BJ & Jamie: Update on Brittany's car trouble BJ's laywer Jerry Bowman is going to help her out 4/16

Monday, April 16th

Intern Brittany, updates on her car issue and we finally talk to Jerry Bowman the best lawyer in town, he is going to help her out.


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Vijay and Jamie are to our intern. Britney. Always gonna say Becky for some reason I now aren't sure if you could put a microphone and let's get an update on what's going on here will try to exploit each walked in this morning with buyers' remorse. She went out yesterday and purchased a hallmark. That yep and she went to it now one of the big guy like a bill longer delicate. What is it dealing your idea though she went to a Ted's lights yeah like. I'm. I'm a little shady street yeah honest she's eighty boulevard a look at. And and she walked out of there after paying a down payment. Bad interest rates by twenty or sinners so in today she wants to return the car yes no questions asked. And with that several people since we told the story at 6 o'clock this boarded that reached out to you Britney to give basement but. Because we've got the there was that there are three day return policy but we looked it up and Colorado fraud where whenever dot org yeah over the and that's not true. So it turns out to be if you sign a contract in Conrad you are obligated to you stick to the town I. I thought there was a grace period I really I assume that I did read it are so Britney look at of this advisory getting so. And I should have paid an attack because they can cancel the payment on its back debit card purchase no deal. No deal no deal is aren't they said go in in just. Trying to get on the good graces of the people there and and hope that there could be in new you know they're gonna have integrity also. She panic even. If you want. Decades Edmonton by name vehicle he's definitely music and he unions so you you paid to the down payment with a debit card yet. And that that was some kind of I guess that the thanks instant cash yeah graciously taking. History out of your account but what if the fact that you didn't know what you're doing now at its 20% so crazy. I don't want either direction so I. Boutique even though it's a caller in even though it's an agreement to buy a car in the loaner whatever. Iowa dean just like colts. When you buy so that it Coles and Jamie it doesn't fit what he would do you go right back to call and ticket that Duncan. I would think car payments don't. But they don't let your eggs so he should. Just like holes. I would go in there and go wow you know lap I just realize I'm gonna be paying 400 dollars a month for a car with a 1181000. Miles. This probably wasn't my best move in life though Amy that's exactly when and just walk in there in he's Sheldon is not it tell me your own purchase. Abdullah Abdullah and just you wait a dubious. At the center. Yeah at the Stella you were drinking vaught didn't take him Perkins said he'd without your car's body and I know what I was doing it you know it was illegal for you to sell me. A car into the influence. Is there a law your. 303. When he to Dallas 3032225423. That can defend a truly tell us that she it is basically hosted the but all are if she's got a chance to return this car place let us know who we don't really know what the answer is but I feel so bad for you Britney. I I did you because she's in a pickle this is at a yearly I don't know it. You've been taken and who pretended to hear alluded to win I guess who worked to where he worked. He decided hey I really do need a car I gotta get around I need a car that you went out and just basically got hosed. While on your DL and now you're just I mean you're ready to. Yeah I'm break in but you know it's going to be fine everything worked out. Just add your arms campaign about it and hopefully get some good advice and hopefully you know now I want him speaking honestly gonna pray to unknown we cannot now group or unknown will I would on any side. I'm legally just to bring about British art. Chicago I had the idea I had started. Asia and doing a reading to him and ethnic wars that talked to four that's shown to press ahead soundly December pleads. Dear lord Jesus we just desperate grace right now for Britney as she goes this car dealership that they have. Tenderness in their heart and they will take this car backing giver her down payment back. Org give her a better car. In Jesus name amen amen I stand there and nobody can. Ordered to accept and not just wondered that letter notes that no there there. There and there's a lot there's no bite there's there's no law keep you aren't ordered her car. Her best what they would probably be to call Martino and you might. I'll get a Miami and jail Vicki at the app again at the. Nationally know how he I don't know I don't know what happened it's. Nightly I feel like you know the reverend yeah I don't know but I don't feel like he went up the river for somebody out of the senate makes. Here you know let that they cute and we pray yeah here. We just right you can get bad dude did you like it yeah. I. Not to look at nearby I think and you cannot say that I've made to feel bad for Britney yeah there are. Let's try to keep that you should be at Jerry's number. Should we call Jerry real quick Jerry Bowman a moment beyond these little models that we could track him a bit