BJ & Jamie: We learned about a Platinum gay on the retreat. 1/22

Monday, January 22nd

We learned what a Platinum gay is over the weekend. During the retreat last week we meet a very fun gay man and he told us all about the ranking of gay. Bronze slept with a couple girls, Silver one girl. Gold not one women ever and Platinum is you were delivered C-section and you never touched a vagina ever! We also learned about a Shot gun laugh.


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Vijay and Jamie you know you still locked that the retreat what he means when her Unionists. A man that we met. We met a Meehan what friends and been in that love him. Brian Brian when Mediterranean named Brian rigidly Bryant's we met him at the bar though you did yes OK I think it's. Fiction is a great guy. And we met at the bar in Arizona he he's from cholera McCarron. And he and he gave SO IQ an eight we get a lot of questions and answers about gaming Iron Man he's a cleaner OK okay. And so we learned that there is a status in the game world we were not aware. Lou what would that the cell they have awards. That they they delegate themselves as like I am any silver. Silver and replaced you know day. We're like what does that. Well that means that you may be big and win is a couple of girl okay so in this is like a ranking yet they rank themselves OK and apparently. This hit me so so you're right gay guy. But you've been with a couple checks yet along the way your son your computers may be the exactly being new are your silver ranked. Now if you believed it was a girl you're drop. Opel. If you've never been without any woman in new life as a gay man Europe called a gold star games. You're gold star you're a gold star demo that's the good will it has never ever ever band with a woman reality. What do you think it means when your ups let them get. Let me think about a guy can't be happy with two women who sued over an actress. What woman your progress I don't know how many ever talked to strictly in the gay neighborhood. You're golden ticket Goldstein. Gold star the all star game to be flat down then. You didn't Wear them. It. Now if your platinum can ya your C section baby. To Iowa. If your platinum game in. Groups that you were delivered C section you've never even been through boom. Every man close to her uterus and the conclusion platinum in the it means that you've never loaded never noticed that never pass through that the vaginal canal you never even see. Not even past it you're not you are platinum guy yeah. Basket ground. I. And I think you would Wear them he should so he's so excited because this husband is a platinum day yes it what was he. I can't say he was younger he was move me. Come off the beaten path need at least get a kick it yet and confusion unsuited wow this is very educational yeah I didn't know and I Hewitt. Yeah yeah we stayed up and getting us. You guys what do you text me or something to get out there out here BJ were getting gave notice that up. Dave yes I could come running down the barges to hear these. These different rate keeps the other thing I've learned a lot of weak I learned there's this new thing and Sam Arnold taught me this OK okay and it's called the shot. I. In you get up at that still anytime that you went in just a body off a little bit. The purpose of the shotgun down laugh excellent I don't know that it has a purpose other than just kind of beat Bonnie it's one of those spontaneous. Sorry to you eggs and we demonstrate is that tried to get. Of this. Ice staring at a Chicago shot then lab until age I don't. You know. Cuts. And yeah it's good it's fun and it. This is silly little slow its debt. I think she mentioned. She was single shot yeah. Yeah. So that's gonna decide what a after members to AM. Yet in Ramallah a lot of them in Arizona. Via live and we are so it's it's called shotgun blast and you can use it anywhere why and it just it's really. Like that on the back to the game ranked into tuchman. In the mornings on Alex I.