BJ & Jamie: Weather Pride videos Vacation plans 6/18

Monday, June 18th

Incredibles 2 was huge this weekend. The Ride back to the park on the float was almost more entertaining then the parade.   

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BJ and Jamie did you see that mud slide rock slide and I examining no it didn't yes we did happen. Bear then iron and it Winona it would it was Avon I think Abe shares on the highway and through realize I saw if you don't know would not talked about this in a long time but that's my biggest fear. I hate. Everything I do I avoid highly six when the black market. I go the other route because I can not stand drive through those little canyon roads where I think rocks and former cart. I speed through Idaho Springs you don't do that Kerry actually before you get the Idaho Springs before you hit the first total. I hate dead area and this is currently rocks this is much care of them but came all the way down crossed I seventy was cool. Moon moon Lex found it. And we know I mean we've seen stories of her life. A van I think one time with the family and it's. Got hit by the boulder coming off the top of one of those is that when that day past where remember now but I just remember it's happened many times. I was in an accident and freaky guys out there certain until it's announced today but is it to me is always the worst like it's when it's real and we get the muttered the water. The rain and then you see a few little pebbles come on I seventy cent. The sediment dance and she little little pebble in a little pebble of pupils coming down. Quite. Yet. While it's true that it. I'm not going anywhere I don't know prominent pink diamond just drive from here old stale yet I'm glad you seen action told you can oh you're gonna freak out. I mean there's certain little things are just have these fears over and that's one of what you would like you I know I didn't and I just cannot stand drive through those kids didn't. Yeah and that's like maybe I really saw I seventy saved her maybe it's not you know an army that's. Came out that shortly without aware exactly that wasn't my seventy Glenwood canyon on us a ways away gas. Is that very thing yeah. Because my it was a mud slide when is that posted. This was posted. He has. And feeling that move on. Them market but it. Well this is April 6. And his April 6 that erupts like that the when you're looking that country's military parade that. Or are you still think you know all those movie you saw that the. I think you look at it can't downing where news and Eagle County I don't know what closer to it but is it much closer and I could and that then then another dragon that's like closes let you know and closer date specific and -- not a clue. Close senate yesterday and he. April I was outside I just couldn't get married first or who popped up in the. That if I hit the show doesn't lie Puckett L you're not alone we just type some begin enforcing pops up we tell that is the truth there that she has. Or at the. Ice anyway as a mudslides and it took forever yeah looking upon it was pretty Nancy atlas half. And it was that we need the rain and snow in the good with the bad right good with the bad myself and I are gonna go to Japan next month you know. Well they had a volcano erupts and had a huge earthquake or inference there. You do yeah it was a far from the earthquake we're not going now what speed earthquakes. It in her current by the audio for a but DC earthquake in Mexico because Mexico one in the World Cup it it is you costs. Folks I know that that's the problem you can't if you jump but ended down and yelling because your team scored in the World Cup it caused an earthquake. Took he did they didn't Kyle is an earthquake it registered as donors going to just say that the but look what would you view fans just don't get an earthquake gonna tell us. It grabs all unsteady though you can rocket that much you know they weren't. Expecting to win at all they didn't have a chance no word underdog in this this after you know I don't know about soccer that much I don't know about the World Cup that much don't really have an interest in because the United States is an and it. Try to name one player on the US team if they were at it but nevertheless it is Germany. Is supposed to win at all right. There's a big hit me yet regretted it wouldn't last hours of the whatever Germany as the day went on Mexico port Mexico doesn't have a chance to escape does not. It in the wind wondered nickel one though they win and the fans go so crazy. That it caused that earthquake and. Mexico City yeah and Mexico City registered nurse Greg right. I think we're all up in their house and it that are above our rhetoric. Is great to see what I'm saying is their ground. Below and steady and cause a little shake until you're pushing it because well it's got to be much cheaper because you know yesterday's bright they ask should have caused one near a we there was a lot of action going on that's. A lot of Jack Layton yeah. At but there are dozens are legitimately in the streets yesterday doesn't it is so hard ground you're obviously were steady progress look. Right eye that is funny that they report that chip from the back. That's crazy things to dark Green Zone like they're so happy. So happy I have a chance and I didn't see any video but I guess he got so excited to World Cup's of big deal right right again as a thing. It's like when in the Super Bowl but a bigger yeah there next time. And and. Well not individuals of elective world Super Bowl. There you know that your seismic update but it is that where I get a dog now if my kid next month. Final leg or an old boy of well. So it is first at a volcano right and then they had worried my friend lives at Mount Rainier yeah. And I feel like it's double of the real tired of yeah they can. We should go off the board maybe should go somewhere where it Lou you would never expect that he would go maybe go to Moscow. Not at home go to Moscow for the week yet. Does it but I guess file out of Friday comeback on Sunday but I've just Satan got go to Moscow not know something completely different instead of exotic. OK babe we'll go to the F I just did her. You both something Russian I'm sure I mean I don't know exactly what they haven't removed him brought to advisories I've just look at that. They love you know it's not really. That oceans and beaches now I feel if you just look at that thing that's pretty right there in the middle crime that you call of the day you know and did I. Who weren't ash and instead of you know something exotic maybe pick something it's a lot the beaten path. A bit more. Can't let yourself that it would want to Peru was not exactly a you know exotic destination. Port at the culture right maybe I feel. Who put the amount Alaska. Actually the whole. Night. And with the last call. They are but it's close. I mean you feel. Safe you know on the way they ever likes it too well who have everywhere I just feel like the world's as happened with the reason I bring this up. A case of first ad that lob an old earthquakes everything in Hawaii now and then one where blew up out of nowhere and killed all those people have been told to does that Guatemala where was that manages. It. Is front and from the ash or memorex and. And we lose oh. That was in the if it it would mean. I don't any cargo go well with not a lot of maholm but that could have been years ago then encrypt and and they. And then juppe and is that I'm just telling is the earth this doesn't yeah. Ayers stuff right now ring of fire to feel passionately I had three dozen notes yeah. That was run. And they are killed run from a volcano. Is that they weren't expecting. Scary. UN okay all right let's get. Alaska's to pick right ask yet. Had no desire to go to Alaska there's so many people that love Alaska love to go don't go there are salmon fish everything else. I have no desire to go last I don't know why you icy glacier. Imminent mark has a global warming of the tropical god you know I don't care received a whale watching. I'm gonna do are just lonely and AD MV that this kid wants to do here aren't that now I'm like. Yeah that's bull or speed which rowand Cayman Islands yes he got I don't know. To be the apple cart would you be details on how you can go win thus yet you go with us to the Cayman Islands next. In each weekday mornings.