Bj & Jamie: We learn about the Dark Web! 6/8

Thursday, June 8th

We get a call from a man named Dark Web Daniel and he knows all about the dark side and tells us what secrets you can discover. The guy says that he uses the dark web and there are a lot of very safe and interesting things. He says with one click you can find someone personal info, address, social # even Credit card #s. He also warns about a bad browser that Teens will use called a Tor-Browser if they have it installed on their computer they are up to bad stuff.


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Vijay and Jamie gold mailman may or hang on just secondly or it was a solid half something just broke here what we're broke out here breaking news Koroma. I'll add value like broke your net remember the text we were getting because I didn't break my hip. The he brought up the dark web I did bring up the dark my best and everybody's heard of that. But I don't think most people know what the heck is the dark with this I just heard some that I keeping again and leg drew. And you can also get it's a well who are anonymous people all that's nightly news and. Really crazy stuff yeah crazy wacky stuff via the mistakenly attacks from a guy dark Daniel. Dark day that we. His name is that is only zero point gets dark dark day in the dark Daniel my. It's been text guessing I moved on to our web yet again I don't wanna go in the dark wet and you said don't call me that he spit. Let's talk to dark Daniel. Daniel. A little bit yea or do a phone call and you sound like we're inside the starting web right now it's getting dark man should. The aren't like our arena well OK okay so where are you. Now Amir bar that set up my car I'm not on the back let them. William and have an accent like your dark man note Garcia hit it dark did you'll. On the dark wet. Which is a whole different. Well that's out there or what do you find on there. Them. That you're complying every team Contra should choose. Child pornography a lot of bad lean and also a lot of good things. That exist mean. What's a good that would get print up the good what's the north solicited. Our biggest thing of the incan culture on the other person and I am hundred place. And complete some communication. We doubt being spied by in that they or anybody. I'm doing everything anonymous. Yeah. And and why it's creepy for him and what he did Daniel Rodriguez talked about Danielle. For example I don't let a guy a little about it and they had leaked the media over dark wet. So we got a lot had you been shall explore on the dark wet a lot of these united state took on the Charlotte does. You can under the dark wet. But they won't share what made the girl that doesn't go under the dark side. They NSA is is is gonna tell you creepy Dave Ball. Do not telling us information like personal and art published in the dark ride before become we leaks. Or go any you know what else. You're scaring me that I I. Dark and you are scary movie is it is it is it hard to get on to the dark. Now she objection to Bartlett is an example you can even who also urged a browser cult or browser. Is a browser that encrypted Bateman are aux. So what happened is your computer you're an actual budget due from computers the the peer to peer network. In that communications are encrypted and you get cheer in point to be your server or somebody you're there are holes in a what. And is I think it's called learner POR. Now a year. Here are your network here here. And worrying. RP IER yeah RR BIP like your pierced I guess what their idea let's stay on the light side. Now regularly sort of the dark side effect yeah. I'm glad to terrify. It just make sure gender sort of FaceBook everyday McCain Richard yeah you're all workers. You are popular person that well yesterday I thought that. Very very popped so let me can I ask you are Dana you don't have to army but have you used it for anything illegal. From our disclosure now at a zoning and inning but if they did yes it's a hey Derek and death yes. We may wanna know genius that's why don't incur additional k.'s times what sites. It wanna get older from cherry orchard about quit right now Gator web. You're all addressed questions that you are numbered driver's license and can click on a simple click on the back wept he'd better not the. I don't like it or leave her alone but the fact that at the gun or hello I had I had an impact in the object. I have a gun at home and the house is. The Tonight Show actually took some wicked dark and you you can actually go to the dark side that look dark web. You confine people all peoples information is is all later. Yes this all there for example all target beaded breached. You can find credit card numbers you know really dark place BJ. You know what'd you could put. That's going to flashlight honestly can't do it isn't NASA it's not get that Iran should not be promoting that I wish I didn't know about is now. Now cannot fly. Our dark Daniel thank TO. You get a giggle wanna buy or I'll. That that tomorrow early in the show yeah. Make sure if you aren't being cult sport browser owner tried computer please remove. That really does think you don't worker teenager. Bore you all are. TOR or okay yeah world browser if you find get on your kids' computer he greeted at that. Yeah sorry you're doing something wrong reeling. Yeah POR how it looks at me and my son's not old enough of Britain's commitment crap miles not patty you like even look for. So basically conjures here's the search won't shut and part GOR. A little icon that is a little aren't in there might be an education using the dark. The right when you tie the so much TO RT annual thank you so much to talk to do it thank you we'll let. I don't know what activities they Europe do now that's love him OK okay Aliyev met ethnic. Iran glutted. Guys aren't aware there. Thanks dark and it's. Dark and these guys go to work they started to handle a broad. How crazy I learned way too much. Needy and terrifying and terror financing in time me and I can't thank you degrees. In. More on Alex I.