BJ & Jamie: Vacation Plans and Caymen Island Trip 6/18

Monday, June 18th

Jamie thinks Costa Rico is the destination for her vaca, Bj is going to Black Hawk and Sean is going camping.                                  

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CJ and Jamie Allison 1059 Vijay and Jamie morning should just talking about Jamie India the vacation it's coming up then Dutton not to a humans that's gonna be a little bit Iran in the September will give you more details on that. But you've got to tell him for vacation that we have come and appear in a couple weeks. And you you really don't have a destination now your word about to pay him because in a volcano and earthquake it. Don't wanna go there are now on boom and affecting the fish every day of the week miles. But I think I've come up with the answer I. I think I I think that's actually good and during nets are yeah. I like the Alaska idea of the planet with you like. And I there's these guys you know and then the beach's water completely cold in his grizzly bear. And the day and age you know come and others don't like examine the you know I don't know I don't know that that he answered that I know your tastes and I think the answer is coast to wreak I can't. I have never been there and everybody that goes there loves it never heard a bad word have you I have not known coach to reach it and think about grocery he has this so much people love. Everybody that comes back from coast to Rican says I'm good about proper. Why. They fall in love with the place and I guess the real status within reason for a a destination like no clear it why isn't as they don't know if it's the dumbest thing any speaking that way for several years. Now everybody's like yeah I property in. The. I don't know why this push to sell Costa Rica to the Americans but they're trying to do it maybe get like a free trip to beat a look at their condos yeah. I don't know that that see when people come back from there they're not really into that pressure. Yeah going to be you know those those those things really side you have to go look at property but everybody comes back and says you know what. Human purchase something down there I know they I'll do say that yeah I don't know anybody did it make it. I am go to Coastr Rican I advise my aunt in its image of what to conclude Serena get this started to get the price of its vacation and get. And you know island have like two weeks you know. Yeah I worry about on plant and what are you doing what Blackhawk. At the you are ya right older I Alter clone hey I'm gonna go up about 3 o'clock on a Friday and come back on Saturday I have a free overnight stay at the I'll I'll take. I'm. I've got for Christmas and Jose girls like everywhere on screen at the I pie I appreciate look at the politics yet again. What are you doing out on camping camping area we're gonna do outside the camp trip when they're up up in the mountains. You know ounce. Of good it me or leave it up in the mountains down south into southern mountains and you're going to that Newt is coming here is Newton does for your underwear you do go into and it is not going in the nudist on dip for a week. We camp a week. You know how will the news not in the nuclear episode and we get back Saturday with an all over. I like that nudist colony that much why don't I it's not it's. I do like get there are some Libyan thousand limitations there's some obstacles to get over my guess what the the NL alum. It's kind of expensive. And thank you had to go there at six in the well look on that what we're supposed to go to this colony for weeks well you gotta pay to become like a friend of the ranch you know like a membership in the UK. Grounds fees per person ride so it and then you pay for it camping fees and stuff like that so we can get to a actually be out there in the nude ignore exclusion that. No matter books staff and they make you become a friend first bastards daddy gotta be a trend that you have to. Yeah well yeah yet but do you take your own camp or do they have like cabins on militant camp they have an area for ten campaign oh yeah. You know with Michael you're now we can't speed is dead is now clearly in my technique. If that's not what. I pro or that and up up up up up up and that that the. Through coast three casinos because again as it is right now. It's it's colony the dried up but it sounds that can be given trips were Gordon the Cayman Islands it's coming up in September September 12 through the sixties. We would love for you to do well yet you can buy you weigh in Eaton go win this we're gonna have a blast will be there for five guys it's four days. Yeah it's going to be so much fun at it why I now have a piece of paper that I I I can't have it memorized. I Tenet. We are all okay anyway. And we're also gonna take care of all the staff daily breakfast daily resort fees on your taxes on your gratuities were also get a good snorkel to worker who's. And no outs of the year. May I think I need to really vision the thank you see it that it. Then it was like. And feet and what I now have been reluctant Barbeque all that stuff. It's a sham and I think if I can get their vision that they got me here everyday and just put out in front of media work a look at that I could see now. Anyway and down so this Cayman island is not co streak yet it's far better than goes to Riga. Or anything like that again these are and what pristine beaches to I think it's like that white fine. And seven mile beach it is one of the most notorious. Beaches in the world for beauty is absolutely amazing I've been there several times and it's one of my favorite if not my favorite. Does that quite fine sand and water so blue witnessed just off the southern coast of Cuba it's beautiful. RI SL if you all the details just go out of 59 dot com aria okay good enough sign up go ahead and sign up or call this number this is important to you can actually talked so biting further along and get this thing booked. Angola does the demons call 1807284397. Inch anymore. Alex I.