more. We try to fix this situation for Britain this morning in Florida. All I 8 iron I am at noon spot that are up your life. No it it it. Read it. And wrap it or. Not I I caught. Him. It doesn't love love love love love OK let me ask you not. Our. Top. Are at it. I am literally can't IR and why not but. I alt and they don't let me make my. And it. You I'm never let our annual never end. And. Eight are at an app and it never that we are all well at. Where you're. Winning has told us brilliant. Your credit and credit check and you. Right back on people yeah that's right so yeah that's me right now we're down hoping but just today I've read the prayer out of fuel. Let's get about the prayer and then the power of god I would say that everybody thinks of their contract laws and need to act on their gloves. Three day contract. There are we looked it up there are enough if you sign on the dotted line friends he signed yeah stuck and the car is not gonna come back otherwise these people would be by Mike at best buy a Ferrari. And then I I knew my friends come midtown drive for three isn't it. Did did you get any type of award in case something happens car. Now. Tell that we should Latin you know known. As it is maybe. So he's not the lug nuts and wheels were flying off that would it doesn't matter if it's a lemon here Christie. Any advice. I despite teller that it's here that aren't return it. Certainly you are great leader in you can read I can't. Re finding peace and its parent I guess that's an option. Of all the is closer to and I turning into apartments. We were killed OK we took it. Britney Brittany it's okay and I think it took a look what we were joking I said you were hung over yet and down the half sister and I say you on the. The Wii U2 car and is granted us that that the. Don't care who's whiskey percent whatever the we've had no you're hung over from maybe just life via may be like not call me. I. Now. First of all thank you are making my commute much better reporting level addicts and I market it dealership. And I know that he didn't complain about. Usually what we would do it we would keep that car back at an eagle. So. I think. I mean that you probably work in a legitimate dealership that she pointed to our lots. She printed ads Carlyle you know what I'm Doug and I you've seen them import cars and a lot. Well I have to look. At whether they that was Latin and Greek finance net credit union at a lower rate. They can now she knows it's etiquette prize ticket into elected and dealership is it they'll take up her out and get her. Get her car. Schism looking at it. This. Did you ever just I've finally we've got in touch that he even longer in my personal law scary moment. Around Jerry who by the way Jimmy loved his don't expect heard it and I'll wrap up a Gerri. A guy goes up but. Aren't. You familiar is what we're talking about right now with our intern who bought a car over the weekends. You know I have intimated that a little bit can only practiced that type of law and do what they were and whether or you aren't in that recently we're we're secrecy vehicle. I add tags used Carla Euro. Yeah it's Larry it's like you know as you know if it's a fly by night it's like that it's on federal or cold facts yet that Canada that they are out of business the next day right. It opened up here though. Still right now getting right. So did she have any repercussions here that she can she do anything. Our I don't know all the sacks. I didn't I'm catching up right now so. You know he can usually tax. All she bought the car over the weekend I should put that down payment they gave her and outrageous interest rate of 20%. She realizes when she left the locked car wasn't worth it it's got a 1181000. Miles on it but she signed the deal and today she wants to date card deck I think she's host. Why don't put this well and she sent me. He had the contract which is timed to go look at it. Bringing witnesses and yes. This is Gerri see how did Jerry. Jerry. Right so we're gonna send him the contract and he can maybe find out little. A little loophole. Our. OK okay so this is did not arsenal put Jerry don't hold Jerry could see. OK okay. Can choose. I'd have you might alienate. Let's look at that little bed and see what can do. I don't let these guys are dummy happened I don't think then dummies I think that they see it cube girl and with nobody and the likes. Like that. Well what happens when your other client Jerry's that you were dealing with something along the same lines. Well actually just to suit our recently so. It's it's in litigation right now. Lonely yeah me and I sell. Cherry picking could well look at it like a air base Gerri I by how this. What decisions about want to. I did. There is such a gentleman yeah. That night and is not gonna charge and yeah. There because we just plugged and yeah I did that tell you we thought you mean by Jerry a hopi out of yet. Thank you yeah yeah yeah yeah now you've got a large candidate and yet that he may even have to show up over there just put the finger at one a lawyer knows that the scary and they Wear super tacky right you'd best have a six I got a. Cold fax yeah. Well today you are now represented. Them in the book and. It's rotten. The city they've got held. Up for you were they huge economic that a lot of them thanks Gerri. A love at a loss to come into the importance on Alex I.