BJ & Jamie: United man very interesting Dentist are crazy. 4/12

Wednesday, April 12th

Jamie is going back home to So. Ill for Easter. Maybe she’ll fly United. The CEO  is still saying sorry and the Man who was pulled from plane is still in hospital and says that everything hurts and we will use it all in court. The Doctor is a convicted Felon who traded drugs for gay sex with patients… He even lost his license...  and for a little while he was a professional Poker player.            


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PG and yes chilly this morning not gonna lie yeah similar. Cool cool looking it's like thirties at fifteen degrees 39 a thing but we didn't warm nice and then warm up to the weekend do. For the so yeah you got Easter play at are you could see Bob I embargo is well. Off to southern Illinois in her room she Bob. Yeah last time you've been there. And why hasn't had since I have been home to see my mom and while I remember in the last journalist. Yeah. Don't mind blown. Since June and a Thanksgiving Christmas and the other. Are those links nor does he know you're coming here. If you're the type that odd Aldous and that's. You've probably haven't talked to take you and I have an unknown and what they winds and today is Wednesday and plan on Friday but you've yet to really look I think you might get them. Yeah yes it is like united behind me we jumped on united did you see their stocks crashed. I did get stuck Welker and I saw it crash but I thought it would be worse. It was down about 3% pace and that's big caveat that when an accident around that's really bad. So that's like hundreds of millions of dollars United Airlines DS the CEO has decided to stop defending his own people would just say apology don't don't do it defense. They don't you don't discredit didn't either. But just don't say anything and just do an apology only so he's issued his third Apollo yeah. And this is is airline united that you hate that guy that doctor off the flight. In just drag on the island to Austin to decide in this guy this guy is gearing up for big lawsuit he still other hospital. And the doctors say everything hurts. Everything hurts that. Arson is the data got into Gaza if I mean here and Iraq will be don't know what happened he was yanked out the United Airlines because it over but it immediately get up and give up the Seton and they bloody. So a bloody him up they jerking off the airplane and now we still in the hospital he says everything hurts so you know in they even said. That obesity is at ease you know the stadium now under a doctor's report. Everything will be used in court we will see you in court and I did as nowadays and he had. This doctor till it was revealed yesterday and this guy. Here's the and it's kinda strange and I know this has nothing to do with him being yanked off the plate. But it is something we came out yesterday that the doctors and convicted felon. That the doctor had been trading prescription drugs for. Favors. Her. He got convicted of not here here's the part I don't understand it and the fact that he has five kids and that he lists trading him force sexual gain favors. May open. That is a part I don't understand that wasn't what it what I was just so I would like I just that is part of go to understand and a couple wanted to go back and look at the we'll also get you there. Instead this they say that guy was relieved. Our I guess dis barred from his that what's it called lately witnessed. Does license he lost his license to tomb be a doctor. That after undergoing some. Valuation evaluation ads and died he also has to do something else forgot what it wants. And in all the drug testing and different things of that nature he got his license back. To practice. One day a week. I. The order in my life doctor how you get your your license back to practice only once a week. I guess that's like when you you know your fifteen in the only in the license early to work on the we're I didn't read you his drive that would licensed driver in the passenger seat eat away hours you put in in the deep farm farm yeah you can get. Like the farmers permit at thirteen he. I've ever handled it practically and stuff to get this because I was still ingenious story yesterday. That I was talking about dentist and I and I you know you don't how exaggerate you don't make but I was tell you that dentists are crazy. There you go big go no except for some reason to. I know four out of five Dennis and that kind. Crazy people across I ten is great so I. The dentist here in town. That kinda went yard so he went off the deep Red Bull but guide turned up a couple of years later. Playing poker in Vegas. The oil rig right. You realize. This doctor. But he lost his license trying to regain his license won over a quarter of a million dollars playing poker in Vegas. This doctor was on the World Series in my warm yet he was on the World Series of poker. They want a quarter that million dollars as treatment it's tricky with clouds and yeah. I just knew I had this conversation yesterday eight JB's like eight Euro lunatic you're gonna take a look at the hell you talking about the family. Tell you might have but doctor was taken out just jacket off and the next thing though and he wants this and he wasn't baker acted and it it was left. It's go baker did. Baker acted yeah what is baker act is what it took an indicated they take off to hospital with illegal street ever bigger active yes. Get up joined an acre and you have the term raw milk but nevertheless. The guy is taken he was taken away it and the next thing I know he's real poker and exactly the baker act yeah that's he's. They're they're called baker act it's you know that it. That's a voluntary examination by idea. Exactly one need only take you live in the what you want to call. A site cold. That's what. Glen Wood this particular person the next thing and only played poker winning week. Okay Hickey. And that's exactly what this thing called yet I just said I know quite a few dentists and as they're not crazy but the main card or not to open. They really don't know that that I was and internal medicine docs out there and how he goes with but it does smacked. As well. Your recipes you're right Mike you done anything that hits us. My conclusion we're gonna people look at this high pressure and that's saying it's hard to Ang okay you look at. Anyway this guy this guy's prepared to wage a lawsuit did the icy and I don't know if the socialists are not a lot of things he niacin but supposedly Southwest Airlines came out of that thing where will be that the death players other people's mayors would not you. Was true that was fake it was that they didn't kick them Djokovic has but didn't there won't be you compare how. I was. I'm gonna get you southerly on the airplanes a lot of crazy stuff yeah I I saw its you got them pretty sure that was total job. It's because I get to the other airlines word like delta and stuff like that but it's alleging just the courage. You email I don't even mentioning that you know they are crazy it emits you know the it is a cult the United Airlines in the stock Kelly dropped. Actually bosh. Yeah it's gonna come back there major airline carrier you know and people if you've got to get from point a to point eight your book a flight if you're gonna take the best price you can yet. Well does sell my stock because we're going to war with North Korea and Russia it took this a couple of little worried yeah that's that couldn't. There ain't no way we're LA. From Viet translated that mr. Putin ended an out of them like. At that we're yeah yeah. Okay. Wouldn't make it horseback riding with the most of them are no well yeah the moral of the story is all the dentists are crazy. Greg can I teach in the importance on Alex.