BJ & Jamie: Viral Animal Sex Video (5/24)

Thursday, May 24th


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Vijay and Jamie. Is your price attached to this game when it written what's happened well I don't know. Oh sure you get a guy got and the sound effect of mostly yes well I guess there's a contest yet what this thing went viral I don't have you seen it adds about. An animal. Adamant about one nothing OK so something's gone viral OK and I want you to guess what it is okay and so obviously given away that's an animal. So listen and guess what this it. Are no first of Kia. I don't think he gave anything away because. My first reaction is an aunt Olga so let me hear it again aren't sure come and go that now put it could be somebody. I happen to duck caller. But lets you guested type when a front nine isn't it there it. This hardware and I really think a bit to get to IA hole I think I can't I know who the animal kingdom. I am. I got four dog squirrels in my backyard looked at howls in the trees I know in the animal kingdom are gonna hear one more time. I'm more room. You notice I have my ship to yeah big that are withdrawing my that you know that I did not know. Is that proven. For me okay for me. I'm gonna go width. That's a goose. Thing out. So much I don't sit it is I've got sick. But do you know he has ended turtles. Not that turtles. You're listened turtles ax TU artery he LA Nina sticks at them. Is Errol netted that is a man or I'm not the right woman dirt on an egg is Alex. And tell us that sounds that's got to deuce. When it took her. Did you borrow another terror a citizen are all she was that the zoo and she was like these turtles and so she's done a stealthy but filming it. And they start haven't heard a sex. And it's hilarious and it's gone viral. They don't. When they still. Don't like I knew the animal theme I O'Brien mark felt like I did did you spend it got media room. It was almost like a trick question Bailey left side of the US firm sex did you use as big game animal kingdom I know that you are all about the animal kingdom did you see that cal cuddling as a thing now but did. It I did cows are very soothing like I really are you guys you know this. All this Tug therapy and stuff now it's with calloused. And it's a chance to bring relaxation. Healing and awareness about your body language via cow peddling. It also promotes comfort. It builds asserted nest helps to overcoming fear builds confidence. Election be played solid TJ you descent boundaries. So I guess you actually go up eighty you candle house you like rademan Levin. It says it has been proven that after people cuddle up with towels there heart rate lowers. Then it's very relaxed. I grew up with Cal's he might my grandfather was a farmer. And cows are very soon. They're very sweet creatures. And they taste great. The hole with the parliament hammer. I should know or just say. The thing about economics that got them loving them and hugging alma Nader eight number dear god. And we see more on Alex I.