BJ & Jamie - Von Miller & Muhammad Ali 6/9

Thursday, June 9th

Von Miller rejecting the Bronco's offer, and Muhammad Ali's funeral tickets being scalped are discussed.


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Vijay and Jamie are John from America's Got Talent 82 year old it's who lives in Broomfield that rocked it. Is going to be on our show and about thirty minutes or so it. Then what are you don't want to look up I am pop up caller from Paul semi article. I guess there's a 76 year old woman. She was kicked out of bound configure fried chicken for breastfeeding or 42 year old Trenton and so suggested to me that we superimposed on space on the 42 year old son. Eighth and but this did not sleep in front of me and then with the group in particular of the tickets show apparently. You call it never got it not me to say. There you go behind the arch Johnny got something coming your way and humor and humor humor. Yesterday is this is something that if you're a Denver bronco fan and he got to be a little bit worried this morning 114. Million dollars. 114. Million dollars. Yeah and turned it down. Not yet why did don't start texting and say hey you waited. So what are you I don't do that. My time to wrap our heads around like OK so I Huckabee he would be dammit hey DJ ED one that is funny as mortgage OK here's rendered in. 141000714. Million dollars. I'll take it but no no you say no do good and you're an opportunity there is no Italian enamored. And forging dollars new. Not now and I know and I am so we're sold much more than that I'm worth so now but Miller's good don't get me around I love the broncos' Big Brother Ben who. Go Broncos can't wait to football season and a 104. Million dollars. And now home. It gets an innocent life I mean I really know like get says so crazy that would pay these football players all like to eat because. Today they make so much money on the TV revenue they make so much money on tickets because they're selling them to people like you not to 200 dollars apiece. That concession to the park in Lebanon there's so much money there that it's just supply and demand that's what the guys they get that and I get why Vaughn. It has turned it down because like Thirtysomething millionaire that was guaranteed the rest of it is incentive stuff yeah okay and he can go out on the free market and possibly make sixty million dollars it's guaranteed. I understand that OK I get it. The point when you just hear the headline of Von Miller turns down 114. Million dollars you know one little. Considering like our 30000 is guaranteed shot. Yes there are guaranteed thirty break. Guaranteed and guarantee and we don't get a look at what we're aside. Is that isn't what's gonna happen no. They're gonna go back to the drawing board has partnered the Broncos released this statement yesterday. NN and up it was official but I just saw it that there's a good chance to bond Miller may not play for the Denver Broncos. Yeah. The pace now it may not come to terms that may not think that he's actually worth sixty million guaranteed. And I know what I don't have a problem when that if they decide that they made it an offer they made it great off. But he is playing Russia relent and now he's good don't get me wrong but. I watched the whole documentary about Alan Paton and who else no it wasn't he is not John Elway. Then the three quarterbacks and they had to have had the same. Manager. Is an agent. And it was this whole thing about how they all played like cat and mouse with each other and the US China NE SP and know and oh my god is really get it was that Elway into other quarterbacks who was in the draft picks it was crazy. It was just crazy and they were all playing in a Manila. I look at it is engraved and no solution what happens the bond until the other player who lived in recent start amp whichever you're doing. An agency jazz and this is this to sound mean and chatty and you don't know with. Mrs. poling should Wear sleeveless shirts. I've seen you in here behind Barack. Barack Obama. Known. Then. I see the picture she was there via RNC yes I know I think it's maybe Camden. And on the flapping. I'm not saying anything mean about it and Disney and just you maker Oakland I just maybe she shouldn't maybe it's and that's it. John can you pass it along to the camp. No more shirtless. Yeah czar or maybe good for her I can't decide and time again for her she feels confident we're at me he's amazing. News. John I get the word over to their team polite guy cheats on it's not bowling. It's not blowing. And. Did he. He yeah gone bowling the always seen. If these Ana is more in the bowling yes well yes she's. I mean it's good for her. You think. No amnesty. Just it's really mean and forget it let's move on now than it feels mean if if. The other story and it just from the detach our real quick and I'm not sure how I feel about this from though Mohammed Ali as you know their funeral is today one funeral and then another tomorrow. The one tomorrow is a big big gest a spectacle. It's turned into. It's it's turned into kind of like concert or boxing match and look probably more like a boxing match at. There's a family funeral today in mobile Kentucky. Tomorrow. There is an open just get crazy kind of the ceremony event tomorrow at the KFC yum center. In mobile Kentucky. There's a young senator it's called the KFC. EE no ma. An exclamation. As yum owns and that's that dead stock market thing for her if he'd not them. KFC yum. It's called the KFC yum senator. And they're packing this place in the game away 151000. Free tickets yesterday they are scalping funeral tickets. In mobile Kentucky strong hundred dollars a piece. People Witten got the free tickets in the put among Craig's list in selling them for a hundred and guess what they're selling like crazy doesn't feel right. But okay here's more important Ocalan explain exactly. It doesn't feel rushed to a he's right if it doesn't feel right around the guy who died. You know I had. He's got to get up but he battled Parkinson's disease have or do you didn't know. Seabright yeah to be doing this to be scalping the tickets because you've got two tickets referee in this was bent for fans that wanted to be there for that moment not to grab him get variety and make a profit in autumn but then again. Here's more until hard. Mohamed Ali was all about nothing but a circus and chaos and Jess celebrating its hockey Ed and loud obnoxious. That was what he loved he loved it in an arena. So maybe this is something that actually does kind of fit mama knowledge. There you see what I was saying. He was all about show boating he was all about. Us again and again like I can we did have a parade not let them I'm yell at him to keep the tears that they're scalping. I don't I think he thinks it's that makes him like yeah there's a value on yet even more and so I don't think should be angry letter to sell for 15100 dollars that they want to hours. Mentioned it donate the money in the mail that. There is sex. But I'd I'd guess the family because oh here's another side of the country and it immune. And I'm negative relate to this but he certainly probably will have an opinion. Hit me the second or third wife. I think it's is no fourth wife is. My homilies but Mohammed Ali's fourth wife is calling all the shots obviously right. Well there everybody else's past tickets or for a all the otherwise all the family members because here's this young lady in this. No one day I didn't say he would have. But you relate to and I'd I even say I'm not gonna relate the lab and I'm Pena and that's why today you can relate to this are likely NIC you won't be able to relate to this do you have an endowment fund. Lord no more audio you jumped at what you jump to conclusions I'm not saying it's over. He is avenue X. I'm sales. We net that the last wife of the full war caught starts calling all the shots man does that family get angry. Yeah hair and and it's really what keeps keeps them out. If you were a perfect example was key cities when gene came into his life she cut out all the kids yeah. I thank the wife gets to call lack no I'm just saying that that that woman. At the very end there if you've been married multiple times because you've got kids in in history would everybody else. They're never gonna make the right choices they're gonna (%expletive) all the rest of the family. In half and Mohammed Ali's family knows upset because they thought that one of these funerals either today or tomorrow should have been a Muslim you. Muslim tradition after he changed his and you get hot and highly ranked so there. All up in arms you know we act and went to never mind. You can. He topic. No I just had a Snickers I would change personalities here and men whose weight is guy taking each in each weekday mornings on Alex I.