BJ & Jamie: The verbal abusive mirror and fries that grow hair. 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th

There is a new mirror that will point out what is wrong with your face.. It will point out black head and moles. It is basically a verbally abusive mirror. Jamie has story of the most amazing device ever it is a chemical that is used in Mc Donald's Fries and it grows hair back!      


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Vijay and Jamie you that you want it. Well of course not I don't think so we there I don't know why if I've ever Ben with somebody that tears you down and tells you everything is wrong with you. No you haven't. They just slam the crap ideology I'm. No they hit some choice words for me but not just all the talk all the time it was 24 sevenths but I brought it on myself. Now let's saw you that a few choice words but you've never been mentally am I know tortured by somebody you know I've never had someone that just did great you for the sake of making you feel bad. They were tried to help you. Racked up out a long way but but. That's for B anyway but the thing is it sticks to the minute Scrooge well it's really a really mean thing to do this Jamaica's stays in your head. For a long time until you finally get over to me are Tim is different verbal abuse there's a brand new mirror that's coming out its voice controlled. It's a video one of those big what ten times who what do they make them now ten times well I have the times twelve I think. I didn't see into my brain every app pool I don't look at a poor and see my brain. I think there remains off because I know I guess. No I agree we viewed their awful I wouldn't wanna look at what every day but what I mean distorted seat one B I can't help walk over and it does. But what to do that every day but every now and then it's like wow geez that's really how it looks yeah that's really bright spring and in light did he do it in the daylight in the Booth. But may need it sit there and like literally tear your face apart you see everything yeah bump everything that things aren't even really they're. Some power there entries there could get Adam. Well here's to make matters worse now when you look at the one of those you know your flaws right. It just sit there that skeptics now there's a mere that puts it out to its voice control. And this mirror that's a vanity mirror and it gives you the ten times or twelve times or whatever. And it cost 445. Dollars but he would stand in front of the mirror in hell wish you your flaws. The verbally abusive mere. Allan where right side of that it will tell isn't hard enough deal I really need a a verbally abusive mayor let let it guide it. That's an awful. We'll tell you your skin and the firmness and clarity the texture the brightness. It will tell you about your eyes it will tell you if it sees any health crisis come around. That's different that's kind of a good teacher it will tell you black kids don't hold wars my whole ratio. Of you have people are flat head if you could use little Botox and yeah. Bigger objective them. I would hope but what this adds verbally as well. That's I like that medical portion of I would at least in a frantic every day every hour like this yeah it's so funny today I was like I think I'm turning yellow. What is my liver scaling today look yellow after yellow to. Get noticed that. I ideas I. Piniella we hear him crow. And her eyes are yellow sure I'm positive I even after doctor does feel like I yellow is like your eyes are now I'm like. No no they don't I think having liver failure could you. You're not seeing this is what this mayor would do that this mayor could tell you for having never take failure you know I feel like a little there a good. I hit scared about is that I know what I saw though that is the most amazing medical device and bar. And bar really yes what McDonald's. All this is amazing I got it right yeah. This is my most amazing medical device. Hit it's like. This to me because I know a guy that that does that Rogaine or whatever but wrote game doesn't re grow hair all of Rogaine does this keep the hair you have. That's a doctor just stops into stocks of violent but it won't read grow hair that's good. Get this a breakthrough as I was an English yesterday a chemical used inside McDonald's french fries. Cures baldness. You. Can grows hair. They've already done it would lab rats yeah and they gave what ever the ingredient is got a big blob means that rats turned into durable. Of their hair no idea than a team of Japanese researchers say the chemical used in McDonald's french fries. Used. It's mice. And the mice bald mice. Regroup hair is they say it's a medical follicle breakthrough so it's better coming wrote in only keeps what you have that deals if you go to McDonald's and eat French Fries. Personal to actually be eating McDonald's french fries right. Bingo oh my god does like every mainstream counter this is perfect. Sleep eat the French Fries and in your hair gross who would've thought. So let's chemical do you know let's see it doesn't say this war's. But is that is scary or awesome. All right here is look at it received good hero circle it's if you can give. Me a lot of women with beards. Could piglet and I guess if it's living go to McDonald's I guess you could grow a mustache and goatee. Let's see here scientists claim chemical used to McDonald ships can cure baldness and even read grow hair that's amazing. It's a Demi Angela Sox are saying. Yeah yeah so it's a really long and this energy like a fifteen mile when he let volleys so wow I. Study marks first time hair follicles have been re grown after work damn nice early tests and indicated the tech world will be just as successful on human eggs. So I know. You get an ounce. But does it girl haired just my manager Mike is gonna get hairy all over that's a great question because I don't wanna get hairy LOB out of announced. And there are localized just in my hand agonized being thrown out long locks that I'm down four. But I don't need any more armed air well has this generated fresh follicles cable is sprouting election luxurious. I knew lots and within days elaborate had. Fareed backs CI. We can't wait to rats overeat patent troll or just being locks on their head yeah I think it's all over the body does your hair recruit creatures by nature right right that I done are we but yeah he's going and Harry back here. On the very back Arie have a weird pat you do wouldn't you like a road packed by the size of a analysts say you know exit yes he hates it if nominated I would think that most men. Okay because balding is such an issue okay but I wouldn't and most men would take hair around their head. If they had to go ahead except they hear and share I think we. Italy yet. You know I am you know not necessarily because you've got you've got really care. But I think mostly and you've got a little circle comes around the Saudi your local media you were sitting behind this bald on top if you would gladly eat at McDonald's french fries. It takes care of your back just to grow that hair. I wonder how many Fries and how long it takes. Because but this time it be so obese maybe if you don't work out that number is the care of your bald or not. It's a great ball I have to say. And I did a great ball and removed it. You can me now via our real short and he can panacea I think the good he's he's doing that I have to scorers. Why but I hit it and just accident prone new scars on your head clear brain damage young. I didn't. Hello. I was running when I was you're on to your growth story. When I was a girl stole my bicycle when I was like eight years old. I took off running after her to get my bicycle. Then she slams on the breaks I trip and fall in the axle the bite ladies but I hit open with fifteen stitches. I have that's gawk at yeah I don't need to be vols now should be on scar search. I can't run option optionally. Regarded where's the scar on his head that's North Carolina. That hurts the act. But I don't appreciate the truck steamers start. Been hurt. Via. Speech in each week and more on Alex I.