't know what you get the force hang on to the wedding when it comes in handy Rupert. It's just put it on and talk about how Palin and and how he didn't feel well and he's not going out and I think it's just GO. So let me get that. So you pull up to a house is that it's a neighbor's house probably a neighbor you don't even know but you get out of the car you literally walk up their driveway and her voice and Eli and I. House you go to their door and I just behind a bush released. A the weird I have rarely do all the stuff that's okay did he. And I sign up. Did you take off running down the sidewalk here. Your hybrid my real outside that I even tell my side I go okay we we had this guy is gonna come pick somebody at my house and I said I listen. So mom yeah. I I have to tell us some as I'm like so I'm putting highway rating so you know and I'm gonna talk about your dad as my husband. And I know my ego not that I'm then I'm like this when this tricky guy comes of Pixar but I amid a dog about. About my husband eight you know should be nominal abet. And so don't dull. Jamie you see your forgetting something went and maybe I'm wrong here but I don't have a husband. Well no no I don't know how that's so you're wrong about you you're dead on about that I get an interactive. But don't you think that a reaper OK let's say a pipe guide it to creep or. Let's play the out yes so they come to your house and you've got the wedding ring on the end of suns play in a long you talk about the house that don't you think that the all. We are. No he when he had the I don't know which is we've heard those pictures of you guys as our -- that you put out are you hiding behind that bush did your neighbor's yeah. Porch light it c'mon now he was he won't go. I got like such a big bluntly what he's good at our house again javy. And now they know every Ed is that I have I have a system in my neighbor and that we got all of them in the previous isn't OK okay it's. As data scraper and their life to do it there's not a woman that you've ever met hasn't. Met somebody creature you read news or re exactly and so I was getting my locks changed at the LA house right. And that's you know uncomfortable look at the guy as your day am not. Right and so I did the wedding ring thing salting and against the Huskies something's. And and the let me a song. Greens are hook. Up a round I think he's been watching you look. I recognizable like well I. I know it goes I'm so sorry and it because your name sounds familiar and he's Nike you know I feel like a genial than a quarter to let out my. Yeah upkeep and Urlacher. You look familiar at this is the guy is they can't. He's got you do he's that's AT&T is that the previous story never. Exchange he might and I don't think I didn't yeah. Do not want a priest to come over his tee box B don't we go through a single women it's it's hard to take me to. Shawn absorb just I'd just say I guess this third I can't get what you and yeah. It's actually rescue highlights you're import but it will never happen. The whole market. He's got to make it but in a sign. It into the importance on Alex.