Bj & Jamie: The Weed Refrigerator 12/08

Thursday, December 8th

Jamie has been looking to make some money in the pot industry but has had some trouble figuring out where to start. BJ has come up with an idea for her.

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Vijay and Jamie a couple of things for you Jamie first don't fall you know how you always want to get in on a money making idea you wanna get there on the ground floor. Yeah like. And we know these are king and myself that was a dumb idea sell coughing well you've done it kick lately that you wanna get into the pot industry I may have won four. I do it at what I get into the mayor went industry did not not to smoke it but just to sell the somebody everybody else is getting rich get rich. Running it now right yeah our first of all. Beer makers here in town in Colorado say the potty industries Killen. Dear I don't really that makes sense because people are tricky out. And there not ordering is much beer ads and get their marijuana gam beginning pot yet high and they don't need to blues soot hurting. Here's the invention Choi he may actually you know. Know a lot of people that debt were not allowed to I know a few people that do Al engaging marijuana usage and they don't drink at all yeah yeah. It's funny. Discuss about you know it's amazing. So Austria welcome it's it's a growing trend and they say that the beer people here that are doing the microbrewery. And stuff. You know it took off yeah a couple three years ago yes. And a lot of people wanted to get into the industry. And now it looks like it's going the other direction because of the pot. Well I wanna I wanna make a hot and smoking place we will have a glass of wine into Luke some. Some pot didn't like get outdoors you know an outdoor deck it's all pretty and you know image out there like DA. To all and then they can meet to illusion. And that's that's on the the agenda to it you know to be voted the end but I guess it's a lot of stipulations aren't. Here's how you're gonna get ray I can't I see this America some say I guess I see really I'm like yeah. I'm a psychic you're like what's her name us fast way yeah you know sort of related to pass away and enclosed you know met Chloe you're like her should he left pulls up because I've tried to print the story and for some reason it's not printed. Have you seen the pop refrigerator. The black folks Jane yeah this is your car now note don't anyone else in this in this this is Jamie white. Today there was the crew hot damn brewer remember yesterday they came out of the crew again this year alone went there. You by the refrigerator OK it looks like a refrigerator was. Do you take in all you do is get to some seat put in the near shut the door you come back in three months and you've got marijuana. Cut. Leila here's what he did it on you're not getting in on the pot your Gideon on the refrigerator. The refrigerator will take off it will be like a refrigerator. Every pot user will have one in the house what you talking about it's a refrigerator that grows marijuana. I'm not if it's a they are you saw it matters so knowledgeable as a good look yeah. That's business that's for you it's a refrigerator. And you literally put seeds in there in the and you shut the door and it doesn't know. I don't have a little more than you just don't succeed and he's got the water lines it's got all that they into its embattled dirt in it sure do you have it pulled up yet visit W. Yeah hurt take a look okay well it and I don't know that. Has to have a medium in order for the plants to grow so it's going to be a terror it's going to be some kind of you know composting its gonna be some some something. So either and it looks like its interests. And let's say you grow one plant in there and it is completely automated. It's connected to water it's got air filters that regulates the lights everything. You do nothing and it'll grow once got room for one plan. It looks like. No we just like going to your preaching getting celery stick. This I think is guy get out. And trauma of what I'm saying actually I don't think it's hit the market yet and I'll this frigid I would seller for about 3000 dollars. Take people won't pay that all day long to grow your own pot. Right Sean. Mean that's gonna steal leave the Euro gross I don't sit EE -- grow like you just didn't just all that's the editors a lot of me that you have to do a lot of work yourself you gotta you gotta be able to to maintain the right lights in the water and everything this does everything for you it's it's one of those what is what is the Iran to VOX says it. Forget it since at it this is just version of since forget it yeah I haven't seen that commercial. One. Remember that yeah. This break their stuff yeah I remember Ethiopia and and then he came out the other day he set it and forget it. Say just put it well the way it looks he's not lying you do a double seeds in the dirt. That comes in Asia the door in your kids don't smell it or anything yet and. In what I'm thinking is that a mule because it's a Colorado company good guide in his bid to do say I think he's looking for investors he's right here in town. The Angolan you don't have a glass of honor something I hit it on the ground floor and I am a millionaire what they have their shots and has lord does is look and it into the details of it seems to an app so it's got an app companion that helps you and tells you temperature and where your water levels are at a prayer and it tells you. In your carbon filters so you don't get any pot smell you can put right in Brighton yeah we are not there buddy I've. This thing it will become. A hidden in stage where it's legal and and there are states coming on board every. Year that there's an election right this will be so comment in people's homes to have medical marijuana. Issues that they wanna smoke. Or recreational either way. For 3000 dollars you grow your wrong he got he can stop buying units dispensers from what I hear I've never been to a dispensary but I. I hear it's not cheap. Well I have Lyndon dispensary and it's not cheap. Thank you look at. Tell me at all so a 3000 dollar investment he each seat received little seed in their every now and then we got yourself. Oh but you know what's weird about me and I talked about this I would be so terrified for my son ever think I smoked pot. Again because I don't know why I am not in that accepting don't get a one and accept it I don't I went and always think it's a bad bad bad drug. But but Jamie I know you don't believe this I know you don't believe. One day you. Don't. Look. Not only to say what you think I'm gonna say by us. One day. He will move out and if you thought oh this now people putts I don't I don't. Don't fully know me well take it from me with three stunt he's not going day and he's gonna stop crawling into bed with the use not well. I know he's he's got one back now. He might be 35 wouldn't stop it nobody knew one day he will have to move out and go on and so I. I know quiz that's when you yourself the pot for a chat at. I just days. Let's do it today he's got good iron and told him that he can't go back and I'm locking him in the basement. Who knows who who. You know I think he knows he's not going to college fascinating thing the. That's borderline that you could be arrested for them to say that tool kit did they aren't interlocutor but he's like you're never going to college here. Then I guess wrong. Ian yet to sit around we yeah I am just trying to help you I'm giving you money may you always asking for investment. I how to make money and you want to pot industry I think this fridge is. In each weekday mornings on Alex I.