BJ & Jamie: Unclaimed Lottery ticket in Granby. 9/5

Wednesday, September 5th

Someone in Granby Colorado bought a $6.5 Million lottery ticket at the Kum & GO and it has yet to be claimed. They are wondering if it could be a local or maybe a tourist. Why would someone out of town play a state lottery and not turn it in.  No more furniture row in NASCAR.  

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BJ and Jamie did you see the Colorado lottery is looking for somebody in green envy. Not six point five. Million dollars re really somebody at the coming go. In brandy. Bought the ticket on August 25. And that person has yet to come forward which is rare for a state Lotto this is the state line up okay great and normally they don't get as high as six point five million dollars in somebody bought the ticketing grand eight. And the Colorado lottery is saying hey hey you're out there hopefully some somebody just drove through. It was on the way back to say Wyoming Montana. I have been greatly but what what's where is Graham to grant me it's like come kind of like if you're going to love when art art now. You can kind of hidden area I am pretty sure right yeah our guys didn't get grant as there are lakes is they're like yeah okay. Grant late grand eEye yeah and in each yeah isn't just zero I learned that isn't just off a forty. Yes Ali forty yes it yeah yeah you get off on forty off I seventy like you're going to Winter Park. Yes okay sirens and got the report here and listen to this this is a news report this morning Sergey. Six foot five million dollars is hanging out there now. Now all the Colorado lottery asking people to check their ticket secede. Gift of their one of the millionaires. Now that bought that ticket this coming going grandy certainly sees a lot of people. Come and go out of it back on the 25 among all the people who walked through the doors here was someone. Who bought a lottery ticket worth six point five billion dollars that ticket has yet to be playing scope. It is The Big Talker around download people looking into the city should be open look for some reason. Are now closed and you don't might have a beer truck parked out front as a sign that it's. The winner but the Colorado lockers asking people check those tickets to see if there. Millionaire and millionaire six point five million dollars this should be like you Marion Illinois your hometown right. Frazier at that if the six point five million dollar ticket was sold nobody looking forward it would be the talk of the town. Maybe you would know and everybody would now might well it would like REL play Harry sisters brother and I came through right. You know that all. He would think also all because I would think that the computers from the lottery can pinpoint exactly what time the ticket was sold. Yeah you would think he could go to the surveillance state. You make me cry and I want to lot of crime shows I. I know about I don't think they go that far looking for somebody I think it's a TU I don't think it's their responsibility go to tape and I'm there there at that place. Yeah yeah I guess your right and I guess it's on you if you bought the wreck you know but that a Clinton do to put it APB out like this that you know the all points bulletin. That. They're looking for this person yeah. I know you know it's like some nice little grandma and she did name remember about the day and take it. I'll bet you it's somebody that was just driving through town. Because I guess that coming goes like the only thing they. Do you ever do when you go to different states. Yeah you do you know I never writes different state lottery tickets I know I won't turn mean yeah I've bought tickets before being in another state. And it's early just didn't wait Yan. Jamie I was banking on that six point fund them I bought tickets every drawing from the time that the got 2.5 million. Because I think the state lotteries eases into one no you did have always said that you know here to Atlanta if you don't play. A lot in line and I have plunked down and out and down enough engines down and out and and man. Sit high number I scratched to get to the ones to play you know I just can't bring myself whipping out fifty bucks for one scratched it I know I guess to answer really get to the higher number like that yeah yeah. Mr. Clinton's. Maybe the fun this person and help her to help like it's not that. Means that the kids. But yeah. You know I don't know anybody marine and having their actually took. It. If that happens the money of they don't collective. A believer also an excellent mayor but through the ability of partners and if he did not know what happened on a I don't know what happened we'll look side bloggers you know I'm Adam and I know that you have no interest in that because I'm not a fan and all law. A our team has not got that story do. All I did you what I was so proud of lesbian and ask I know you don't like NASCAR but I did. In and I was so Bradford who broke car I was racing and at. I'll tell you what's the problem our DL are and how was not on the verge. Now what you think that's it you know you Bobby are the something new here's a guy explaining and NASCAR business and furniture row and why they've quit. The whole circuit yes. He's got less money. Races Syria's position where you got us and put your rivals. But sponsor. You might. That is one expensive sport and is expensive okay I don't know how furniture rose stating this thing to begin with I was kinda iffy about I I agree with you because it's such a small company yet. You know in the NASCAR media you have liked to have Red Bull yet a couple of the I had gone. Yeah I mean you've got big guns he's got the Google car out there. Car did not list the other. These are big evidence like Procter & Gamble of these people have some big bucks. Furniture rose just to Colorado property right yeah and they're out there thinks we the wilder I know there out of Colorado I didn't have to be expanded to other states should not. But. They're riding in a circuit where you gotta you know each car's worth about one point five million dollars an act of every year I mean every week. What's oh my god where these people. Terrible terrible and there whatever I've forgotten her doubles is purple the terrible it's not a and gas stations they tried to have a hotel in Las Vegas up. And they sponsored all these different cars and and also a dune buggy at every guy. Who. Own moon yet. And so spending know what to do though it's almost like this and I'm not saying this for furniture row probably more so for that what you're talking about the dude but these stuff yeah. But but you get these people they get in these companies. In the they have a hobby. And that hobbyists like I love dune buggies are loved NASCAR I love this so they take all their money from the company if they sink it into their hobby. It puts our hobby goes south it kills the company to make sense it so. Yeah in NASCAR is not cheap. And what is Formula One when did they say they are going to do the smelling. I don't know like a million dollars today. Yet I mean just get tired and respect our leader tire is worth more than my car. It. I don't know how they do it I don't know how they get out there and and spend that money every single week again except for the ones that have Red Bull and you know Budweiser. And those cars and so the ones that do that lets us from. You know they allowed fractures. When those what I tractors yeah yeah right top fuel yeah I could tell by your eyes out. That was pretty Israel did it look even at the tiger did at the it was not a dog that's on that I was like them. I don't know if it's a guitar for Papa John's Kim side of that dragster loot that's it's a great high you know because of heart shaped like a slice of Pete. Really good I think about it and you barely a week. That did not know if I don't I got a I don't disorder I. And the importance on Alex and I.