BJ & Jamie: UCLA player sorry I shop Lifted. 11/16

Thursday, November 16th

UCLA Players were busted shoplifting in China and Donald Trump had to call over there and ask for them to be let go.. In the apology one player says sorry and thanks Trump and USA Gov for helping him get out of China.  BJ and Sean have both shop lifted once. There is a big problem now people are stealing Christmas Decorations.    


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Vijay and I got play this simply because I don't think there's ever happened in the history of man god what's that. The Donald Trump gets an apology and thanked way he gets an apology in Pavia and eat it well. For those UCLA basketball players which by the later on television right now they thanked him for getting a map of China. For shoplifting. Yeah so they were really doubt be the three players on the UCLA basketball team. They're there for a tournament three of the players are posted shoplifting sunglasses and everybody knows if you're getting sunglasses in China they're knockoff city one right in the going to be super cheap just by yeah. Maybe buck if you brought it technically they were rated a sweatshop somewhere probably I know I can't believe they stolen so here are the players now Donald Trump literally makes a folk say international incident. Donald Trump has to call the president of China to negotiate at this age and tighten that Chang Nat yes he's got a call China. And negotiate the release of three basketball players who by the way should be kicked off the tee. Here they are making their apology and thanking Donald drop. Electric saw off plus say it's hard forced to live from the stores in China. How they exercise my best dozens and I'll call for that. Many young men however there's not an excuse for making a really stupid decisions. On also like to thank president sought in the United States government. Put a note that they provided his loyal. And grateful to be back home and I never make a mistake like this again. Wow all I am never again and I don't seller remorse while it did trump but I feel like he's like smile pocket. It's like you say. It was forced to do that it trial and let somebody stepped opens it looked better you order they would this teams were down the road he's got to do this just left him in China. What I see it from the beginning we should've left them over there like they learned their lesson. Exactly get to that earlier this week in the chastised. I don't really conviction state. But I don't vote for why now to stir when it wasn't even for about a month and we're doing basketball's. Well China I know what Donald Trump did over there in China they did some good stuff because at first I got that done and now China's court over north country. To talk to squabble like it took little do tell local donut boy and little don't look don't appoint him better than backing down. Tonight's out in a way it's Powell who. Your deal today where I found out you can everything that you young talent and he said took to earlier we. Got into this isn't like it's out cuts. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just out of control is pretty early in then Donald Trump put out a tweet this morning. Eight it is so I don't even get. We see something like it's okay guy IDs you know known it was a bad judgment but life is long and winding road. McKeon. Why. Kindly than I swear you did there are many choices serve any forks in the road Jamie. Railing forks. And. That's and he said it eases up it about a long and winding road many decisions that B a it was like a philosopher. Him it was grace and I don't know what they were thinking it really mean did they think because it was a different country they get caught is that what they thinking. Shoplift once as a kid. You did she ever have to keep our you do it starts and a the end stronger now it was always school in the morning and we eat it we had to walk through this very small town of him passes. And so wet inside the store it snuck into the and paid what kind of paid allocated. Louis king says that it making sure didn't it keeps us and it was just a regular pay day and government shoulder nobody's watching him. Into the pocket. Off I went off to school and a lunch on aid Ekpe and went shot an eight some peanuts he made his campaigning. In Italy did and. I don't chew can finish the story please. Steadied me to poop jokes. Comical and older. How is sure it. Mean look at just trying to when that school that painting that it's stolen they were waiting on in the store owner was Allred weigh that area. But it ran so well now that. At the end it just gave Keenan or that Henry Kelly yeah me me. But you can't attended school with now to have a school. And they waiting on some of the great story here that's kind of like those guys yours in charge of. I don't. I put a true another story you really think it ever that easy payday. Would. Don't want to sound that you know the need to do well every ten easy payday figures out shunted to welcome. Pop pop pop pop pop pop a no on eight I don't know I will not yet and I hope it's gonna meet me yeah I well I just put it in your head and guess what. All I'm psychic or whatever and I am a mental attitude that incident where a decent little shot big work. I couldn't think that it's a dilemma and down I would think of John. When you look at the pain there's a big problem at the office people are stealing Christmas decorations. Yeah not that bad year and address tonight the country I guess it became a story were lady had stolen Christmas Turkey from her off his it was a small tree. She took it home after work one day. And I got busted for DC is quite comment yeah even in my accent. Divisions and stuff where they did the big boat is right where he enters subdivision. People are taking the blows off and things like that and the network when now they do the pretty decorations you like Katz office won't notice that. Yeah so they just take a basketball guy stealing everybody stealing from the office. Says he should and should have you ever tickets from here. From here now that this is beyond never take anything from your but I have a look at some of the Christmas decorations that they put down in the lobby and have been India's. And have on a yes. Double B honestly I thought it was fair right by the door for it to be easy grab those. You know gas gnome and whenever you know but no I never have I got busted shoplifting when I was a kid in and my dad made like the spectacle out of me aside never shop with again when you two were bad would you take a tip about packet big red gum. And they'll once we got the car offered it to everyone in the car then and now I had to by the idea he marched in Iraq backing into the store may begin on the loudspeaker. And apologize to the entire store staff and the patriot you. There was one. Horrible children to simply trying to stop I think employees at the little boys have a problem with. Oh I still not necessarily it's a blow tell you what because it happened with my kids weren't quite suds it got the car. And all was said it would sell free Hershey bars. I want to get because we didn't have any money and he would take it. And we have. A real nice after Syria as well right now I feel what they're talking as you wanna just games now on a diaper but the Jamie. Is even gamer and Geithner. The news you can. Nightline exactly does now he's entitled and that day that it no no no I think he did a good idea I pray I never mind as you ate all the debt Hershey bars home on my goodness you aren't. Tell the I get up get angry this you tell me the gave her. We were too far down the road to go back. Okay. And like job that. I. We see more on Alex I.